Tests and exams have started & DM in songwriting

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One of the sure signs of spring is the start of exams and tests. Fortunately, we find that students are focused and at the same time have the energy to enjoy after-school life. Despite a cold wind, round ball has been played in the evenings on the lawn in front of the main building, and in the profile subjects also moved outside.

Tests and exams have started

In the international classes, students are in full swing with their IGCSE Cambridge exams. We run more than 600 exam sessions and one mistake can have serious consequences for both the student and the school, therefore every hour is spent preparing the final details.

The Danish school leaving exams and 10th exams start on Monday, but the 9th grade students were told their pull-out subjects on Monday and it didn't cause much panic. All written general exams take place in the two halls of the Multicultural Hall. There have also been extractions in Danish and other subjects, and they take place in very different ways. Stine Damgaard's Danish class drew a cream puff and found their task number under it.

Music to your ears

This year, the students wanted to have the opportunity to listen to music for the written Danish tests and since it is the headmaster who can allow this, we have found a good solution in dialogue with the students and allowed this under some special conditions. On Monday we also held a workshop with a music therapist who introduced pupils to different forms of music which strengthen concentration and can create a space around the pupil which can keep distractions away. The music can be downloaded by the students before the rehearsals.

REC student takes part in singing competition

Amalie B. has written a nice song and made a video for the afterschool singing competition, and you can hear it here.

Amalie writes on youtube that: "This song is about being in doubt about what to do in life and about finding the "right" path. You are always told by others what you should do and can therefore very quickly become unsure of what you really want."

Students want to start a discussion group

Two students, Maria and Laura, will start a discussion group for students who are experiencing life challenges, and the initiative was met with applause at the presentation in the banquet hall. It's a really great initiative, which shows that there is both trust and openness in the student body.

This weekend the students had their 4th student party organised by the volunteer Parent Council, and on Sunday everyone meets again at 3pm for the start of this year's Blue Book writing, and contact group photography. It's both a mark of the school year coming to an end and the start of a great time, with a focus on close friendships and lots of laughter and fun.

The Danish written tests start next week. Students have been given a thorough briefing for assembly on Friday, so they can sit down at their desks with confidence on Monday morning.
Although there is also some pressure during the rehearsals, there is also time to enjoy the community and have fun together. We have daily sessions and the clubs are busy in the evenings.
Except for the international students who have tests Kr. Ascension Day and Friday, students have Wednesday afternoon off.

This school year's last PVA Awards

May 6 is the deadline to submit photos, videos or articles for this school year's final PVA Award Show/Competition.

See rules etc. below. The big bang of an award show will be announced soon.

Can't wait to see all your P's (photos) V's (videos - music and documentaries) and A's (articles) from your P3 profile trips. Remember to submit them before midnight on Friday 6th of May - where you have a chance to win a GoPro HERO4 or 500DKK!!


Win a GoPro HERO4 Black Edition or 500,- x 5
Ranum Efterskole College 15/16 P3 travels PVA Competition

The best overall set of 3 photos, music video, documentary or article wins a: GoPro HERO 4 Black edition

Only Ranum Efterskole College P3 travellers can participate. (This includes everyone who was travelling; students, AFS students, "ung guides", volunteers, teachers, elves, fairies and other worldly creatures).

DEADLINE = Friday 6th May at Midnight

After the deadline all material will be posted here ready for likes, which will be a part of the judging criteria for each competition.

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