Joan Ørting, contemplation, Lent and Friends' Day


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Dear reader,
For 400+ teenagers to learn about love and sex, and be fully focused, it takes a lot of energy and credibility. Joan Ørting has that and she ended a terrific Week 7 with a lively talk that included serious views, instruction on how to be a good boyfriend, girlfriend and finding your self-worth in the midst of the confidence rush. 

Subject days for immersion
The week has offered immersion in the academic subjects, and the main subjects have held professional days every morning. The days have included tests, curriculum review and personal clarification. Several subjects were followed up with practical exercises or games, making for an interesting week. 

Lecture with traffic informant and journalist

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On Tuesday afternoon, Year 9 got a good insight into how a traffic accident can affect your life and how you can maintain the spark of life and courage through a strong personal commitment and the will to succeed.Year 10 got a lecture by Mike Bunde on working as a journalist, ethics and morals, and the conditions for the good story in the media. Mike works as a journalist for the municipality of Vesthimmerland and has himself attended an after-school school. Next week, the classes will change so that everyone can experience the two lectures.


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On Tuesday evening we had a carnival party and both teachers and students had made a big effort in dressing up and decorating. The barrel-cutting was hectic and unfortunately the clubs couldn't hold. A few boys decided to use their fists and one broke his hand. There was a great atmosphere and lots of energy, and perhaps this was the last time the pupils got the chance to dress up and beat the drum.

Friendship days
Wednesday to Thursday we had a friends day and it was a really nice afterschool evening and day. The friends followed the regular curriculum and also had the opportunity to try one of the new profile subjects. There was fun, talking and laughing and new friendships were made across the old ones. We look forward to next week when we will again hold Friends' Days on Wednesday to Thursday. 

On Wednesday, all the letters for the new students were packed and delivered to the post office!

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In the coming week

In the coming week, there will again be subject days in the morning and the students will be tuned in for the summer tests, but there will also be a focus on the profile subjects because soon we will be going out into the world again. The new profile subject Motorsport has this week started their Gocard training and visited a workshop, as well as started planning their roadtrip in Germany. Next week they have their driving theory.

On Monday there is a concert with Black Horse. See a snippet below.

On Friday, there will be a lecture by Carl-Mar Møller, who both complements Joan Ørting and provides a completely different masculine contrast. The boys were very quiet at Joan's talk, but they come more into focus at Carl-Mar's presentation. It will certainly be both exciting and challenging.


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Olav Storm Johannsen

Olav Storm Johannsen