Culture Day, new profile subjects and giant photo competition

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This week, we have reworked impressions, stories and pictures, as well as films from the many cultural trips. The students have produced stories, lectures, films and presentations for the Cultural Studies Day on Sunday, where we expect more than 850 guests for presentations in the 21 cultural studies subjects. The programme starts already at 2pm and every hour there will be presentations by several cultural subjects, refreshments, dinner and everyone is welcome to join in several presentations. The students' productions will also be posted on their cultural subject websites at www.ranumefterskole.dk/kulturfag and on the fb. pages of each cultural subject.

Formally, Sunday is the end of the cultural studies period, but many students will be giving presentations to other young people in schools and institutions across the country over the next 3-4 weeks. You can also get a group out to talk about their cultural studies trip by contacting the school office.

From Cuba Pioneers to Riding Island - New profile subjects!

In week 6, new profile courses and Tuesday courses start, and once again there are a number of exciting familiar and new courses. See the list:

  • Alpine skiing
  • Alpine Snowboard
  • Cheerleading
  • Cuba Pioneer
  • Dance in Beijing
  • Diving Padi AOW
  • Diving Padi OW
  • Fit for life
  • Photo safari
  • Freediving
  • Guerrilla filmmaking
  • Hardball adventure
  • Confectioner
  • Motorsport
  • Music - New Orleans
  • Pilgrimage to the end of the world
  • Riding Island
  • Sailing
  • Wakeboard


Our guest students from Malaysia and other countries have gone home and they were presented with their certificates at the assembly on Thursday. We really enjoyed the visit. And they also expressed that they had a fantastic stay and especially the experience of skiing in Italy and experiencing snow, as well as the after-school community has left such a deep mark that several will definitely return again.

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On Tuesday evening a group of students went to the cinema to see the new action film by Terrantino, The Hateful Eight.

On Wednesday and Thursday, more than 100 students visited Fjerritslev Gymnasium, where the students performed the theatre concert The Beatles.

fjerritslev gym theatre

Unfortunately, we have again experienced that a group of students has violated the rules for alcohol at school this past weekend. The pupils have been expelled from the school until we have clarified with the parents that the pupils can continue without further problems.
Given that this also happened in December and students should have seen that it has serious consequences, we in the teachers' group will discuss tightening especially at weekends. Students will also have to deal in the coming week's house and community assemblies with the collective and personal responsibility of following school rules, and there is always a balance to sanctioning without hitting the collective too hard.

We support the Denmark collection


Danmarks Indsamlingen rolls across the screen Saturday night and many may wonder why we are not officially participating in this event. Unfortunately, we have not had the opportunity to do so this year due to the many preparations for the cultural trips and we have prioritised supporting our friendship schools in Malaysia and Nepal, as well as orphanages in Peru and Nepal. Here our collected funds 100% go to the real purpose. The Danish Fundraising among afterschools is a great community project and we will definitely try to participate again next year.

Photo, video and article competition

The deadline for the Photo, Video and Article competition was 23:59 last night. And we might as well say it right away, we've never seen so many entries for the best photo and what great videos. And the best part - you can see all the photos and videos on youtube and flickr right now.

The videos

Watch the videos directly below or press here to get to youtube.

And the pictures

Below you can browse all the images and see them in large size by clicking on the image. You can also go directly to the photo album here.

Photo competition P2 - 15-16 - ALL

Next week

Next week, school will be in session and the week will end with a Friday off so that students can return home on Thursday afternoon and return on Sunday evening.
In weeks 7 and 8 there is NO winter holiday at Ranum, instead we encourage students to invite their friends on Wednesday to Thursday with a great afterschool programme.

The two weeks include a number of important professional days and then both weeks end with super exciting lectures on Fridays. In week 7 sexologist Joan Ørting talks about sex and love, and in week 8 therapist and course leader Carl-Mar Møller comes to answer students' questions about everything between heaven and sea, but mostly about the gonad and pituitary gland. Carl-Mar also has some former soldiers with him who are being treated for PTSD and they are really good at talking about the realities of war and its consequences. These are three lectures that will move and give food for thought, as well as certainly embarrassing smiles and laughter.


In week 7, sexologist Joan Ørting talks about sex and love.


carl mar moeller ranum

Carl-Mar Møller, director of the Couples, Sexologist and Psychotherapist School and practitioner of self-invented body-soul therapy. He is also known for his provocative statements on gender roles and identities.

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Olav Storm Johannsen

Olav Storm Johannsen