Concert, football, preparation for family day and Open House

Dear reader,

This week has seen a concert, football, lots of vocational training, and getting ready for Family Day and the Open House. Students and teachers are busy preparing for the weekend's big programme. Parents and siblings will visit us already tonight and tomorrow we will have our first Vilsted Søløbet with ½ marathon and shorter distances in the beautiful nature around Vilsted Sø and Ranum Efterskole College. Over 1000 runners are currently registered.

Sloe Jim concert at Ranum Efterskole College

Live on stage at REC musichall. Our own music teacher Carl plays here with his band, Sloe Jim, which is playing at various other afterschools these days. The music totally resonates and inspires everyone at Ranum Efterskole College!

Vildsted Lake Race

On Saturday, 400+ students, their parents, siblings and school staff will participate in the Vilsted Sø Løbet 2015. Former soldier and elite runner, as well as joy, as well as motivational coach, who inspired students to participate in the race. Many also chose to participate in the training afterwards, and several even completed the race on bare toes because the coach inspired them to try this. We have invited parents, siblings and several grandparents to participate, and it is possible to post-register on Saturday morning.
Are you joining us next year with 400+ new friends? Then come by Ranum Efterskole College on Sunday 27th, where we will be open from 10am - 5pm

Lecture with Naser Khader

Folkeuniversitetet Vesthimmerland held a lecture at Ranum Efterskole last night, where Nasser Khader talked about the background of the Arab Spring, and gave his analysis of the crisis in Syria.
It was a very good experience both for the many spectators from outside, as well as for the afterschool students and parents.

The football girls are happy

The girls from the football team have become pool winners at the North Jutland Championships in Hørby. They have been on the road all Friday and challenged many other afterschools, who base their daily activities and community on ball games and sports. It is so cool that Ranum still beats several of these schools and there is no doubt that there is EM92 mood in the bus home from the tournament. 

Open house on Sunday 27 September from 10-17.

We are holding an open house on Sunday and invite everyone to visit us and experience the students show around and tell about their profile subjects, academic teaching and experiences in afterschool life. You are welcome to drop in for an international breakfast at 10am and there will be refreshments throughout the day.

We hope you will pass this on to neighbours, friends, colleagues so we can fill the school for years to come, thank you!

Best regards and have a nice weekend
Olav Storm Johannsen