New Students' Day, Freedom Dinner and Volleyball match against the Swedes

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Parents' weekend, New Pupils' Day and oral exams, as well as guests from several countries, have left their mark on the 3rd last week of this school year. In addition to many oral exams, the students have had a wide range of activities, including several football tournaments and communal eating on the lawn at the stadium. The good weather has been enjoyed to the fullest! This week we have also had guests from both the USA, France and Sweden, the many guests have participated in the school's activity programme, as well as been on trips out of the house together.

New Students' Day

One of the biggest days of the school year is New Students' Day, and this year we had a total of around 2,500 people watching 380 future students on their way. The programme was packed with talks, joint presentations on the academic programmes, guidance in school-home work and presentation of the profile subjects in the first term. In between, there was good service in the square and in the canteen, and as something very special, the gastronomy team had made a cheese and cake bar with over 4000 cakes and cheeses, so it was a huge hit!

The new pupils were given a thorough insight into the coming school year and their parents are now well prepared for the start of school on 9 August. The day marks both an end and a new beginning for many of the current pupils. They themselves remember when they were "new pupils" and this also left its mark on the atmosphere of the last few weeks. Now it's serious and everyone wants to make the most of the community and each other.


Contact group 36 flashmob through Ranum Efterskole College and down to the large multi hall where there is an Introduction for new students and parents. 🙂

Click on the image to play the video.

Beginner Golf - In Slowmotion

A bunch of students were out on the golf grass to practice their skills but also for our talented golf teachers to record their swings in slow motion - It not only gives a good laugh but also important knowledge when you see your own swing and pose in slow motion.

Beginner Golf June 2015

France meets Vildsted Lake

Joakim Philipsen acted as tourist guide for our guests from France this week. They went on a guided tour around Vildsted Lake, which weather-wise showed its very best side.

Divers out in perfect local dive

An apparently (see below) very happy diving instructor was out diving with the students this week, in what can be described as very nice Danish weather in both dry and wet conditions.

"Battle of Ranum" and "Freedom Dinner"

Tuesday's afternoon sun transformed the Ranum Stadium at the Multicultural Centre into a much-needed baking oven, and the green foundation of the backdrop certainly motivated for a good game of fight and football.

Therefore, it was with great expectations that for the first time in history a football friendly tournament between Asylcenter Ranum, IK Vest and Ranum Efterskole College was to be held. Three good matches later, IK Vest could raise their arms and first prize as well-deserved winners.

To support the event, the REC's ubiquitous kitchen - in collaboration with our American exchange students - organised the Freedom Dinner under the open sky, offering tasty Obama Burgers accompanied by appropriate music 🙂

8th grade on teambuilding and Volleyland match against the Swedes

On Wednesday, we had a visit from 20 happy and energetic students from Vejle Friskole, who were introduced to after-school life for a day. The day offered confidence exercises, a tour and challenges in the harbour basin in Rønbjerg, where sailing students from the after-school school took loving care of introducing the slightly younger students from Vejle to the tasks on board the boats. Due to the strong wind, the course was held within the protective "arms" of the cloud for safety reasons.

After a walk on the obstacle course and playing on the climbing wall in the Swede, the Friskole pupils were transported back to Vejle - still with good energy, but now with after-school experience in their luggage... 🙂

At the end of the day we had a beach volleyball match at Kærhuset - a challenge from our Swedish guests, which of course had to be followed up 🙂

Local brawl against Himmerlands Youth School

A spirited girls team fought with good energy and preponderance in games and chances against the local rivals from Haubro. The match was fought at Ranum Stadium and it was to everyone's surprise that the talented and winning girls from Ranum were sunk by a loose missile in the 3rd minute of the 2nd half!?? The missile was a Haubro player who sprinted away from everything and everyone and kicked the ball into the net behind a helpless Ranum goalkeeper, who never touched the ball before or since the match...

Despite a sustained effort, the struggling home team failed to score, resulting in a surprising and painful defeat in this year's local game.

It was a different story for the boys' team, who fought their way to a 1-1 draw after being "down" 0-1 at the break. The match was a close affair, with many good details, hard tackles and several masterful saves - including a penalty kick - by Haubro's goalkeeper. The afternoon will be remembered in particular for Cecilie's tackle in full split and the many happy after school students on the sidelines.

Meet new cultures with AFS - become a host family.

We have received this request from our partner AFS Interkultur. At Ranum Efterskole College we have 12 AFS year students who need a host family next year. Like and write if you want to show your culture, traditions and everyday life while getting a cultural glimpse from another country for X number of days.

Events next week

In the coming week, the last oral exams will take place and all students agree to respect that there should be two to prepare and at the same time there should be room for a lot of activity. We hope for good weather and on Tuesday we will shoot the mini video of the school year. Our guests from France will be heading back to Paris via Copenhagen, saying goodbye with a French evening. On Friday, the student and parent party committee will hold the last student party of the year, including dinner and a concert by the Kid. It's going to be one hell of a student party. Students attending the student party are welcome back on Sunday at 2pm and from 5-7pm there will be an Open Kitchen for those who want to drop off and also pick up some of all the room stuff to take home before cleaning in the last week.

We have a great team of students with a lot of happy and talented students and we are looking forward to our last time together.

Best regards and have a nice weekend

Ranum After School