Audition and invitation to concert with symphony orchestra

Dear reader,

The written exams have got off to a good start at Ranum Efterskole College and are proceeding according to plan. The students are very attentive to being ready for the tests and there has been a fairly good calm in the test rooms, despite the fact that some have been suffering from coughs and colds during the week. We have of course been following the situation in Nepal with excitement and during the week have been in contact with most of the school's friends and contacts.

The fundraiser that we started last week has received great support from many former and current students and parents, thank you very much. The collected amount is almost 30.000,- kr. and it is still possible to send a contribution - Give a contribution - Everything counts.

The tests have gone well

Wednesday was the big test day for all students, when Danish style was held. The exams went well and most students used their time wisely with only a few being pressed for time. The invigilators have reported that the new system of dividing the hall into squares has been a success in terms of printing. Pupils have access to the Internet in several subjects, which naturally provides more opportunities for communication with the outside world. We have instructed the pupils in the rules, but unfortunately a few had to leave the tests after a warning because of cheating.

Picture 3: The senior team prepares for the test inspection

Nepal: news from the friendship school in Meetche

In the morning meetings we have been following the situation in Nepal and we have received reports from our friends at the Friendship School in Meetche. It is reported that all houses are heavily damaged and several parts of the school are destroyed. They report that the two buildings we have helped to finance and build are not damaged. We are very happy about this, as it was also part of the project that they should be able to withstand an earthquake. The villagers have been given 900 kg of rice, carried on their backs and for a while they have enough food and water. It will cost a lot of money to rebuild the school and houses, and help will be needed from many quarters. Fortunately, no one has died in the village, but people are naturally grieving for their relatives who have died or been injured elsewhere in Nepal.

Denmark's liberation on 5 May

In the morning gatherings, we have also focused on the liberation of Denmark on 5 May. The students have heard about the resistance fighters among the student teachers at Ranum State Seminary at the end of the war. We have lit candles at the memorial plaque for the fallen resistance fighters and innocent young people who fell to German bullets in a skirmish around the seminary. It makes an impression and leaves its mark even 70 years later.

Gardens for stomachs

The Gardens for Stomachs project has its own Facebook group and the soil is now prepared for the students to start sowing and planting next week. At the group they can get inspiration from small videos and inspire each other. The contact groups will plant the gardens according to their own ideas and are allowed to bring plants/shrubs etc. from home. The aim is to create an exciting garden that we can all enjoy and that can be passed on to next year's contact groups.

Concert with Skellefteå Youth Symphony Orchestra

On Sunday, 40 youth musicians will arrive from Skellefteå in northern Sweden. Skellefteå is a twin town with the municipality of Vesthimmerland, and has visited schools and institutions in the municipality every year. This year, we will have the pleasure of a large youth symphony orchestra, which will play for the citizens of the municipality on Sunday at 15.00. And for the after-school students (those who are not in rehearsal) on Monday at 10.00


We have been allowed to invite parents and friends of the school to the concert on Sunday. So if you would like a really good concert experience - one of the rare ones in our area, come a little before 3pm on Sunday, the concert will be held in the Festival Hall and refreshments will be available before and after. 

Sunday is school day from 16.00

On Sunday, all students must meet at 16.00 for the start of the Blue Book and attendance is compulsory. We are starting a very important process that will leave traces and memories in everyone's life. The process will run over the next few weeks, so it is important to be involved from the start. 
Students meet in their own houses and there is lunch at regular time - as on weekdays. 

Events next week

Next week there is a concert on Monday and then rehearsals in German on Monday. In the international classes all week, i.e. both Thursday and Friday, even though it is Ascension Day in Denmark. Because we have afternoon classes on Sunday, students who do not have rehearsals on Thursday and Friday can go home on Wednesday at 2:15 pm or when their rehearsals are finished. We sense that a lot of people are going to confirmations and family events.

Finally, a big congratulations to Service Manager Jørn Kvist Nielsen.

He got a "YES" hat for his birthday even though he doesn't need it.

Best regards and have a nice weekend

Olav Storm