Happy reunion, Lecture with Carl-mar Møller and upcoming exams

Dear reader,

It has been a good week, starting with a happy reunion and many good stories from the many journeys. With the fanatically good weather we have had, it has also been a week of lots of outdoor activity and fun, including Gastronomy preparing a delicious Italian meal for all the students. In addition, it has been a week with several guests covering a very wide spectrum in terms of subject and content. On Thursday afternoon, Carl-mar Møller hosted a debate on sexuality and gender roles in a very unique way, while on Friday morning, 3 war veterans talked about their experiences and lessons learned from war.

Happy reunions and good stories

We started the week with a joyful reunion between all students. Many exciting stories, beautiful pictures and amazing videos have been exchanged during the week. The week went off without a hitch and the students are now richer for their experiences. Photos and videos will be posted regularly on our various Facebook pages as they come in, and it should be remembered that the 3rd PVA (Photo, Video and Article) competition has kicked off with a deadline of 01 May. See more here:

Lecture with Carl-mar Møller

Then the day arrived... The day when Carl-mar Møller visited the students and gave them a slightly 'different' talk about the flower and the bees;=) Loud laughter, smiles and sometimes slightly raised eyebrows marked the reactions of the students.

Construction at Ranumhus progressing according to plan

Fantastic Italian evening

The gastronomy team decided to treat all their friends to a fantastic Italian evening out on the lawn in the good weather - the atmosphere was relaxed and you could tell everyone was having a good time!

Primitive cookery with the science team

On Wednesday, the science team conducted a "primitive cooking" competition. The aim was to create a dish on the stove or over the fire using as many ingredients from nature's larder as possible. One group had managed to catch a perch. Others had found rhubarb, swede cabbage, nettles, dandelion leaves, etc. All students put their heart and soul into the task but in the end the winning dish was rhubarb pancake - with syrup boiled up with spruce.

Thanks to the science team for great effort and high spirits.


On the academic side, the school has gone into 'exam mode'. The first written exams take place next week for our Cambridge IGCSE students, while the Danish FP9 and FP10 start in week 19. Students have the opportunity to participate in several exam preparation activities such as homework lessons, extra lessons and conversations about nervousness etc. Students are in for a busy time! 

Good weekend

Tonight, as you know, there is a student party organised by the Parents and Students Party Committee, and we wish everyone attending a fantastic evening. There are some exciting activities planned here at school for those who have chosen to spend the weekend here. We wish everyone a great weekend!

Yours sincerely

Ranum Efterskole College