Amazing journeys, hard landing and a focus on injustice


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Dear reader!

The last few weeks we have been travelling all over the world. From Italy to New Zealand, to Peru, Japan, Morocco, Oman, Jamaica, South Africa, Brazil, USA, China, Philippines and last but not least Nepal. Over 450 students and teachers have travelled in groups of 15 to 100 to a total of 15 destinations. We have been preparing the expeditions for 3 months and it is amazing to see how many different experiences the travel groups have had along the way. And we are again happy that everyone has come home safely and that there have been no significant accidents on any of the trips. Read about the many journeys and student stories at the links below, and on FB.

The new team of AFS guest students from Malaysia landed in week 1 and a few days later they were skiing in Italy together with the Danish students. It was a culture and climate shock that they will probably never forget! For the last weekend, they have been at home with their Danish hosts, and even though it has been hard with visitors on top of a long journey, it has been a great success.

The students gathered again during Sunday and Monday, and many have been quite affected by jet lag and fatigue, as well as travel sickness and colds. This is only natural and we have given some extra space in the week's programme for individuals to settle back into the after-school rhythm. All the houses are buzzing with life and stories from the travels. There is great reunion joy and it almost bubbles over now and then. It is as if spring is already here.


During the week
students have done a lot of work on their study choices, all have received their final exam grades and now it's time to finalise their educational choices for the coming school year. Guidance will be available on Sunday and in the coming weeks until the 1 March deadline.

In the coming week there is a normal after-school week with academic subjects, profile subjects and club subjects. We have increased the teaching staff with several new faces: Steffanie Tenroe is the new German and Maths teacher. Jana Lorentz is an assistant teacher for German and Maths, as well as for evening activities. And we had a visit from Filipe from Brazil, who is an AFS volunteer for the month of June. We know that having more hands in the houses always gives more profit and it also frees up more teacher energy to help students with homework and social life. The week ends with a lot of students going to a student party organised by the Parent and Student Party Committee. On the same Friday, the staff and board will redeem this year's Christmas present in the form of a trip to Aarhus, where we will see the acclaimed Gasolin theatre concert, and visit Bazar Vest.

In week 7 there is OSO (Obligatory Self-Selected Task) writing for 10th grade. In between there is also time for some sports and then there is the Valintines Weekend, which will be mega romantic!
In week 8 there has been a major investment in two exciting programmes for all students. Everyone goes through a rhetoric course with professional facilitators and everyone goes through a Video Storytelling course. Both courses will give students the skills they need to make great presentations and do better in their summer exams.

Book a student presentation from Kulturrejserne!
In week 8, students will also present their "products" or presentations from the Cultural Studies and Travel sessions. This will be done, among other things, by 2 buses each day travelling around the country with students who will give presentations at schools, associations, companies, etc. The aim is to practise communication while enriching other young people and parents with images and stories from the great cultural experiences and thus give others the courage to also move borders and use the world as a classroom.
You can book a student presentation by email and we will of course send out the Tour Plan regularly.

Tomorrow, the big Denmark Fundraiser takes place on radio and TV. In recent weeks we have travelled the world and experienced different ways of life, including poverty and injustice first hand. Many travel groups have worked to directly support children's homes, education and well-being in South Africa, Brazil, Nepal, Peru and the Philippines.


We naturally support the Danish Fundraising Campaign and invite you to vote for the little student video that Magnus P. has made. Vote and support!

Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm Johannsen