Global Factor, Christmas market and new cinema.

Dear reader!

A fantastic after-school performance day is over. Students and teachers have been hard at work since Wednesday creating and putting together a fantastic performance, an exciting Christmas market and lots of exciting culinary tastes from around the world. The performance days are over and more than 800 siblings, parents and grandparents made their way to Ranum to see the great show and get information about the upcoming cultural studies trips, as well as information about the choice for the 3rd period profile subjects.

Watch films from the Performance Days here!
The atmosphere was great and the commitment from students and staff was in high gear. Thank you to everyone involved - you all did your best and together it was a unique experience of community and togetherness!

The new cinema is open and it is interesting to observe the reactions of both students and guests. They didn't expect to find such a nice and stylish cinema in Ranum! And it doesn't matter that the surround sound system is superb and the designer has been in Biocity in Aalborg. Now there is quality in the movie experience both in leisure and education at Ranum in the future. Thanks to service manager Jørn Kvist Nielsen and his helpers for a great effort!


During the past week, the big performance project has of course taken up a lot of time alongside the academic teaching. On Wednesday morning, the drama team performed a piece entitled "The Heart of Gold" Watch the video here!

On Monday, the Peru team was out training for the heights of the Andes.

This coming week there are final exams and all 9th grade students start every morning from 08.30 - 11.30 and in the afternoon the 10th grade starts from 13.-17.00. The afternoon class will also be writing their OSO assignment in the morning, so they will have plenty to do.

On Thursday afternoon there is Christmas volleyball and in the evening, after dinner and the election of the year's Christmas rooms, there is a joint torchlight procession to Ranum Church, where we will hold a Christmas service together.The picture is from a few years ago, when Christmas headball was a hit!

On Friday, we clean all the rooms before calling Santa Claus and his helpers to wish each other a Merry Christmas in all the languages of the world.

We wish everyone a continued good weekend and a great last week of school!

Yours sincerely
Olav Storm Johannsen