Emma Gad, PVA Awards and concert with Mont Oliver

Dear reader.

In the darkness of November, the kitchen is led by head chef Lars Jeppesen, who has focused on the love of the dining experience, renamed the canteen into a dining hall and organised a grand Emma Gad competition between the contact groups. The aim is to create as good and cosy a dining environment as possible, and it already looks like it's going to be fantastic.

Lisa Clark returns to the USA to celebrate Thanksgiving with her family. She ended her stay by choreographing a beautiful dance show in the banqueting hall.

The Nepal teams have been on backpacking trips to practice backpacking, experience the community and test personal limits in the dark.

Wednesday evening Mont Oliver played their last afterschool concert of a long tour and although many were off to the local premiere of the Huntergames film, it was a great musical experience.

Thursday was the grand final of the first period photo competition(henceforth also called the PVA Awards).

The winner of the article, photo and video competitions was: Johanne Kjær, Frederik Dahl, Silas Blatchley, Lea Simmonsen, Nikoline Strandbæk.

The winner of the main prize, a GoPro3 camera Black edition was Oskar Rytter with Hip-Notics from AntalyaHip-Notics from Antalya.

On weekends also starts the big Christmas room competition. The rules are described in the last newsletter. On Saturday there is a LAN party in Kærhuset and over 50 young people play themselves into a large virtual community.

In the coming week On Sunday there is a compulsory start of the OSO project for the 10th grade at 16.00 in the assembly hall. At 19.00 all pupils meet in the assembly hall. This means that all 9th graders and international students must also be present at this time. We must gather the threads in the choice of profile subjects for the 3rd period and make the first test choices.

>Tuesday of the coming week there are "home visits" by the contact teachers, and it is traditionally very nice.

Thursday afternoon classes end at 14.15 - and then it's a long weekend for travelling home, and a great opportunity to get vaccinated, buy Christmas presents, get a haircut, visit the dentist, etc.

Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm Headmaster.