Super afterschool week with community and academic focus

Dear reader,
It's been a great afterschool week, with some of the highlights being: Master Fatman night focusing on good room karma, concert by upcomming and concert current Frank William, two nights of Italian restaurant for everyone, and then a record breaking Ice Bucket Event to support ALS fundraising.
The academic subjects have got off to a good start. Pupils are settling into their appropriate levels of literacy and quiet time is now used extensively for homework.
The students who are on the international line and are taught in English in 5 subjects will learn a lot of new vocabulary in English in the coming weeks. It's a tough start for some, and it will be a great success when they are settled in a few weeks. The AFS guest students have been on host family visits around Denmark and they had a super extended weekend.
In the profile subjects there has been a lot of activity. The good weather has provided really good conditions for street performance, who longboarded all the way to Rønbjerg and Adventure, who did a mini-race with the students at the school. The dancers are already off to a great start. A small group has been presenting dance at local schools as a prelude to starting a dance school for the region's youngsters.
In Gastronomy, our AFS guest students and the other students mixed and then competed over two evenings to make the best Italian themed dinner for everyone. The whole dining hall was decorated in Italian colours and the gastronomy teams served 2 courses to the students at the tables. Friday In the morning we have had a profile day, and all profile subjects have made a special programme. Visual design has been on an excursion to Års art museum, a gallery in Farsø and visited a working artist. Dive and plunge has held distance swimming test in the fjord and the divers have been to the first swimming neck exercises, sailing has been on the fjord and even though there was not much wind, it was a really good day.
Evening Clubs became Monday replaced by a Master Fatman evening where, after a pep talk, the students went to their rooms and focused on room well-being and created a framework for good karma and atmosphere. Tuesday and Wednesday Water performance with wakeboard in Rønbjerg and football on the lawn. Thursday Frank William played a concert in the ballroom and the atmosphere was great.

In the collections we have focused on the choice of cultural profile subjects for the coming 2nd term. The process was kicked off with a review of what a cultural profile subject should include of Cultural exchange with local young people, country knowledge, project cooperation and dissemination tasks. It is a top motivating course, and as inspiration the students were given presentations from Nepal and Morocco Performance, among others. The students have taken the challenge of coming up with new ideas for cultural profile subjects very seriously and the suggestions are pouring in. At the same time, the chocolate in my bowl is dwindling and that is super positive. Over the next week, both students and teachers will be giving presentations and workshops on the ideas and slowly a first programme of choices is taking shape. Then a vote will be taken on what is of interest to be put on the final ballot paper and at the Parents' Day in September all subjects will be presented. The final election takes place on 1 October.
Today we held a big Ice Bucket Event with a fundraiser in support of ALS research - see link - with virtually all students and many teachers. As the video shows, the atmosphere was great and we even got a visit from TV2 Nord and Nordjyske. Students from the media team documented the event and about 3.500,- DKK was raised. The collection continues, so if you want to support the good cause, please use our Nepal collection account 9202 1880182850and type ALS, as well as the sender of the transfer. In the event nominate man others to the same challenge and we nominated, among others, Minister of Education Christine Antorini, to positively highlight that community for a common cause also helps to create engaged and motivated young people. She might not take up the challenge, but it would be cool, the students thought!
This weekend there is a water sports theme with sailing, waterperformance and dive and plunge trips. Waterperformance will go to Klitmøller and learn how to wave surf and sailing will go on the water near Livø. The coming week is back to normal schedule and profile subjects. Queen Magrethe and Prince Henrik visit Vesthimmerland. We are not on the official program, but create some atmosphere on the water and harbor when they visit Livø, Wednesday. Tuesday Anders Pedersen from TravelApe will give a great motivational talk about community and self-esteem. Friday there is a school day and extra time for immersion in the academic subjects. The following weekend is a diving weekend with swimming pool tests for all diving students, as well as an Adventure weekend for all students who want to try their hand at nature and themselves.
Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm Johannsen