Newsletter 4.4.14

Dear reader,

We have reached the end of another exciting week at Ranum Efterskole.

The week has been all about travelling, and the excitement and wanderlust of the students has been palpable.
Yesterday the first students left for Los Angeles, Turkey and New York, and today and the next few days they will follow
remaining students too.

Remember you can follow us on facebook, as well as on our website, where there will be regular updates with pictures and stories from the travels.

Last weekend, the Performance Team performed in Nørresundby and Hobro with their great show, which they took to Morocco. In the picture the students are warming up before it was their turn to take the floor in Hobro.

On Tuesday evening we had a tournament at school where about 20 boys competed against each other in Counter-strike. It was a
small official tournament with fluctuating latency, wallhacks, battle cries, handicaps etc. The winners were rewarded with 3 pieces of pizza from
the local pizzeria.

Streetperformance has been enjoying the nice weather and practicing a lot during the week.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Cambridge teams had a workshop with English actor Kieron Jones, where they acted out
"A very fun, entertaining and educational afternoon for all of them.

On Wednesday, 1st grade French also went for a short walk in the nice weather. Along the way they practiced words on the things they found and encountered
along the way.

Best regards and have a nice weekend

Maria Jakobsen

PR & Communication