Newsletter 28.3.14

Dear reader,

The weekend is upon us at Ranum Efterskole, and as always we can look back on a wonderful and eventful week.

Students and teachers prepare for the upcoming trips. It's the last trip of the year, and it's a very special feeling
students' courage and desire to experience and learn. Before departure man can go to the school's website under each profile subject and read the school's safety instructions for the profile subject trips. 

Tuesday morning a team enjoyed the nice fresh morning weather, and took the opportunity for a good morning exercise on the lawn in front of school.

Claus Christiansen, who is responsible for teaching International Maths, recently went on a course in Hong Kong to improve his skills. At Ranum Efterskole College you can receive tuition in subjects that are not offered elsewhere in Denmark, including International Maths.

This weekend the performance team visited the local gymnastics show in Løgstør, where they performed the show they travelled to Morocco with. If you also want to experience the team, this weekend they visit Hobro Idrætscenter on 29 March at 11:35, and Nørresundby in Solsidehallen on 30 March at 16:25.

In week 7, two of Ranum Efterskole's pupils were selected for the Catch14 workshop at the Aros Art Museum in Aarhus. You can read more about the exciting process and the experiences the girls had here.

Next school year Ranum Efterskole will expand to 402 students, and in this context 10 new teachers are sought. This week
the job advertisement published on our website. As always, we look forward to a new and exciting school year and to welcoming
welcome to our new pupils, as well as the new teachers to the teaching staff.

On Saturday 29 March we will have another interview day at the school with interviews of the new students for the coming school year 14/15.

Tonight, parents and the student party committee are holding the 4th student party. The party will take place outside the school, and we wish all participants
and parents a very good and safe party night.

Best regards and have a nice weekend

Maria Jakobsen

PR & Communication