Newsletter 14.2.14

Dear reader,

Another eventful week is coming to an end at Ranum Efterskole. Next week is marked by the winter holidays. The students will be able to enjoy a week of well-deserved holiday and look back on an already very eventful 2014. From week 9 we are ready to get back to work and begin another exciting period at the school.

Monday we had a visit from DR1 for an interview about safety in connection with the 3rd anniversary of the Præstø accident. The report was shown Monday evening on the news. Watch excerpts of the interview with Olav here. 

On Tuesday, it was time to release the excitement and find the lucky winners of our big photo competition. The judging panel of photographer Martin Damgaard and art director Nigel Hopwood had been set a tough task with over 150 stunning images to choose from. In each of the five categories, a winner was chosen who could make life a little sweeter with a £500 prize.

In addition, the best picture among all had to be selected, and it was Emma Østergaard who ran with the title / honor and a nice GoPro camera.

See the full unveiling of the photo competition here.

You can see all the photos from the photo competition on our Flickr profile.

photo competition_2014_ranumefterskole

One cold morning, some of the students were up for sports and ran around the school on roller skis.

The school is still buzzing with exciting travel stories, and students are busy writing stories about their experiences and putting together exciting videos. The 2014 Ghana and Peru teams, for example, have put together some great videos to show more about their amazing trips.

Thursday it was time for contact group visits for all students. The students had a nice afternoon/evening at their contact teacher's home. A great end to the week before the winter holidays are upon us.

Today Friday we have ended a hectic week with lovely carnival buns and a community gathering. The school office is open for phone calls every day 9-15. Sunday on 23.2 at 18.
Happy winter break to those of you who can keep it and happy week to the rest of you!

Yours sincerely

Maria Jakobsen

Communications Officer

Summary in English 

Another eventful week has come to an end at Ranum Efterskole.

Monday, Olav, was interviewed to DR1 regarding safety on travels. The interview was conducted in connection with the three year mark of the Præstø accident.

Tuesday it was time to announce the winners of the big photo competition. The judges had a very difficult decision to make with over 150 amazing pictures. You can see all the pictures from the competition at our Flickr profile.

The school is still buzzing with all the wonderful travel memories, and the students are currently writing stories about their experiences and making videos from their travels.

Here you can see a couple of the videos from the trips to Peru and Ghana.

Next week is the winter holiday at Ranum Efterskole.