Ranum Efterskole Newsletter 29.11.2013

Dear reader!
The last weeks have flown by as the winter darkness has enveloped Himmerland and Ranum Efterskole. Pupils and staff got the academic programmes back on track after the bridge-building and theme week, and on Sunday everyone gathered for a joint orientation on the big OSO assignment (compulsory independent assignment) for Year 10 and on the Project assignment for Year 9. The programme is now underway and, unlike in previous years, the students have several weeks to prepare and write the assignments because we are combining the programme with regular classes and the big Performance Project in week 50.

The days have been spent mostly with academic teaching and cultural education. Among other things, we have had a visit from a representative of World Forests, who talked about NGO work and in the various cultural subjects there have been guest teachers, as well as physical challenges to prepare the students. The Nepal teams have been on a "Road trip" for about 10 hours with full packs and darkness around the region. They walked about 20 kilometres and several have become more aware of their own resources and the requirements for clothing and footwear.

Pedagogical we can feel that we are in the darkest and wettest part of the year. Students are moving closely together in the rooms and lounges, as well as in the Sweat Room. Fortunately, the evening clubs are going well and Christmas decorations have started in several rooms. Unfortunately, however, we have also seen that some students have been caught smoking contraband (mainly e-cigs) and so we have taken them home for personal clarification regarding the school rules and framework with their parents. There has been a good understanding from the other pupils that we act consistently regarding smoking, and especially when they experience negative groupings that draw others in involuntarily.

The week has offered on many fun experiences in the cultural subjects including : On Tuesday, Cambodia and China practiced Feng shui in the hall. On Wednesday, the profile subjects Ghana and the teams with Spanish had prepared a special culturally inspired dinner, and on Thursday evening we held the annual meeting of the Nepalese Friendship Association of Ranum After School with lectures about, among other things, Takman's school project, the after school friendship school in Meetche and before dinner dentist Maja Myrhøj gave a fantastic exciting lecture about her work stay at the friendship school in Meetche, where she spent 3 weeks fixing the children's teeth in very primitive conditions.

The evening ended with a really nice charity dinner, where we raised more than DKK 6,000,-.

In the coming week book classes are in full swing and students who have booked vaccinations for their cultural profile subject trips will be vaccinated on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

On Tuesday we have the first round of elections for profile subjects in 3rd period, and we have received a lot of good suggestions from students and teachers. In addition to the classics such as diving, adventure, music, dance, sailing, media, gastronomy, riding, wake performance, street performance, design, etc. Students have also suggested golf, role-playing, hardball, free-skiing, acapella choir, American football, hunting and fishing. The choice is about finding the subjects to put on the ballot. The election means that there is a rush to form networks of interest and gather peers for the new proposals. The next election will be held in week 50.

On Wednesday we will have a conference with 80 teachers and leaders from all over Jutland and on Thursday there will be a contact group day, where the groups will visit their contact teacher or do an activity together.

On Friday evening, more than 280 students will take part in the 2nd Student Party organised by the Parents' Council and the Student Party Committee. The students will have dinner at the school and we hope that they will have another great time together.

The following week is performance week and the weekend of 14-15 December is a staycation weekend, where we would love to see parents, siblings and grandparents at the performance either on Saturday or Sunday.

It's been a cold week, and snow may be coming soon, so we'd really like students to either bring their bikes home for the winter or put them in the bike shed. Also, it is important to remember indoor shoes and wet clothes for outdoor activities.

Best regards and have a great weekend - remember to bring Christmas decorations for your room!

Olav Storm