Newsletter 15.11.13

Dear reader!
This past week has been a very different one for both the 9th and 10th grades. The 10th grade students have been in bridge building in Års, Aalborg and Svenstrup from 7 am to 4 pm every day. And the 9th grade has had professional days with, among other things, science, citizenship and student guidance. There was also time to gather around a film in outer space.

On Wednesday, all 9th graders went on a field trip to Aarhus, where the students visited the Steno Museum and saw the exhibition "Know Your Body". A biologist taught about young people's different views of the body and different body cultures. They were also taught about the structure of the body from the chromosome to the whole person. Afterwards, they went to the Natural History Museum, where the students dissected the hearts and lungs of pigs and then looked at the anatomy of a rat. It was a bit cross-border, but educational.

Roller skiing is a new activity, which gives a great shape and motor skills. You'll get up to speed and after a few training sessions
times everyone can figure out how to control the long poles, and fast skis.

Educational. The students were very tired in the evening after some long bridge building days, however, some of them tested if we were awake in terms of detecting the night end. And so we were... We now spend some powder explaining that it's silly for us to spend resources on control and surveillance, when freedom is increased tenfold just by keeping the freedom framework that exists at our free school. A freedom that means that boys and girls can live in the same halls door to door, and freely visit each other between 10-22. The sinners are now on RE duty and provide for the benefit of the community in the kitchen and the banquet hall etc.
Boy prey in the love groups
On Thursday evening the boys swapped places between their love contact groups and there was a bit of silence at the tables for a few minutes before the chatting started in earnest 🙂

In the coming week we are back to a normal week. Monday we have a concert with Nelson Can in collaboration with ROSA.

New English teacher with special skills in Greenlandic language and culture. Anna Lynge has been hired as a teacher and will take over an English class. She has special skills in Greenlandic language and culture, which we have been looking for for several years.

Cosiness in the room, and it gets even better when the Christmas decoration of the school starts on the weekend of 23-24 November. We encourage you to bring "equipment" from this weekend already. And don't forget those home / indoor shoes!

Invitation: Remember that there is a Charity Dinner for the Nepal Friendship School on 28.11. at. 16.30 – 19.30. The event is open to all - please register at

Finally, a very rare political comment and very important call:
Next week there are local and regional elections. It will mean a lot for Denmark's competitiveness, young people's future and education, and it will strengthen young people's chances to succeed in their youth education if YOU vote for a candidate who does NOT want to abolish the 10th grade of after-school education. Your vote is crucial - it is your recognition of free schooling.
(Remember that the consultants and directors of the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Confederation of Danish Metal and the Confederation of Labour are lobbyists and NOT politicians. They should not decide whether there should be a free school, it should be our politicians, therefore use your vote)

Best regards and have a great weekend!
Olav Storm Johannsen