Carneval in Venice, Thai night and homework

Dear reader!
This week we have said goodbye to our visiting students, been busy with school work and enjoyed the fantastic late summer weather. On the water, super sailing is reported and adventure students have earned their sore legs, while Gastronomy shines with gastronomic challenges in the dining hall. Thursday night's theme was Thai food and the whole dining hall was enveloped in incense and smoke from wok frying.

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In the communities the process of developing and proposing cultural profile courses for the 2nd profile course period is in full swing. The ideas range widely: from the well-known cultural profile courses in Nepal, Ghana, USA, the Nordic countries, India, China Europe and Japan. To challenging proposals from students and teachers on South Korea, Peru, Uganda, Spain, Washington, Thailand, Cambodia, New Zealand and others. The process is now to qualify the proposals into lessons and then next week a vote will be taken to decide which ideas will be on the ballot for the 2nd term. It will be very exciting and whatever the outcome, the process we are engaged in right now is extremely educational for many students. Interests, peers, finances and not least courage and desire will all have to be considered. The final choice of cultural profile subject must be made by 29 September.

The large-scale "Carneval in Venice" was the setting for a great Saturday evening, where our Italian guests provided a really nice and creative party. On Sunday afternoon they also co-hosted a programme for their host families and on Monday morning they all returned after 4 weeks at a free school in Denmark.


Pedagogical The pupils have now settled in so well that we are also debating the school's rules and framework in practice, and it is nice to feel that there is common ground in terms of tightening up the rooms that have proved to have a challenge with the morning routine, etc. There is a great deal of commitment and a wonderful energy among pupils and teachers, and there is room to file a little on the edges of each other. Which means that you can move even closer together in the community. The students at RIC in particular find that there is a lot of school work, and this is natural when new subject concepts have to be learned in English. A common hand-in calendar has been set up for the whole year and for all subjects, so teachers are already coordinating the workload and this should help once the rhythm is established.

This weekend we are not so many at the school, and the program is mostly fun with fishing, roundball, and activities at Rønbjerg.
This coming weekend, there are Friends Weekend and registration must be made by Tuesday. Information about the Family Day on 28 September will be sent out on Sunday.

Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm