The 10th student team is off to a great start!

Dear reader!
On Sunday 11 August, the 10th student team started at Ranum Efterskole. The birthday team got off to a great start with a well-timed accommodation and welcome gathering in the main hall. The students played with each other's names throughout the evening and the butterflies quickly lifted after hugging goodbye to mom and dad and siblings. More than 750 parents and siblings accompanied the 305 students to Ranum and, somewhat fortunately, the weather cleared so that the sun shone again on the first day of the school year.

During the week, students and teachers have been working closer together in the contact groups and the friendship groups (each contact group has a friendship group in the other house).

On Monday, the students got to know the school and Ranum, and were introduced to Introugen and the upcoming school year. On Tuesday we went through the school's framework and rules, and the students had the opportunity to discuss situations where the rules might come into play.The teachers made "Who wants to be a millionaire" and that's how we played and discussed the framework for the coming school year.

In the afternoon, all the profile subjects were started and even though the weather was not good for sailing or diving, it was a successful start.On Wednesday morning, the students were introduced to the academic subjects and after conversation and small tests, they were divided into levels.
On Wednesday afternoon we extended our horizons to the local area, where everyone went for walks around Vilsted Lake and Vitskøl Monastery. The day ended with a bike ride to Rønbjerg, where we bathed and barbecued in the warden's garden, and toured the harbour and beach.

On Thursday, the book division continued and in the afternoon, Thursday classes, sports and activities classes started, more than 10 different classes including badminton, dance-fitness, surf, Re-fit, volleyball and climbing.

Divers learn to hold their breath and equalize pressure.                         In physical training, the teacher tests the students' abdominal muscles voluntarily.

On Friday, the professional level division ended and in the afternoon all contact groups gathered to prepare the big Introfest with the theme of colours. The party symbolises the diversity of the pupils and the school. Judging by the decoration of the dining hall and the inventiveness of the students' costumes and contributions, we are going to have another great after-school year.

The weekend has started with great weather and the students are this morning doing the RE Olympics and there will also be time for relaxation and weekend fun.
Pedagogically there has been a lot of pace and the students have hardly had time to feel homesick and the students are great at helping each other on their way.

In the coming week we start the academic timetable with profile subjects and activities. On Thursday, the majority of students return home for a well-deserved extended weekend, and the teaching team spends the rest of the day evaluating and setting the course for the coming months.

Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm

NB. Ranum Efterskole is following the situation in Egypt closely and will send a briefing to parents of the diving team early next week.

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