Newsletter 31.5.13

Dear reader!
Sunshine over Ranum Efterskole and lots of life on the lawns, as well as hectic preparations for the oral exams, have together made for a lovely afterschool week, and a much-needed break between the written and oral exams. The schedule has offered daily opportunities for revision and activity classes. Monday to Wednesday we formally held the last profile classes and the divers took advantage of the fact that the water temperature is now bearable in the Limfjord. They dived at Rønbjerg and although the water was not nearly as clear as in the Red Sea, it was still exciting. Every afternoon, in addition to the offer of test preparation, there has been an offer of sports and many students have been active late into the evening.

On Thursday evening, everyone dined on the lawn in front of the main building and afterwards a large group went to Rønbjerg for the first swim of the year.

The sailors have also been on the water all week training for their practical test, which will be held next week.
In the community assemblies we have focused on information about the oral exam period, and the students are instructed how to design their own schedule during the exam weeks. This is done electronically via the website and students can choose from, amongst others, Test Preparation, Test Day, Wakeboarding, Surfing, Sailing, Kayaking, Yoga, Ball Games, Swimming, Horse Riding and there is also a section where they can formulate their own activities and projects. One group has chosen to do this around the big Gala party which ends the school year on Friday 28 June. In this context, the pupils are inviting each other as gala partners to the party. This always makes for some fun episodes with creative and imaginative invitations. For example, a song on stage, a bouquet of roses, a banner on the gable, etc. And it's a great way to mark good fellowship and friendship.

Pedagogical it's been a very peaceful time, we've only had a few problems with contraband. Many students went to the carnival in Aalborg, a it did not leave its mark on the week's energy. The looser structure and freedom of the trial period is a great opportunity to get the best out of the camaraderie, and for some it is unfortunately also a difficult time because they lack the fixed structures of everyday life. We guide them and set a framework so that everyone can enjoy their final time.

In the coming week there are oral exams every day and many teachers are out as censors. We also have 4 guests from a Swedish secondary school who would like to collaborate with us on students and travel. On Tuesday, a TV crew will come by and shoot some footage for this year's presentation video, and the theme is "What are we doing at RE?" - from room fun to activities and teaching. Later in the year, they'll be back to make a film about how students benefit from their profile trips and profile subjects in terms of personal formation and development.

Last weekend the skydiving course was held with great success, this weekend the students are tandem jumping.

Sunday from 12 noon we hold New Students' Day for the school's 10th grade team. The current students have been asked to come back at noon - so that we can all help to welcome the new students. The performance team and music team will perform and all contact teachers will meet their new kt. group for the first time. The old students cross paths with the new ones for the first time, marking that there is now only 1 month left of this afterschool year. This last time should be enjoyed and used to form memories and community for life!

Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm Johannsen