News 27 April 2013

Dear Reader!
It has felt a bit like a doomed spring so far!
The cold weather and the lockout of teachers have been stressful for everyone. But there is also really good news: the trips are over and about 335 young people and adults have travelled in 12 teams to 8 destinations and all have returned home without any serious accidents.
The lockout ends on Monday and we look forward to being fully staffed again.

See pictures and video on the website and Ranum Efterskole Facebook page.

This week we have again focused on the theme of education in lectures, tasks and especially the theme of sexuality was a success. The invited speakers gave the young people serious and thorough information and answered numerous questions. On Thursday we ended the week with a theatre performance by late adolescents and adults from "Kollektivet" in Ranum.
Academically, we aimed to stimulate the students creatively, so that they exercised their academic creativity through joint written assignments. For example, they have written a genre short story in contact groups.
On Wednesday evening we were visited by the Himmerland Music School, who gave a concert in the banquet hall.
On Thursday morning, several profile subjects gave presentations from their profile trips and it was both a great presentation of the many experiences and encounters on the trips.

The lockout is over and the news is full of information about the government intervention, the tests, etc. On Monday, all staff will meet at 8am for the RE-union reception, followed by contact group meetings. Teachers have received greetings from their contact groups over the Friday and there is a lot for everyone to get to grips with.
During the lockout, we have carried out some of the creative and educational themes that we normally place in the rehearsal period, and this is now an advantage in terms of carrying out more professional preparation and rehearsal sessions.
The written tests have been postponed until 13 May - giving us time to find the normal test set-up for all students.

Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm Johannsen