Lockout, community and cool experiences

Dear reader!
Spring came this week with beautiful sunshine and it gave good energy in a somewhat difficult time. Despite the lockout and a somewhat teacher-empty school, we had a full schedule all week. The students got to sleep in a little longer and they enjoyed each other and the community. The alternative schedule for the week has offered lectures, including the history and values of the school, Diet and Nutrition presentations in regards to tuning the body and brain for the tests. In the morning, the pupils have had time to write the Blue Book and this has worked really well around the rooms and then in the dining hall where the contact groups have put together their chapter for the book. In between, the contact groups have been in the photo studio taking both fun and creative group photos.

On Tuesday we started a short film festival and competition, and 10 teams are now competing to win the RE short film award and an accompanying luxury dinner for the team on Thursday next week.Thursday morning all students went to the cinema where they watched The Beautiful Creatures, a real teenage film - mostly for girls. A group cycled the 11 km to Løgstør and enjoyed the beautiful spring weather. The afternoons have been spent in the profile subjects and the students have been good at engaging themselves in the subjects, even though they could not have a teacher in all subjects. In the evenings we have had some club sports, a new initiative with speed friend dating between Kær- and Semihusene, meat night for the boys and Sweet & Pink dinner for the girls, as well as a concert and performances of music, dance and cheerleading at Imaginationloftet. Tuesday evening there was a second-hand/swap market in Kærhuset and several people swapped, bought and sold clothes etc.

The boys' meat night required practical clothing. Dessert was cream puffs to be smashed...

The girls' beautiful 4 tier cake for Pink&Sweet dinner

The first roundball tournament of the year was a sure success, as were the pancakes for refreshment on Thursday. Today, Friday afternoon, the students have prepared the student party organised by the Parents and Student Party Committee.

Lockout news:
The locked-out teachers turned up in front of the school entrance on Monday evening to hand out information to the many parents who chose to bring their pupils after the Easter holidays. Coffee was served and students had the opportunity to meet their contact teachers.
On Tuesday, the locked-out teachers had to meet again in front of the school, and it was a good and clear sign that they would much rather have been teaching. Among other things, they did a happening with body drawings on the road between Kærhuset and Seminariehuset, so throughout the week the pupils traipsed over the silhouettes of their teachers.
In the assemblies, we have followed the debate on the lockout and there have naturally been a number of questions, particularly concerning the points of contention. We have taken a look at how the parties to the dispute are communicating, including through video spots.
We want all the teachers back as soon as possible, and a few students with the motivation that they thought they would get more time off...

In the coming week
we have a special focus on repetition in the natural sciences and humanities, and on Thursday we have arranged a Ranum Run - an academic and physical course in the Himmerland countryside, so that everyone also gets fresh air and exercise. On Monday evening there will be a concert by Heidi Mortensen and on Wednesday we will have a visit from the legendary musician Gery Snider, who has visited the school 5 times in the past.

We naturally spend the afternoons preparing for the forthcoming profile subject expeditions, again with a high degree of pupil involvement. If the conflict is in progress at the time of departure, the management has organised proper supervision of the pupils at all destinations, so that we can carry out the expeditions without the teachers affected by the conflict.

Invitation to an information meeting:
Those parents who may need an explanation of this are welcome to attend an orientation meeting on Sunday at 7pm in the banquet hall. Registration is not necessary and there will be coffee and cake in the canteen - before and after.

Best regards and have a great weekend!
Olav Storm Johannsen