Yarnbombing, Hornum race and new profile subjects for 2nd term.

Dear reader!

The Friends Weekend was a great success and we were overwhelmed by all the positive and happy friends who joined 100% in after-school life. The weekend offered a range of creative activities and lots of fun.

On Saturday afternoon, the former students who cycled in the Tour de Århus-Ranum arrived at the afterschool and were welcomed by the teachers, the new students and their friends. The cycling team managed the ride in just 6 hours in a strong headwind and they enjoyed being back. On Sunday we all participated in Nature Day, there was a barbecue, and kayaking and canoeing on Vilsted Lake.

On Tuesday night, the design team introduced us to a brand new phenomenon called Yarnbombing.

Yarnbombing The action took place at night when everyone was asleep and it was quite a surprise for students and staff when they found several parts of the school wrapped in yarn and strike effects the next morning. The large sculpture "foster brothers" in particular attracted a lot of attention. The message "We want to go out into the world" testified that it was RE students and an art design event. The mystery was solved when a video was later released on Youtube.

On Wednesday evening more than 100 students participated in the Hornum market race on the distances 4,9 and 9,9 km. See the results here:


Election for 2nd period cultural profile subjects. Each evening, the different cultural profile subjects have held a question time and presented their idea with the cultural profile subjects. The brand new ideas on Nicaragua, Japan, New Zealand and China were well received, and the European cultural profile in particular was well received when two teachers joined the process and proposed a Euro-roadtrip focusing on street and youth culture from Amsterdam to Vienna and back via Prague and Hamburg in an "auto-camper-bus". Students have a lot to consider, a lot to share with each other and a lot of ownership and responsibility was taken during the week to inform the decision-making process. In keeping with the idea behind our profile subjects, the focus has shifted from economics to content and to a focus on the academic content of the cultural profile subject during, leading up to and following the cultural profile subject expedition.
Today Friday, we have held the 2nd test selection and it showed that several students have gone from the classic subjects Nepal and USA to the new goals. There should still be a good turnout for Japan and NZ, and not least the UAE if they are to be set up.
Parents and students now have until Tuesday to choose, and will receive an email about this.

This week RIC students have been working intensively on group projects within the themes Science, Social science and Film, Art and literature.
This coming week we will be visited on Tuesday by Anders Kofoed-Pedersen from TravelApe.dk He is a regular speaker at RE, and he is super good at putting community, personal development and not least what life is worth - self-esteem. See an introduction by clicking on the picture of Anders at RE 2011.

On Wednesday, we have a teachers' assembly where we discuss whether we should join a collaboration on the New Nordic School. The evening ends with a Master Fatman theme, where all students and teachers gather in their rooms and create good karma together. The purpose is to strengthen the co-operation and community in the rooms and in the houses, so that small disagreements are put aside for a common good mood.

Thursday evening we have a harvest party, where students are challenged in classic cowboy disciplines such as horseshoe throwing, rodeo riding and square dancing. It is recommended to arrive in a worn shirt/romantic dress and preferably a scarf or hat.

Pedagogical it's been another great week with very few challenges, and a bunch of lovely and positive kids who are totally into RE life and each other.

This weekend we only have about 80 students in the house and tomorrow Saturday, we hold a small Open House from 13-17. And invites those who want to drop by inside.

Watch the new RE film from last year's student team at www.ranumefterskole.dk and look forward to the new profile magazine coming out next week!

Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm