Introugen newsletter 18. aug.12

Dear reader!

The intro has exceeded all expectations. After just one week, the students have taken ownership and are showing a joy of after-school life as if they have already been here for half a year. The weather has been with us all week and the sun has been shining on students and staff. We have spent the week getting to know each other, finding our way around the school, introducing the subjects and the rhythm of the day, as well as becoming familiar with Ranum and the local area.

The pace has been fast from Sunday evening, where students in their new contact groups got to know each other's names through various games. The first days also focused on the common task of creating a good school and a good school year, and I have never seen such an energetic and dedicated group of students. Each new session was kicked off in the banquet hall with a short assembly, and the students learned to sing their hearts out in record time. We have also gone through fire and evacuation procedures, as well as how we keep order and cleanliness both in the rooms and in the common areas.
The academic subjects started already on Wednesday morning and in many of the subjects the students have been interviewed and have gone through a small test in order to be able to get on the right level in the subject afterwards.

Profile subjects started out on Tuesday afternoon and although time was short, the Adventure team managed to complete a Cuba test with all the students sweating and muscles sore after a long summer holiday.
Students have managed to live the after-school rhythm from day one with morning exercise, assemblies, lessons and homework time, as well as shared meals. They are very good at being in the right place on time even though very few have watches and no mobile phones. In the newly refurbished dining hall, we are pleased to say that the new buffet area works really well and has been really well received by pupils and staff.

The evenings are spent with various social activities, some compulsory and others voluntary. On Monday, all students wrote a letter to themselves about their expectations for the coming school year and their own personal development. The letter will be handed out again in about 10 months! On Tuesday evening the clubs started and there was an overwhelming turnout for martial arts and other activities. Wednesday afternoon the whole school went to a barbecue dinner in my garden in Rønbjerg and got a presentation of the harbour and the beach. Afterwards there was a Ladies event in the Imagination loft and a reunion course in the party hall for the boys. On Thursday, the students learned to salsa dance in 1½ hours of sweat-drenched and intense dance instruction. Then yesterday, Friday, we had a fabulous Intro Gala party with the theme of colour and the students displayed a creativity and resourcefulness that impressed and showed how diverse RE is. The evening ended with a great contact group show on stage in the school playground and bonfire fun in the south garden.
Today, Saturday, the students are engaged in a RE-Olympiad with lots of sports and activity challenges around the school.Tomorrow, Sunday, there is relaxation, a swimming trip to Rønbjerg and then, on Sunday afternoon, the students will be introduced to the school's IT platform so that they are ready for a new teaching week. On Thursday at 2.30pm the students have an extended weekend, and after a hectic introduction course with a million impressions and 100s of new friends, it is important to relax for a few days.

We are delighted with the lovely students, their open and positive approach to the school and us adults, and feel it will be a great year!

Yours sincerely

Olav Storm Johannsen

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