Last Newsletter 11-12

Dear students, thank you for a really great afterschool year - we miss you!

Dear reader!
It was a really nice and pleasant outro week, where we all felt the great community live to the fullest. Right up to the last hour, there has been a lot of joint activities. On Tuesday, the students finished their oral exams and then the fun and farewell preparations took over. Wednesday morning was the last morning exercise and the students were greeted with warm snails for breakfast. After cleaning up common areas, the teachers' very imaginative and talented soccer team won a narrow 1-0 victory over the students despite water bombs and buckets of ice water.

On Thursday everyone cleaned their rooms ready for cleaning and then we set off for Livø with 2 big RIB boats, which sail close to 80 km/h. On Livø, in addition to hiking, we kayaked, snorkeled and paddled on SUP boards. The cooks Lars 1+2 provided a nice barbecue dinner and the weather presented the Limfjord Pearl from its most beautiful side.
On Friday we held the last assembly, it was quite sad to sing the Tree of Life for the last time in the banquet hall, and beautiful to hear Karl and Asbjørn play their own afterschool songs.

The rooms were cleaned in record time and the afternoon was spent practising the lancis and getting ready for the most amazing Gala party of the year.
Before dinner, the students were photographed in front of the main building and soon followed by a sumptuous 3-course meal in the festively decorated dining room. The teachers served the students throughout the evening. During dinner Mathilde gave a great speech. Guest boxing teacher Rene Nielsen presented two fighter trophies to Katharina and Alexander for their fantastic efforts on the martial arts team.

After dinner, there was a great Awards Show organised by Laura and Sarah in the ballroom. There were a lot of nominees in both fun and naughty categories. In between the students entertained with music and speeches, especially the teachers' rock'n roll interpretation of The Tree of Life aroused great enthusiasm. In the lobby, bartenders served slush ice, cider punch and a whole rowboat full of crisps and snacks, sponsored by the Parents and Celebrations Committee's large profits from the student parties. The evening ended with total fun and an extremely intense goodbye atmosphere with some tears and a lot of talking until the early hours. There was a fantastic calm and atmosphere in the whole school, everyone looked back and forth in whole afterschool years with countless community experiences around the profile subjects, the trips and not least the togetherness in the apartments.

On Saturday morning the parents arrived and before the gathering the cars were packed and the last rooms cleaned. The graduation ceremony in the multicultural hall was both solemn and pleasant. There was a farewell speech by the headmaster and member of the board of Preben Bro, who, in the words of the author Carsten Jensen, encouraged the students to remember to wash their eyes in new impressions from all over the world through life. Dance gave their best performance and the Parents Council thanked the students for their great commitment to the student parties.

The Student Party Committee also presented the Parents' Council with a basket to thank them for their hard work. The Board of Ranum Efterskole gave recognition to the highest average and there were no less than two students who had an average of 12 in their final exams. Furthermore, special recognition was given to the students who have developed most personally during the school year according to teachers and housemates. The President of the Løgstør Rotary Club, Per Olesen, presented the award for Buddy of the Year, chosen by the students themselves. Sarah and Asbjørn performed their own closing song, and some eyes were literally washed out by both parents and students during the assembly. Especially after the presentation of the certificates and the photo session, where we all ended by singing Kim Larsen's "Om lidt blir´der stille".
The subsequent hug and hug goodbye session lasted over an hour and a half and it was clear that saying goodbye was really hard.

Thanks to everyone for a great school year and a great end!

Best regards and have a great summer!

All of us at Ranum Efterskole

Once the students had left, the school closed and eyes dry - the staff gathered for some well-deserved relaxation in Villa Imagination with massages and long drinks. The summer party went on until the early hours of the morning and the drinks were named after selected students from 11-12. There were some pretty strong, funny and crazy - drinks!