Newsletter 25.5.2012

Dear reader!
Sildeløbet and Aftryk festival with about 10 hours of efterskolerock were two great highlights of the school year. In addition to the two major joint activities, the students have throughout the week submitted synopsis for the oral exams and at a similar pace, the written exams have flowed back from the external appointed examiners. The preliminary feedback on the tests from the examiners is positive. The fantastic summer weather has provided fantastic 1TP5Life on the lawns and on the water both on Vilsted Lake and on the Limfjord. It is really nice to feel that the students just get together to both enjoy themselves and prepare for the exams.

The week went by: On Monday we shot the RE film of the year. In just 4 hours we covered almost all the profile subjects, as well as a community assembly and we got some great shots while the students had a great time. Wednesday afternoon all students went to the Sildeløbet near Nibe. 26 students and teachers ran a ½ marathon and it was a great challenge in the hot weather. 14 students ran 10 km, while the rest of the school ran/walked 5 km and had a beautiful walk up through Skalskoven, where there is Nibe festival in a few weeks. In total, students and teachers ran 1720 km. And RE, with over 240 participants, won the prize for the largest participating team. The kitchen prepared a really nice barbecue buffet with both healthy and sweet food for the exhausted runners.
The next morning, Thursday, there were photo shoots and rehearsals, and by midday everyone was off again to watch the music team perform at the Aftryk Festival in Bælum. At the festival, more than 15 after-schools take part, playing their own songs and dancing in front of the stage for more than 10 hours. Inspired by the experience of the past years, we had a break in the evening when all RE students went to the beach at Dokkedal to eat and learn about nature at Lille Vildmose and the Kattegat coast from an experienced nature guide. After a beautiful and pleasant evening at the beach, the students could choose to go back to the festival or to Ranum Efterskole. It was another long and hot day and today has been somewhat quiet before the Whitsun holiday began. Pictures and movies will be uploaded on the website soon.

Pedagogical it's been a great week, with running and music in particular strengthening the community. Today several students wanted to start the weekend with a bang and were called back from the bus so we could have a good final assembly of the wonderful week. In the last period, it is important to keep the simple but necessary framework of after-school life so that everyday life works while all students have their own activity and test plans. The new timetable can be viewed by students on their computers, smartphones or Ipads.
This weekend, many pupils are taking part in the big carnival in Aalborg, helping to add colour to the city. We open the first Monday at 5pm and look forward to seeing the students fresh for a new and important week of preparation.

In the coming week, teachers will write statements for all pupils and there will be individual discussions with pupils about their personal achievement and development throughout the school year. Pupils start on the year's Blue Book and planning for the final term.

Tonight's concert with "The Translated" was a great musical and really nice experience, which filled the Guldhornssalen. We wish everyone a very happy Whitsun holiday and weekend!

Yours sincerely

Olav Storm