Newsletter 4.05 2012

Dear reader!

The written tests have started and are going according to plan. 9th grade started on Wednesday with maths and the 10th graders sat until 4pm yesterday, while 9th graders took care of room cleaning and were able to take the bus home on extended weekend a few hours earlier. The exams are held in the large culture hall, which is specially equipped with ventilation, and fruit and water are served as refreshments. The atmosphere is intense, the teachers wear socks or soft rubber soles, and concentration shines out of their faces. This is it!

Wednesday dinner the kitchen served dinner at Vilsted Lake, it took longer than expected to grill, but the weather was warm as a summer evening and the students had fun and enjoyed the atmosphere at the lake.
This week the sailors took the practical proficiency test and after passing this test and later the theoretical test, they can become skippers of their own boat and sail, for example, smaller trips to Livø in their spare time.

The Street Performance team has had a fantastic run, where they have built their own longboards practiced for hours around the school. The programme culminated in a trip to Barcelona, where they cruised around and met a host of like-minded young Spanish SPs. See their great profile presentation and travel film at

Tuesday night we got visit of the professional boxer, Kasper Bruun and a lot of students got a tough and instructive training, as well as a lot of fun! Boxing training with Kasper Bruun and guest teacher, Rene Nielsen was super motivating for both students and teachers!

This coming weekend there is a Parents and Siblings Weekend 11.-12.5. - The programme can be found under Teaching - and registration is done under contact. There is great interest, and even though not everyone can come due to work and family events, we look forward to a cosy evening and activity day at Ranum Efterskole. Even though we are rebuilding, there is plenty of space and we expect that the accommodation will go up in a higher unity during the week. The two activity points concerning the school's network and evaluation of the school's daily life and professionalism are organised as a workshop with activity and debate. Remember to register and bring gifts for the big Nepal banquet in the evening!

Foundation of Friends of Ranum Afterschool. There is a wish from several sides that we found an association, which can take care of former students, parents, and everyone associated with Ranum Efterskole interests in holding student parties, reunion parties, RE-festival, activity days with eg, diving, sailing, dancing etc. As well as possibly starting reunion activities where former students can visit their world friends with RE again. The Association will be founded on the Parents and Siblings Day on 12 May at 2 pm in the banquet hall, and there will be an opportunity for everyone to stand, as more members will be elected to the Association again this autumn at the Gl. Students' Day and Parents' Day. Proposed bylaws will be distributed by email to current and former parents and students, as well as via FB.

On Sunday 13.5 we will hold an Open House together with the other afterschools in Himmerland. We are open from 13-16.30. Students and staff show around and tell about the teaching, the many exciting profile subjects and trips, as well as the international profile.

(Parents who have the opportunity to distribute a profile newspaper for the Himmerland afterschools are welcome to pick up a bundle on Sunday at Kærhuset and Sem.huset.)

This weekend, a small group of students ventured into the big jump and became trained solo skydivers. Due to the student party many were prevented from participating, but now we have arranged a new Parachute course in the first weekend of Juneregistration before 27.5

Remember that the coming weekend - is a really great experience and we hope that many people will want to stay, even if it is not compulsory. Ascension Day is a school day and students will be free from 14.00 - with this arrangement students can have Friday off.

Best regards and have a nice St.Bededag and weekend.

Olav Storm