Newsletter 23.3 2012

Dear reader!

The week has been marked by good mood and boost in energy, as the first real days of spring arrive. The pupils' attire heralds a warm summer and colds are on the rise, along with the buds in the Tree of Life in the schoolyard. During the week, the pupils have worked hard in the academic subjects and prepared for the expeditions in the profile subjects. The Floorball team has been out playing for the North Jutland championship and even though there were no victories, it was a cool team we sent!
On Thursday there was a theatre performance, where we saw Ranum school's production of Aladdin. And in the afternoon we had contact group Olympics with, among other things, violent football, King of the pit, and chief's ball, as well as football. It was really nice and positive!

In the profile subjects there has been a lot of activity this week. Adventure has been on a trip to Uhrehøje. Gastronomy has been to the food fair in Herning. The sailors, besides their theory, have also been working on the practical preparation of the many small boats and the big matcher 37 has come out of the boathouse. All boats are ready for launching next Wednesday. Streetperformance has been cruising up and down the new trails and around Ranum on their new longboards, while martial arts has had a record turnout for boxing training this week. In gastronomy, pupils have been trying their hand at a fantastically exciting parrot fish from Africa and cooking up a beautiful and rare dinner for the whole school.

Pedagogical it has been a quiet and pleasant week. The main hall has been occupied by Ranum School, who have been working on a large theatre production all week, so assemblies have been held in the dining hall, which has worked well. We have been meeting this week about the new guidelines for maritime activities in afterschools. The result of the Maritime Administration's new rules and recommendations provides very good opportunities to sail safely at Ranum Efterskole and it is our opinion that authorities and interest groups have managed to create the rules from the spirit we teach sailing. We are very much looking forward to giving the young people the skills to both skipper their own boat and be able to set a safe course towards their personal goals!


New copper roof and start of rebuilding. The large scaffolding around the north side of the main building is being taken down and so I can reveal that there is a new large and beautiful copper roof on the stair tower to replace the old copper roof which blew down in December. There were many rumours about copper thieves who pillaged the roof at night, so we have gone a bit quiet with the news, but now the new roof shines out over our whole part of Himmerland! Thanks to the skilled craftsmen!
As the scaffolding on the main building is taken down, we will start erecting scaffolding around the middle building so we can make gables on the roof and furnish the 10 new rooms. The plan is complete and the workmen are ready, so hopefully we can time the refurbishment so that it is ready for the summer and causes as little disruption as possible to our pupils and staff.

It's time to get your bike checked and we ask that all bikes are ready for after Easter.
Remember that summer time starts on Sunday and the Easter holiday starts next Friday!

Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm