Newsletter 2 March 2012

The winter holidays were a well-deserved respite for many students and staff, and in the warm spring weather students happily returned to a new and final profile period at RE.

During the week we have started a number of new profile subjects including drama, street performance, cheerleading, adventure, sailing, diving, dance, music, gastronomy and horse riding
New electives, zumba, psychology, crossfit, mountain biking, legomindstorm, Spanish, floorball. In the new subjects, such as Spanish, drama and cheerleading, we have hired guest teachers and are thus developing the subjects in a targeted way with the pupils.

In the coming week, Monday and Tuesday In the afternoon after the profile lesson, the whole school goes to the cinema to see the film Hvidstengruppen. One of the school's students plays the role of Gerda.
We are looking forward to seeing the film and it gives a new and exciting angle to know a real actor in the film.

Wednesday the group Wafande performs tracks from their upcoming release. It will be a hit of a concert!

Friday we have hired a number of guest teachers for a themed course on, among other things, SKAT. On the same day, most of the staff will go on an experience course at another school to reflect on their own practice in relation to other colleagues. Niels Kjær is in charge of the school.

Pedagogically, Kærhuset had a somewhat challenging experience the night of Tuesday, where a student logged on to the speaker system and played annoying sounds between 24.-01. During the winter break, the entire school server system and all computers were upgraded to windows7. This has made the system much faster, but there have also been unfortunate repercussions on printer access, among other things, which have now been resolved.

This weekend, 10-11 March, there is a wedding party and it looks to be the big weekend event of the year.

Charity Dinner and Profile Presentation on 15 March. Following the trip to Nepal, we have decided to try to raise funds for the extension of our friendship school to the 8th grade. Therefore, for the first time, we are holding a real charity dinner.
All are welcome!

Yours sincerely
Olav Storm

Med venlig hilsen / Best regards

Olav Storm Johannsen