Newsletter 9 December 2011

Dear reader!
The performance weekend was a great experience and all seats were taken in the ballroom both Saturday and Sunday. On Monday the young people from 3 local schools saw the play and there was great applause on all days. All students were involved in one way or another in the play and we have never seen a greater energy and focus around the profile subjects during performance week. Before the performance there was the opportunity to talk to the subject teachers and after the performance there was information for the parents on both days about the upcoming profile subject expeditions in January to Ghana, India, USA and Nepal, as well as the Nordic countries. The students achieved an incredible amount in one week and the cooperation was excellent in the different working groups and profile subjects.

During the week, there have been normal subjects and profile subjects again. Among other things, we are focusing on the academic preparations for the final exams next week. On Monday evening there was a final in the Thursday subject Helvedes Küche and over 40 students competed in two teams against each other in a 3 course dinner prepared for the whole after school. It was a very nice dinner which showed a lot of preparation and hard work from the students.

Monday afternoon it was snowing and chef Lars Jeppesen kept his autumn promise to grill steaks for burgers in the South Garden when the first snow fell. It was a bit chilly... Wednesday evening we had a visit from the band Hannah and it was a great concert at the Imagination Loft. The same evening, the guide team made a great end to their programme with a complete Agent 007 theme. On Thursday we had a contact group assembly before the long weekend and this weekend almost everyone is home to gather energy for the upcoming final exams and maybe buy a few Christmas presents. The school is decorated for Christmas and around the rooms the Christmas decoration competition is in full swing.

Students have received the ballot for the 3rd period profile subjects and for electives. There are many exciting and new subjects on the way, and on Monday the slip must be handed in with a signature or an email to

Best regards and have a great weekend!
Olav Storm


Personal Development is a course with plenty of room for individual goals and projects, but the other day the team was in Aalborg with the RE bus and visited Aalborg Zoo.