Newsletter 25.11.2011

Dear reader!
We are now approaching December and the Christmas spirit is spreading to all corners of the school. The Christmas tree in front of Kærhuset lights up in the dark morning and shows the pupils on their way out for morning exercise. We have had a normal school week, with academic teaching, profile subjects and activity subjects. The prelude to the upcoming Performance week included live music in the banqueting hall and the students have now chosen a large number of tasks for the week. The Nepal team also has a mission to raise money for the twin schools in Nepal. Therefore, they offer their labour 1-2 days in the coming week, so call the school if you need some help and do not live too far away.

During the week staff and pupils have been decorating for Christmas throughout the school, and a record-breaking Advent wreath, forged by our caretaker Tom, now hangs in the banquet hall. It is 2 metres in diameter and the first lights will be switched on on Monday. Look forward to seeing it!

Last week we also replaced the old guard car with a "new" Partner which is in much better condition.

This weekend is Friends Weekend and over 170 students are at the school. The programme offers fun, films, sports, Christmas clips and a Christmas party, etc. On Sunday there will be guided tours and we will light the first candle in the big Advent wreath.

In the joint assemblies, the process of shaping the profile subjects for the 3rd period is underway. There are many exciting ideas in addition to the more traditional ones. So far, the following ideas are in the pipeline and on the way to being qualified for inclusion in the pre-selection: Diving (Padi courses and expedition to the Red Sea - if you want diving, the last registration is on Tuesday due to planning with courses and travel), Sailing (certificate of competency theoretical and cruise to Greece), Adventure, Horseback riding (Spain), Martial Arts, American sports, Climbing, Parkour, Music, Street´n Skate, Gastronomy, Cheerleading and American culture.

In the coming week, a preselection will be held and the final ballot paper will be formed. See more here on the website.

Educational: November is always hard on all efterskoler, literally the leaves have been blown off the tree of life and the individual's facades are worn away, and at the same time it is the time to build true friendships for life. The common framework of everyday life is also challenged when darkness descends and energy levels drop. Thus, a group of students had organised a no-show from morning exercise on Thursday and we acknowledged this with a joint hike from Rønbjerg, while darkness fell and the wind picked up. In the coming week, the morning route will be reorganised again so that it becomes a round trip. Unfortunately, there has also been a problem with the night end, where 2 fire extinguishers were fired, which of course gives rise to some serious talks, and that extra night watch is put on, so that we can find the trail again and keep the framework that must be to ensure a good well-being.
A couple of girls have invited all pupils to a private Christmas party before Christmas, and it is important to stress that this has nothing to do with the school or the Parent Volunteer Council, and that pupils cannot return to school if they are away for the weekend and party until Sunday evening.

In the coming week, the school is on the other end. We use drama and performance to immerse ourselves in the Globalisation theme and become global citizens in a shared narrative that takes us around the world, from Nepal to India, across Ghana to the USA and back to the Nordic countries.
Students are involved in all processes from scriptwriting to music, dance, media, gastronomy and exhibitions, as well as workshops in the specialised subjects.
On Saturday and Sunday we will open our doors to parents and families for a performance programme. See more about the programme and content on this page during the week... But remember to book tickets and time for any specialist talks in the morning. It's going to be a really exciting and challenging after-school week, where we will all be challenged in new ways. We will also have exciting guest teachers from Ghana and India.

RE attends the European Fair in Copenhagen. On Monday we will exhibit together with 2 other afterschools at the Europe Fair in the lobby of the National Museum. The aim of the exhibition is to draw attention to our REC offer, where students can go on a 3-month exchange to another European country this autumn and live privately, as well as experience an after-school stay before and after the exchange. It is a unique offer that is not available at other schools. If you have the time or know someone who would like to hear more, come and meet us at the fair!

We're really looking forward to the week ahead and to seeing lots of you this weekend. Don't forget your loose change as there will be plenty of opportunities to place bets in the raffle and buy coffee and biscuits in the charity café in the Village Hall. 

Yours sincerely
Olav Storm Johannsen

RE students collected for the Danish Refugee Council.