Newsletter 18. nov. 2011

Dear reader!
November's autumn colours and the first frost have made the students move closer together indoors, and we can clearly feel that the student party has built many new relationships between the students. It is rumoured that it was a success, and we have not experienced any major pedagogical challenges afterwards. That's great!

The week has offered academic focus and on professional judgements in many subjects. At the common assembly, the teachers responsible for the performance week have introduced the overall theme, and already that afternoon the pupils started to choose their tasks for the week. The framework will be a flashback to an educational journey around the world for a young couple, and all profile subjects are involved in various scenes that reflect the young couple's encounter with local cultures, youth and traditions.
In the Wednesday session, we focused, among other things, on the upcoming elections for the 3rd period profile subjects. In the coming weeks, the pupils can come up with ideas and wishes for profile subjects and electives. It is especially in the third period that we find that the pupils have grasped the idea of forming strong communities of interest around common goals and that new exciting ideas for profile subjects arise. The teachers are also working on several exciting proposals and in week 48 the final proposals for the election ballot will be formulated.

Monday evening we had a visit from piano talents Gratuswho impressed and entertained the students on the grand piano in the banquet hall. On Wednesday night, over 80 girls attended the midnight premiere of Twilight Breaking Down. Despite a rather late night, there were no major problems getting up the next morning and the bond between the girls was strengthened. Niels drove the bus and was treated to popcorn and coke, as a thank you 🙂

Educational: Today, Friday, we have had house meetings in the common assembly and focused on, among other things, well-being around order and cleaning, and it will be a focal point in the coming time. The week ended with everyone walking the new morning exercise route, which is illuminated and which will be cleared and salted this winter.
Most of the students have slippers on and it makes it easier for everyone in the daily cleaning and makes it much more cosy to be at school. There has also been a need for warm slippers and sweaters in the main building, where we are in the process of making a new heating control system, because after having district heating installed, we had difficulty controlling the heat around the old house. The work will not be finalised until next week.
The darkness and the cold mornings make life a little difficult for many, and when you are under pressure, small conflicts can easily arise. Fortunately, we find that the students are good at supporting each other and have a good social tone. Hardball has had a record number of participants, with more than 40 players playing on the same evening, and it provides a really strong sense of unity among the boys and an outlet for a lot of energy.

In the coming week there is still a strong academic focus and the profile subjects will brainstorm on the content for the performance show the following week. Many students also need to be vaccinated for the upcoming trips. The Nepal team will receive the vaccines on 22 November, Ghana on 29 November and India on 1 December.

CHRISTMAS: From Sunday the traditional Christmas room competition and it's all about creating the cosiest Christmas room at the school. There are several categories: best 1-2-3-4-5-6 person rooms, boys/girls, Kærhus and Seminariehus etc. The judges are secret but can be found among the teachers on duty and they may very well be bribed with Christmas sweets and Christmas carols. It is not allowed to put Christmas trees indoors and only diode light chains may be used indoors. Candles on a fireproof base are also ok, while packing calendars etc. are stored at your own risk, especially if they contain chocolate... It's going to be a really cosy time, and Michelle, the head elf girl, has gone to the basement and is going into full Christmas mode. Wait and see!
The traditional candlesticks are lit in the main building and soon the Christmas tree will also be up on the tower of the Seminary House, where it will shine out over the whole of Himmerland and Ranum town, all the way to Mallebakke!

This coming weekend is the Friends Weekend - for the first time. We have asked the students if it was a good idea and it looks like we will have well over 100 friends visiting. Together with the students, we will create a really nice programme with shared experiences, sports and creative challenges, as well as a Christmas party on Saturday evening.
The programme starts on Friday at 18.00 with dinner and ends on Sunday at 12.00.

Theatre and talks on 3-4 December: Grades and statements for all students have been emailed to both students and parents today and it looks good for many students.
Students and parents who need an in-depth academic interview have the opportunity to book an interview in connection with the Performance Weekend on 3-4 December. It is important to emphasise that this is an offer and only relevant if there are special requests for more in-depth academic assessment and academic development.
(Remember to book on the same day as the orientation on the culture and profile subject your student is following.)

We are really looking forward to the coming week, the friends weekend and especially the performance week. Remember the slippers and Christmas, elf, hearts, calendar candles, pebernødder, diodely chains, calendar gifts and not least the elf hat!

Best regards and have a great weekend!
Olav Storm