Newsletter 2009/10

Newsletter summer holidays 2010.

Dear reader,
The graduation went beyond all expectations and there was not a dry eye in the big hall.
So the year ended in great weather and yet with wet tiles. The parents were very patient and at the end of the afternoon we could wish the last ones a great summer and all the best for the future.

The week leading up to the graduation offered a special kind of fellowship, both around the contact groups, St. John's Eve, the trip to the North Sea, room cleaning and not least the intense moments and nights around the fire in the South Garden in the tent camp. The teachers won in football and thus the honour of a new school year!

Every second was used to write in the memory books and everyone was totally exhausted after a magnificent Galla party with live music on Friday night in the Culture Hall.
Now we are looking forward to a good summer holiday and are really looking forward to seeing the new students on August 8, 2010.

During the summer holidays, the school is staffed all weeks, but the office is closed during weeks 27-28-29-30. Thank you for a great year and happy summer holidays to all!

Yours sincerely
Olav Storm

Newsletter Saturday 19 June 2010

Dear reader!
The oral exams have almost all been held in the past week. Now we just need French and on Tuesday, we are on the other side of this year's tests. It has been a long process with 8 classes and a lot of subjects, new forms of testing and a new framework. Fortunately, it has gone really well for most of them. Alongside the exams, we have been busy with a number of activities: the canal run in Løgstør on Monday evening, with over 60 pupils taking part, was another great community experience. Besides running, there has been diving, sailing, kayaking, parachuting and not least a wide range of activities on Wednesday afternoon, when we shot the new RE film for TV DK.

During the shoot, all the students stood in an RE formation and were about to fall into a wave. Instead, yours truly fell over a log, in front of all the students and is now working through Achilles tendon surgery at home for graduation on Saturday. The film project was completed by the students and the results can be seen in September, and announced on this site.

The probationary period and the end of the school year are a time when there is a lot of freedom and time for final experiences. At the same time, it is a period which also divides the group of pupils into those who can manage their time well between reading, activities and duties, as well as free time, and those for whom clear limits need to be set and who will not be read to unsupervised or come to activities if they are not pulled. The latter group is a minority, but takes up a relatively large amount of time from the day shift.

Social: We have had some unpleasant experiences over the last week, where several groups of students have not respected the fact that there are still several students who need a night's sleep. There have been several instances of night owls and especially on Thursday night a group of students went over the line by spray painting a teacher's car, blocking the road with bikes and trailers, etc. In addition to these pranks, the kitchen office has been broken into. This is behaviour that no one can be happy with and we have been surprised that no pupils have spoken out against it because it will inevitably affect finals week. We have of course spoken to students about the conditions last week, and for the record I would like to repeat publicly: that school rules of course apply right up to the last minute at RE. Showing respect for others and helping to create a good stay for yourself and others is absolutely essential. After the incidents of the last few days, I hope that everyone will be able to complete the last week and not have to leave early.

The coming week will hopefully have a great end week with lots of activities, common tasks with cleaning and tidying in classrooms and apartments, and not least the bonfire and the big Galla party, Friday night. Students will move out of their rooms on Thursday evening to gather in 3 sleeping areas where there will be plenty of opportunity for long talks, a bit of night time thinking and swapping memory books, looking at pictures and sharing memories of the year. On Saturday morning at 10am all parents come and pack their cars, at 11am there is a farewell gathering in the Multicultural House where we present certificates of attendance, afterschool certificates, commemorative photos etc. An afterschool year is experienced as 7 years, so it is a day that brings out the big emotions and many tears. That's how it is when something big and great community year ends.

I wish everyone a great last week and a great weekend!

Yours sincerely
Olav Storm

Lego Mindstorm course with Niklas as instructor. Bowling for 39 volunteers in Rønbjerg Holiday Resort

Newsletter Friday 11 June 2010

Dear reader!
Oral exams continued this week and all students have been busy preparing, rehearsing and then relaxing or in one of the many activities.

The student party last Friday went really well according to all parents and students reports, and it was actually not noticeable that the young people had partied well when they return on Sunday evening. Thanks to all the parent volunteers for a great effort for the youngsters!

This week: In addition to the many oral exams, the students are also working on various final projects, and a very big project this week has been the recordings of the RE music team's own tracks.Listen to them under the download menu RE music. The songs have been written and set to music by the students themselves. They go down well and show a high level of activity in this student music team. In addition to music, the week also included a juggling day, where a group of boys in particular showed that they are very good at juggling and clowning. We hadn't noticed this at all during the school year 😉

On Wednesday we had a group of students from Ranum Skole visit our Lego mindstorm studio and under the expert guidance of Niklas (student) they gained experience with robot technology.

TV DK should have made a recording last Thursday, but due to rain and windy weather it is postponed to Wednesday next week. On Thursday evening, the team of students who jumped freshly on the task to help the newly opened Rønbjerg Holiday Resort with picking up trash and shutters etc. around the entire center, out bowling and the center also surprised with a pizza and soda, so it was a super nice evening.
This weekend there is a skydiving course, and as the weather forecast is rather harsh, it will not be possible to jump. Instead it will be held either on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, Sunday.

This coming week we have many rehearsals again, on Wednesday we will record the TV DK broadcast and on Friday we will have a visit from a group of 7th grade students who have won a teambuilding day in the big Lego Mindstorm competition at Aalborg University, where RE has been one of the main sponsors.
This weekend, the students have to make sure that their rooms are tidy and that everything that can be spared is taken home, so that it is possible to empty the room and have it cleaned.

Best regards and have a nice weekend
Olav Storm

Newsletter Friday 4 June 2010

Dear reader!
The oral tests have gone smoothly and students have made a good start. As expected, we have used the whole scale, but we are staying on the positive side!
The students have taken to the programme well, setting their own timetable for activities, reading, tests and practical tasks. It has been a bit difficult to fill the kitchen jobs, as everyone wants to either read or enjoy the freedom after a tense test situation. However, they managed better after the hot dish on Monday failed due to a lack of student support in the kitchen. The sun has been shining all week and the hot dishes have not been lacking since!

The week started with oral exams from the morning on Monday. The sailing team had a bad experience when for the 3rd time thieves managed to steal our new outboard motors from the boats in the harbour. But despite this, the sailors still got out on the water in the lovely summer weather. On Tuesday and Wednesday there were several tests and many teachers out of the house as censors. On Thursday we had a visit from an 8th grade class from Klarup school and they got a taste of after school life.
Today, Friday, there is a student committee party - outside the school and record participation with about 150 students.We cross our fingers for a good and safe party!

The coming week will be full of oral exams and activities for those who have some time left in their study programme or need to be active. On Tuesday, the Performance team will perform. On Wednesday morning, students can visit a juggling school and learn exciting tricks. In the evening there is a Nepal lecture by students from the last trip. And on Thursday, a TV crew from TV Denmark will come to shoot a "profile video / mini video" of this year's class. The broadcast will air on TV Danmark in the fall, and will be available on the website.
Thursday and Friday there is an offer for a diving safari with bottle diving in Rønbjerg. The water has become warmer and there is life in the fjord.
Friday is the start of the skydiving course and interested students should remember to register and pay the co-payment by 8 June.

In the coming period, the students will have to prepare for the fact that the stay will soon be over and we are working on the blue book, the memory book, recording the music team's own songs and, not least, preparing for the big gala party before graduation on Saturday 26 June. The students have received a letter with invitation and practical information today and those who are not coming home this weekend could choose to have it sent home.

We wish you all a very good weekend and look forward to seeing the students rested from the last student party of the year and ready for the final exam period.

Yours sincerely
Olav Storm

Newsletter Friday 28 May 2010

Dear reader!
Thrills and laughter, "natterend for all" and lots of preparatory test activity in all subject areas have characterised this short week. Socially, we have felt the end drawing closer as the Blue Book Committee started collecting stories and impressions about each other in record time. Unfortunately, we had a serious accident where a student was burned by the lighting of a disposable barbecue. He is fortunately ok under the circumstances and will be home for the next week.

The week started with an academic focus on the completion of the many synopsis submissions to the examiners in English and Danish. The teachers helped the last ones through with a whip and a carrot and the relief was felt in the house when the last envelopes were sent off on Wednesday. The written tests have been returned to the school and the teachers now have a major correction task before the written marks are ready for the test certificates. In addition to the many test obligations, teachers are also shaping the content for the student statements. These are often the best evidence and expression of what an afterschool year can bring and a testimony for the future.

On Thursday afternoon, the Student Council presented the Blue Book project and everyone was able to contribute their impressions and expressions of each other during the afternoon. The process is not yet complete and the Student Council is reviewing all Blue Book submissions so that they appear readable for the future.

NATLoB. The students were sleeping like little angels - tired after a long Pentecost holiday and a hard week of afterschool, and suddenly they were awakened at midnight by a spooky whispering in the speaker system of the Seminary House. In the Seminary House, creepy monsters and ghosts ran around to get everyone up for the Night Run. The next few hours were filled with horror and spookiness and as the moon was full and the stars were bright, many frightened screams and whiiin were sent out into the night all around the school. Naturally, this requires a robust neighbour and an official apology is hereby sent for last night's outrage. Pupils were together in contact groups across the houses and were well shaken together. In the forest they met the Icelandic axe murderer Arnar and a real long-haired werewolf who was bitten deep in the mountains of Nepal. Thankfully, the evening ended fairly peacefully with hot chocolate and chocolate buns. Hit.

On Wednesday, Ranum Efterskole's ordinary general meeting was held and a team of volunteer students in the kitchen managed to prepare a dream menu including virgin lobster, green mussels from NZ, and long roasted veal sirloin. It was a superb culinary achievement and during dinner two students entertained with a "Dinner-talk-profile-travel-lecture". The school circle members in attendance thus got both a taste of our commitment to quality and taste in the meal, as well as a good insight into some of the students' experiences from, among others, the Nepal trip and the sailing trip to Gran Canaria. The AGM itself showed strong support for the school's board and its continued development. Anyone who supports the values and aims of Ranum Efterskole can ask the board to become a member of the school circle, just send an email to the school.

Oral exams start next week and there is a lot to look forward to for all students. Every day they have to either sit or prepare for a test, take part in a whole range of activities, and in between they have practical tasks. There is a tight schedule and every day is important to get all the information and preparations. That's why it's really important to avoid applying for exemptions in the coming weeks. And no time off is granted for concerts or festivals, for example. We need to keep the students together these last weeks and they need to feel each other in the community for real, because it's almost over.

The programme for the last week is pretty much fixed now and it will be both pleasant, fun and serious. Especially the Gala Party on Friday 25 June, for which there are great expectations, and it is probably a good idea to prepare the beautiful gala dress, the suit and a smart shirt for the evening. The graduation assembly is also fast approaching and students will receive an invitation home next week. The programme for Saturday the 26th starts at 11am and after a joint farewell assembly, the students say their final goodbyes and parents can expect to leave at 1pm.

The Student Events Committee will hold one last student event outside of school, it is scheduled for June 4. There is still a need for parent volunteers and I have promised to pass on a request from the committee for parents to sign up. Take the chance and get an insight and experience into the party culture of young people. Support them so we can have a great end to the last student party of this school year!

Best regards and have a great weekend.

Olav Storm

It was an unforgettable spooky evening, with whines and screams, and lots of good tasks. The Student Council was responsible for everything from planning to execution. Well done!

Newsletter Friday 21 May 2010

Dear reader!
What a week! Sunshine, summer vibes, high spirits and lots of activity out and about. The week has been characterised by great togetherness, albeit with a few educational slips.

The week started with a lot of preparation for the oral exams. Now the students are getting into test gear and it's great to feel the concentration throughout the school.
On Wednesday evening, more than 120 students and staff participated in the Sildeløbet in Nibe, where several distances were run, including a ½ marathon. The students cheered each other at the finish and Ranum Efterskole was very visible in the new running shirts from Nepal.

On Thursday morning we held another rehearsal all morning before we set course for Bælum in the afternoon, where østhimmerland Youth School held the AFTRYK music festival with 16 afterschools and 1700 young people. We participated with 3 groups. The first group was a pure improvisation team and the "Poor Knights" resonated all over the place. The other two groups were regular bands, and they had the whole place singing and cheering along. It was great! The evening ended with Blue Van taking the stage and giving us a great musical rock ending. We will definitely be coming to Aftryk again!

Even though we didn't get back until very late, everyone was up at normal time on Friday morning. After a short morning assembly, the 9th grade started preparing for their exams and the 10th grade started preparing for the big 2nd grade day. At 9am, 210 2nd graders from all over Westhimmerland arrived and for the next 3 hours they were taken around the world by student guides. Along the way they could experience sledding in Greenland, canoeing etc.

After lunch, about 40 students went out to Rønbjerg to help the newly started Rønbjerg Holiday Resort clean up before the guests arrived at 15.00, while the others took care of the room cleaning at home. It's great news that the centre is reopening and we look forward to working with you in the future!

Pedagogically, on Tuesday night, there was a slippage in relation to the season, when it should have been understood that nightfall and such matters are not accepted in the common rules of the game, and that there is a direct consequence. Several pupils missed their Sildeløb and Aftruckk festival etc. Now fingers crossed that the trail holds until the summer.

The coming week will focus on test preparation and the start of activities that students can choose to do between their test preparation and the tests. It will be a hectic period and yet the Student Party Committee is planning another student party on 5 May. I have promised to ask for parent volunteers again.

We have many students at school even though it is Pentecost and it will be a wonderful weekend with sun and fun!

Best regards and happy Pentecost.

Olav Storm

Newsletter Sunday 16 May 2010

Dear reader!
Unfortunately, the newsletter was not sent out on Friday, but here it is.

This past week we completed the written tests and they have gone beyond all expectations with well over 100 students at a time taking the tests. The individual test papers have not raised any concerns, either from students or teachers. The tests were all held in the large cultural hall of the Multicultural Centre and there was plenty of space and quiet for concentration.
In the Monday session we prepared New Student Day and on Wednesday we welcomed about 700 parents, siblings and new students. The programme was organised so that also the "old" pupils were involved in breaking the ice and introducing the new pupils to the contact group and to the profile subjects. The new students showed great interest and made many contacts. On facebook a group for RE 10-11 has been created and many will certainly keep in touch here.
On Thursday we held a learning environment assessment and a school year evaluation, after dinner we made a script for an upcoming TV recording of life at RE. Even though it was a holiday, everyone was engaged and able to go home for an extended weekend at the end of the day.

In the coming week:
On Wednesday 19 May at 7 pm, 110 Ranum Efterskole students will run in the traditional Sildeløb in Nibe. There are distances up to a ½ marathon. This is a record turnout from us, and we are happy for the great support!
Parents who want to run with the RE group will also get a running shirt.

The Print Festival will be held on 20 May. It is a festival for about 15 afterschools, where all the school bands perform their own songs. We all go and have a great day of music and socialising from midday. The buses leave at 2pm and we don't expect to be back until midnight.

Friday 21 May is the 2nd class day for all 2nd classes in Vesthimmerland and the theme is Around the World with Ranum Efterskole. The students are the guides and it is a total experience for everyone!

Educationally, we had a great week with lots of praise for the students, who really pulled through positively on Wednesday along with all the staff to give the many guests a good experience.
Unfortunately, it's time for a room-cleaning makeover, as the trial period means a looser framework in everyday life. But at the same time, it is important that the ordinary and trivial tasks do not cause educational bottlenecks in everyday life at this time of the school year.
The week ends with an extended Pentecost weekend, and then the oral exams begin.

Yours sincerely
Olav Storm

Newsletter Wednesday 5 May 2010

Dear reader!
The written tests are now in full swing and they have gone off without a hitch in the new Multicultural House. There is a good concentration across the board and the changes between 9th and 10th grade have also gone according to plan. The weather invites us to enjoy the outdoors, although the temperature has been just right for serial colds.

Alongside the exams, we run preparations for the synopsis exams in English and Danish. There are some students who are not quite familiar with taking responsibility for this task, and it is important that everyone supports them, because the synopsis is the basis for taking the test.

The debate about the rule breaches last week has died down and the written summary will give us an overview so we can put the problems in proportion. A few students may not have fully seen the seriousness of the incident, but we have not changed practices or rules, even though we are close to the end of the school year.

The Student Events Committee party (outside the RE school) is planned in collaboration with a different group of parents than the Parents' Council. The Student Event Committee has assured me that there are the necessary 15 parents/adults o.30 to supervise. The students have worked hard to organise the student party and we have our fingers crossed that it will be a good party and that there will be good support.

Next week there are also written tests - see timetable under EDUCATION and on Thursday 13 May Ascension Day is a school day until 14.30
Friday, on the other hand, is free of classes and thus offers the possibility of an extended weekend.

Wednesday 12 May is New Students' Day, where we all help to welcome the new students and introduce them to the coming school year and the contact group and profile subjects.

The Print Festival will be held on 20 May and not on 27 May as previously written in the annual calendar. It is a festival for about 15 secondary schools, where all the school bands perform their own songs. We all go and have a great day of music and socialising from midday.

Friday 21 May is the 2nd class day for all 2nd classes in Vesthimmerland and the theme is Around the World with Ranum Efterskole. The students are the guides and it is a total experience for everyone!

Yours sincerely
Olav Storm

Extra - Newsletter Wednesday 28 April 2010

Dear reader!
The Siblings Weekend was a great success with happy kids all over the school and especially in the sports hall. The positive experience, came Sunday evening to stand in sharp contrast to the discovery that 1 student had brought cannabis to school. After some tough lessons, we were through the investigation and unfortunately there were several threads to follow up, so we are currently working on a major educational project to restore trust and ensure constructive cooperation between students and adults.
We are serious when we say we want to be a drug-free school, and several students have been sent home for detox. One student has been sent home completely and we expect to complete the educational follow-up before the upcoming exams. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for several students to challenge the increased freedom and confidence they are shown after 8 months at the school, and we have -after a large meeting- distributed a questionnaire to all students so that we can get an overview of the problems we must be facing. Fortunately, it is our opinion that the pupils are positive about helping to solve the problems in a close community and in cooperation with us adults.

Yours sincerely
Olav Storm

Newsletter Friday 23 April 2010

Dear reader!
It's been a pretty hectic week with lots of preparation for the upcoming exams, catching up on term exams and finally drawing for oral exams, as well as the written exams in May. See all extracts under - Teaching.

Today the 9th grade had a nature day and went on an expedition to Vilsted Lake. Furthermore, everyone has been to the student photography for the big student photo of the year. All students have been given a code to choose and possibly order photos. Those students who could not attend today will have the opportunity to have their photo taken on Thursday. The students have also made the name tree for the commemorative jersey and the ordering of the size, colour and jersey will be finalised next week.

Socially, we've focused on the problems around theft, and that's an area we won't let go of until it's stopped. Even if you are a teenager there are boundaries that should not be challenged. Since we can't rule out the possibility of an outright art thief from the outside, we will optimize our monitoring of the entrances to the school.

This weekend is sibling weekend and it's always fun to see the similarities between students and their siblings. The programme is organised together with the pupils and there will be roughhousing, ball games and air track practice.

Next week is the last real profile week, and Thursday is profile day with diving in Limfjorden and sailing. Friday is free, which means you can go home for the weekend on Thursday afternoon. Have a great weekend!

Yours sincerely
Olav Storm

Nb:The Student Events Committee has distributed an invitation to a student party on May 7. The Parent Council is unable to host the party and has asked the Events Committee to find other parent volunteers. I hereby pass on the call for parents to sign up to help the students put on a safe party.

Newsletter Friday 15.04.2010.

Dear reader!
An ordinary school week is over. The sun has shone - through the ash cloud from Iceland from a flightless sky. The thought that we could have been stranded with over 200 students in various airports if we had travelled this week - is a bit - interesting... Water fights have especially marked the first hot days of the week, and students have enjoyed sitting outside for long hours and enjoying themselves on the terrace in the school yard and on the balconies in the Kærhuset. With friendly recommendation, we have managed to keep the music level fairly low in deference to the school's neighbour, but water fights don't go quietly!

This week's programme has mostly offered profile subjects and academic preparation for the exams in May. On Wednesday evening there was an English film night in the ballroom.

Socially, we have focused on morning exercise because it has been a little difficult for a group to get going. The Seminary House managed to get everyone on board the last few days, while the Village House is still struggling to get everyone together for the brisk walk towards the morning sun. If you can't make it for the morning exercise, you'll make the long walk to Rønbjerg for a chat with yours truly, so that should be motivation enough to get out of bed. If you cheat on the long evening ride and take the bus, etc., you'll make it all the way home to mom and dad. That happened to one boy this week.
4 other boys also had to turn their backs on a very serious incident in which they had been playing with a private hardball gun and, among other things, had fired hard plastic bullets at each other and another student. It's a really bad idea to have private hardball guns in the school and room!
Unfortunately, we also have a problem with burglary/theft in Kærhuset, where we have seen money taken from purses in unlocked rooms and from unlocked cupboards on the last 3 Fridays. This is extremely annoying and must be stopped as it is destroying the camaraderie.

Otherwise, we've had a really great week and it feels like the other students are really investing positively in each other. We have formed a Mint Shirt Committee and in addition to the school shirt paid for in the registration fee, students can also order sweatpants. Order forms will be distributed on Monday and Tuesday, and they will need to be returned with payment (only if you want more than the Mindet jersey) on Monday 26 April.

Next week there is the Talent Show on Tuesday evening and otherwise it's a normal afterschool week for everyone. The Talent Show will replace the House Night on Thursday.

Friday is sibling weekend. Registration is Sunday evening on arrival.
The programme for the siblings' weekend is planned by the students who have siblings with them, but you can pack a sleeping bag, warm and practical clothes, as well as some sportswear. The weekend is free for siblings, but it is a good idea to bring a goody bag for the evening cinema in the attic.
The weekend starts on Friday at 15.00 and ends on Saturday at 16.00. Refreshments are available for parents who pick up and drop off at the Village Hall.

I remind you that it is very important that everyone has a bike that is in working order, as we will regularly offer trips and activities out of the house.

Have a great weekend and week!

Yours sincerely
Olav Storm

Newsletter Sunday 11.04.2010.

Dear reader, only now - Sunday evening - has the time come for the Newsletter. It has been a particularly hectic week and weekend. We have been preparing both the presentation of the profile subjects with collages, pictures, films and exhibitions throughout the school. On Friday well over 125 parents came to the Profile Subject presentation of their trips to NY, Italy, Red Sea, London, Amsterdam, Gran Canaria, Andelusia. It was the first time we did this type of event and several were quite nervous. Nevertheless, everyone got through the presentation and could proudly show off their exhibits afterwards.

On Saturday we held an Open House and had a great number of visitors. We started with a short assembly in the banquet hall and then the students showed around and did a number of activities around the school. Guests were also able to sample shark grilled by the gastronomy team. The sun was shining on our lovely students and teachers, so it was hard not to smile or laugh along to the many shark stories that the shark gimic engendered. Watch the TV2 clip below.

On Saturday morning, the Gastronomy team made a short video that will be broadcast to the children's channel Ramasjang and in the afternoon we recorded a virtual open house video, so the many stories can soon be relived on the website.

The week started with a bit of a "surprise" when the teacher of the performance team announced that she was not coming home from Gran Canaria at all, but was resigning her job to settle there. Well... Now we have closed the professional gaps and look forward to hiring a new performance teacher this summer. Do you know a fantastic creative and energetic performance teacher - who would like to become a farmer in Denmark and preferably in Ranum?

Next week we have a normal week with focus on academic follow-up of the term exams and on the preparations for the written exams in early May.

Siblings weekend 23-24 April.
Bike check - should be ready to ride next weekend.

Next weekend there is a beach trip with bonfire and out-night on the beach - everyone who stays at school this weekend has to come!

Have a great week and a last shark - from here 😉

Yours sincerely
Olav Storm

Dear reader,
Herewith an invitation to visit Ranum Efterskole on April 10th at the Open House event from 13.-16.
We have places available for 2011-12 onwards, and everyone is welcome to visit us.
The students show around the school and talk about their many experiences, including recent profile trips to New York, the Red Sea, Gran Canaria, London, etc. We also talk about the school's values, academic teaching and the profile subjects.

Come and taste our Shark culture!
We want to have a "hello culture" at school, because if you say "hello" to each other during the day, on the stairs, on the path, in the classroom or in the teachers' room, cooperation and camaraderie will flow much more easily. It can be done with words, but on Saturday we will also be serving an approximately 2.3 metre long and approximately 130 kg. "Shark" for all visitors and students!

It's not just for fun!

See for yourself on TV2 nord: click on the picture

Parents and family day on Friday 9 April from 2pm to 5pm.
We would like to see those parents and family members who are able to on Friday for the presentation of the profile trips. This will start with a gathering in the banquet hall, where each trip will briefly present its trip in 10-15 pictures and then each team will go to their own room with the families to tell more about the trip and possibly show more pictures and films. The event is advertised in the yearly schedule from the start of school, and since not everyone can come due to distance and work, you are of course welcome to come on Saturdays for the open house as well.

It's Becoming Saturday for all students-Both staff and students show off on Open House Day and it's important that everyone gets the opportunity to tell their story and help welcome our guests. Students who would like to go home for the weekend can leave on Saturday after 4pm.
Remember that there is a Shark menu on Saturdays!

We wish you all a very happy Easter and look forward to seeing all students again on Monday 5 April from 17.00.

Yours sincerely

Olav Storm

Newsletter of 27 March 2010

Dear reader,
We're at 40,000 feet and Portugal is below us. Darkness falls and a long week draws to a close as we approach Aalborg on our way from Gran Canaria. Most teams have landed: the Music and Showdance are back from NY, the Cross from Italy, the Media from London, and the Divers from the Red Sea. The Riding Girls from Andelusia, Martial Arts returned from Amsterdam on Friday and in a few hours Performance, Design and Gatronomy will land. The short text updates tell us that everyone has had a good week travelling and that once again we managed to send 220 students and teachers out into the world and get them all home safely.
Although this is obviously a great challenge, it is also a great joy to experience the young people and the togetherness on the trips. Personally, I took part in the sailing trip around the Canary Islands from Gran Canaria to Tenerife and back to Las Palmas. The Atlantic is big! However, despite metres high waves and good winds, as well as many hours on the water, the students managed, by their own efforts, to navigate the ship safely into port for both culinary and cultural experiences. Together with a small group of the crew, I set course for the volcano Teide one day and reached 3550 meters up from 30 degrees in the sun to 1 degree and snow.
It's the contrasts that give experience, and we've gathered a lot of experience over the last week, both from different cultures and, not least, from the close and engaging interaction on the trips and meeting other young people with similar interests.

Travelling is an Imagination Expedition
Each team and each student has had their own adventure and on the website you can read about their experiences along the way. In a few days, photos from the trips will also start to appear on the Photos page. The collection of the journeys is an important part of our afterschool Imagination profile. The students will communicate their experiences and adventures to others in pictures, stories, music, gastronomy, performance, planchettes video productions etc. The aim is to tell a story in which the participants of the journey are included, as central actors, and in which they and the narrator form a common story. This shared story gives meaning to both the participants and the audience, because it is self-experienced and can inspire others to also seek new challenges. The students will prepare their stories in the coming profile lessons and present them for the first time at the Open House on 10 April.

Easter week offers term tests.
Many students will be tired after the week's exertions, but we know from experience that it's important to focus now on the next big goal for the school year. The exams this summer. That's why we have term tests on Monday Wednesday next week. Please note that 10th grade has tests all the way until 4:15pm on Wednesday,this may present some students with a challenge around the homecoming. Year 9 will be free at 2.30pm.
Next week we will also be sending home a new profile newspaper with the students, and they will be the main characters in most of the stories. The newspaper is also an invitation to the Open House on 10 April, when the students will have a stay-in Saturday and will not be free until 5pm. We hope to have many visitors and that you would like to pass on a newspaper to other interested people.

Yours sincerely

Olav Storm

Newsletter 19 March 2010.

Dear Reader!
The snow is melting and now the house is almost empty. We have just heard that the divers have landed in Nakari, Egypt after a good trip. Pia (teacher) writes: We had a good trip down here, despite the lack of sleep. We have all been accommodated in tents and we have had a delicious dinner. The atmosphere is great and we are crossing our fingers that the storm will pass so we can dive tomorrow. Many greetings from the happy divers.

Such greetings and status reports will be coming in from all teams in the coming week - almost daily. They tell not only of the experiences here and now, but also of the redemption of many months of excitement and anticipation by all - students and teachers alike. We are at one of the great climaxes of the afterschool year and we know from experience that the world looks different after this 3rd and final profile trip. The students will never forget this. It is a big event to send 220 people out into the world to New York, Egypt, Gran Canaria, Holland, Andelusia, Italy and England. But it reflects the fact that we have so many wonderful and courageous students who now show that they dare to go out into the world!
A lot can go wrong, but they've practiced as best they could given the long winter and we've tried it before. Follow us on the News page - where Ib and the office will try to bring the many information from the trips regularly.

The week has been spent preparing for the trips and looking ahead to the final exams that await in the 3 days leading up to the Easter holidays.
On Tuesday evening, the music and performance teams held a small cabaret with a sleeping piece.
On Wednesday there was a film in the banquet hall. On Thursday the sailors held a skills seminar together with 18 adult skills students from Himmerlands Sejlerskole. The students worked with the adults in groups and had the opportunity to meet fellow sailors of different ages and experiences. On Thursday evening, the kitchen team grilled all evening until all the travel teams had finished eating and bags were everywhere ready for departure at midnight.

The student party has been a great success - seen from inside the house. The pupils seemed very happy and content with each other on Sunday, and we have not detected any outlets of conflict at the party. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteer Parents' Council and all the adult participants very much for your great efforts and fantastic management of the pupils' party. You have received a lot of praise from the students I have spoken to - and that says a lot! Thank you for giving our youngsters a safe 'grown up' party.

Final exams in week 13. We know that students will be tired after the trip, but with the mid-term exams, they have to focus on one subject for half a day at a time and that means peace and time to think ahead to the last big goal of the year. Summer exams. So make sure your returnees sleep in over the weekend and turn up refreshed on Sunday evening!

On 10 April we will hold an Open House for all interested. And on that occasion we will publish a new profile newspaper, which we would like to send out to all of you in week 13. We hope that you will share it with others who might be interested in experiencing the world become bigger at Ranum Efterskole in the coming years.

Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm

Ranum Efterskole in focus
Read the exciting article about Chef Lars Jeppesen and the collaboration with the students in the kitchen at Ranum Efterskole.

Newsletter 12 March 2010.

Dear Reader!
It's been a great afterschool week! The Student Council organised a wonderful community event for all the students, with hardly any adult involvement, while we teachers held a teacher seminar and discussed pedagogy all evening. On Wednesday, the teachers were also allowed into the evening programme as we had 12 sex informants visiting. On Thursday, we took a huge joint photo for the new profile newspaper, which will be published on 3 April with Nordjyske. The newspaper announces that there will be an Open House on April 10, which means "opening day" for all students.

The week started with a morning meeting on Monday and a meeting in the afternoon. The two trainees from the Free Teachers' College in Ollerup, Lasse and Julie, were well received. Pedagogically, we have focused on the students being on time for the assembly, and introduced protocol until the last 15 or so students have also learned to be on time. It has been hard to get started with the morning exercise for these students and therefore they need a helping structure until they are back in the rhythm.

On Wednesday, as written, there was initial sex information for all students. The boys and girls were split into two groups and given a fun and educational briefing on the important safety aspects of this part of life. We find that very few pupils have been properly educated in primary school or at home, and that in the close community of the after-school they dare to ask the "fun" questions and thus become wiser. It is therefore good that we can draw on the voluntary corps of Sexinformants at Aalborg Youth School.

Thursday we had one of the 4 teacher meetings of the year and this time the theme was pedagogy and daily structure. We can see that the students are self-driving and it is important that we can put clear lines both in the middle of the road and on the side, so that not too many have to go out into the flowerbed and pick up...

The Student Council took a great initiative and organised a common evening for all students. They had a lot of fun - see the pictures.

In the profile subjects, the focus has been on preparing the profile subject trips. Everyone is realising that the trips start next Friday and that this weekend is the time to pack and remember passports, health cards etc. The butterflies are taking off and soon we will be heading for destinations as far away as New York, Gran Canaria, Andelusia, Italy, England and Holland.

Remember: Monday 15 March is the last chance to register for admission and the tutor's office has been busy all week.

Tonight there is a student party organised by the Student Events Committee and the Parents' Council. For the first time, we noticed that some students had bought booze at the supermarket. And that's a real shame, because that means more control for everyone. Fortunately, the booze had not been consumed, because it would be a real shame not to go on the forthcoming profile trip and instead to have to sit at home and think about the seriousness of life in the afterschool...

I hope that the student party goes well and cross my fingers that we get everyone out on the big expeditions, because they are in a class of their own to shape the students and their benefit from the stay at Ranum Efterskole.

Best regards and have a nice weekend

Olav Storm

NB. There will be a presentation and pictures from the Nepal trip on Sunday at 3 pm in the dining room at Kærvej and registration

Newsletter 5 March 2010.

Dear Reader!
Spring is on its way - the snow melted heavily in the strong sun and with icy gutters, some of the water ran into the houses instead. A student stopped me on the path and pointed "look there's green grass". We are all looking forward to escaping the cold embrace of winter and seeing nature thaw again.

It's been a good start-up week after the winter holidays! All subjects, profile subjects and evening activities have been going well. The afternoon homework café has received more attention and students who need to focus more attention on this area are strongly encouraged to attend!

Morning exercise is again a daily start of the day and although it was both cold and slippery, almost everyone went. A group of teens, of course, tested the morning watch and stayed in bed. They then had to go on a somewhat longer route in the evening instead. When not everyone comes, the route is also done on Fridays. The trip is towards the sun, which rises and out along the lake.

On Tuesday afternoon, a new elective team in psychology started. The focus is on developmental psychology and on communication, including NLP. The work consists solely of presentations of the topics and small exercises to exemplify the theory. The course lasts 7-8 Tuesdays and you must have attended 5 times to get it on your school transcript.

On Thursday afternoon, there was a contact group day and lively activity both in the house and at the contact teachers' homes. The groups prepared various refreshments including cheese fondue and delicious pancakes. Some groups went to Aalborg to ice skate, while others just had a good time at their teacher's home with a film and a snack.

Pedagogical: During the week, there have been several debates between students, teachers and the principal about various issues at the school that students would like to see changed. The pupils would like to have more freedom to express themselves creatively and freely in their rooms, for example. And that we as staff need to respect that more dialogue is needed - before we sanction those few who do not have the freedom and who will show this in mess and ruined rooms. It can be very difficult at times to maintain the appreciative and appreciative approach to a teenage boys broken room, but we are trying to improve all the time. This time we chose to share the room with a divider during winter break. Most importantly, it didn't hurt the vast majority who can make their rooms work, but our action created insecurity and fear that it could happen to others.

The Student Council has played an active and highly constructive role, and it is with great respect and appreciation that we look forward to continuing the debate in the coming week!

In the coming week, the book work and the preparations for the upcoming profile trips will continue. On Monday, two trainees from the Free Teachers' School in Ollerup will start, they will be here for 3 weeks and they will also participate in their profile subject trips.

On Wednesday, we will be visited by 12 sex informants - without adults - who will guide and discuss sex and health with all students in small groups.
On Thursday evening, staff will hold an internal seminar focusing on common pedagogical ground. Meanwhile, the student council and students have a similar theme with their own agenda. Democracy and common development need practice!
On Friday the riding team will be at the big riding fair in Herning "Hest og Rytter". In the evening, the student event team will hold a "student party" outside the school.

This weekend is diving weekend! And over 60 divers have started the practical exercises in the pool. The rest of the Padi courses they will take in Egypt in week 12.
This coming weekend there will be a Nepal Afternoon for the parents of the Nepal team on Sunday from 3 to 5 pm in the banquet hall.
It's about to be the last call for those who haven't made their study choices for after the summer holidays and Ib is ready in the office for the last guidance for those who need it. Remember that the deadline is 15 March.Have a great weekend and enjoy the early signs of spring!

Yours sincerely
Olav Storm

Newsletter 19 February 2010.

Dear Reader!
It's been a great week with lots of positive energy and good vibes after the KlimaX performance. It has been very popular with both students and staff and we have also spent time evaluating the process and the outcome. The evaluation is now being worked on, but the overall picture is quite clear: (Below is an extract from a press release).

KlimaX performance at Ranum Efterskole was a great success.
This weekend Ranum Efterskole held its annual performance musical with all students. Ticket proceeds and profits from the global culinary tour went to the victims of the Haiti disaster.

KlimaX a journey into the future
In a smashing all-performance show featuring song, music, acting and, not least, a series of spectacular happenings, the 190 students focused on the big challenge of the future - climate change.
For just under two hours, the audience was drawn into a dramatic journey 25 years into the future. The prospect of the future offered climate refugees, typhoons and environmental disasters, but also responsible young people who rose to the challenge and looked back to the present to take action themselves to mitigate future problems.

The students themselves led the project.
The students wrote the play themselves and the whole production was led by 20 responsible students under the guidance of the teachers. On the students' main account, the play was assembled and rehearsed in just 3 days. But prior to this performance, the many profile subjects had prepared over the winter months. The Nepal team had gathered evidence of climate change on their trip in January, the combat sports team put on a dramatic typhoon display, the dance team performed salsa, ballet and shuffle. The media team produced the beautiful programmes and posters.

A culinary journey around the world
After the performance, chef Lars Jeppesen and a group of talented students had prepared a gastronomic tour of the world with exciting climate-friendly dishes from all over the world. The music team played jazz for dinner and the horse girls provided excellent service for the 450 guests.

Collected for the victims of the disaster in Haiti.
The KlimaX performance was played 4 times and in total the students raised 17.538,17 DKK.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the KlimaX performance a success!

In addition to the end of the KlimaX project, the week also saw the start of new profile subjects and a carnival party on Thursday evening. Dinner was parrot fish from Thailand and
Afterwards there was the traditional barrel-laying in the old. gymnasium.

Socially, we've had a great week. The pupils who unfortunately had to go for clearance last weekend came back quickly with a clear message that they are now following the common rules and their expulsion has sparked a healthy debate in the pupil and teacher groups. It was hard to come home on a common weekend, but with few rules and a dialogue-oriented framework, sharp edges are needed when you are found out.
Cunning thief at play: unfortunately we have had a cunning thief in several rooms which were unlocked and this has led to some nasty thefts, including a laptop and some money. We have a video system monitoring the entrances to the school and witnesses have described the person. All information has been passed on to the police and we are awaiting further information from them...

New profile subjects and expeditions for the 3rd profile subject period:
Diving ( PADI courses) trips to the Red Sea, Egypt.
Sailing ( Duality) travels to Canary Islands
Riding travels to Andelusia.
Music and Dance travels to New York
Design, Performance, and Food Culture travel to Gran Canaria.
Media travels to London
Martial Arts travel to Amsterdam
Motocross travels to Italy.

In the period after the winter holidays and until departure, both students and teachers work on developing the subjects and preparing the expeditions. As the trips are relatively early in the year, the focus is on gathering inspiration for, for example, the Imprints festival and for an Imagination exhibition at the school in connection with the Open House on 10 April and New Students' Day on 12 May.

The Student Events Council sent a letter home with students on Friday about an upcoming student party and the Parent Council is involved. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage parents to volunteer to help with the party so that it can be a great one.

Winter has really taken hold in Himmerland and we are all dreaming of spring and warmth. Enjoy the holidays and remember to talk about what's next after Ranum Efterskole. It is important that the choice is made before March 15.

Yours sincerely
Olav Storm

Newsletter 12 February 2010.

Dear Reader!

Klimax Performancemusical week is just at its peak - KlimaX. A good 190 students are involved in a host of projects. The dress rehearsal was the first full ensemble of the many projects and it turned out really well. The students are totally passionate about this big challenge. The many leaders and supervisors have been tied closely together by headquarters so that the martial arts team, dancers, musicians, choirs, salsa dancers and others all work together on stage. In the dining hall, students are working on a culinary tour of the world and there are lots of delicious treats - so come and sample the KlimaX performance and see the beautiful displays.

Socially, it has been a somewhat challenging week, because while the majority of students have been running in high gear and really worked through, we have had 3 unpleasant incidents including the disclosure of 4 smugglers, 3 on the night end and several around a bullying case on facebook. This has inevitably disrupted the great community project, but at the same time it has also raised awareness that you have a choice - and those who were sent home write back that they would rather be at KlimaX and would like to live up to the community rules for the rest of the year. That's the most important thing!
The fact that the other pupils did not show exactly what had happened and who had been sent home for clarification has caused uncertainty, which is why names and offences have been put on the Info Board for the first time ever. It may seem harsh, but then there is clarity and no need to make the stories worse than they are!

Now, the pesky few shouldn't steal the whole picture. And so I will finish and hurry over to the second performance, which is playing to a full house already. We'll put pictures and films etc. on the web, so you can also follow from a distance, later in the week.

Best regards and have a nice weekend
Olav Storm

Pictures from Klimax

The week has already kicked off well, as seen in the picture above of the techno-wondo trainers. All the different teams are well underway with all the tasks that come with KLIMAX

The ballroom is also busy, with sound and lighting engineers, set designers, actors, samba dancers, musicians and a host of others working flat out.

Newsletter 5 February 2010.

Week 5 started with winter snow chaos, and once again the school was buried in snow. Throughout the week there were presentations of OSO tasks in 5 simultaneous teams and there was a concentrated and hectic atmosphere prior to the many demanding presentations.

Alongside the many presentations, we have had a regular schedule of profile and club subjects. Monday at noon there was a concert with the group Tumult at Ranum Skole for the Music, Dance and Performance teams. On Thursday evening we had a visit from an officer from the prison service. She talked about life behind bars and the consequences further on in life. It's a taboo subject, which absorbed the young people and gave an insight into another world.

The Klimax performance will take place next week and weekend.
The previous weekend and this weekend are dedicated to the preparations for the Klimax performance. The students are involved in all phases of the project and, as a novelty, they are in charge of the project management. They have formed a main office to administer and manage the many sub-projects and tasks. Registrations are pouring in, and many choose to add a culinary experience to the programme. See the programme and registration at the link above.

The coming week is also a book week, but in the afternoon and from Wednesday, the Klimax project gets underway. The aim of the performance project is to bring together and involve all students and the majority of staff in a large collaborative creative project on the current global climate change agenda.

Carnival on 18 February. All pupils are encouraged to think creatively and come up with a fun and exciting carnival costume for the House Evening on 18.2. Here we will have a blast of a carnival party with the Cat King and Queen.

We look forward to seeing you all at a really festive performance with lots of talented students in full swing!

Best regards and have a nice weekend.

Olav Storm

Newsletter 29 January 2010.

Dear Reader!
The OSO work has filled the whole week for the 10th grade and the students have worked really focused on their tasks. There has been a great deal of academic immersion and it has buzzed with creativity and input from visits to different workplaces. We have reduced offers and temptations in the free time to voluntary sports and a film night so that the Year 10 students had maximum time for their work, despite this the last were still in full swing with the printing right up to the deadline. We postponed the final assembly and they were able to finish on time.

The week has also offered academic immersion for the 9th grade, in that each day has been a new subject day in Danish, German, English or mathematics. Today, Friday, was biology day and all 9th graders went to the North Sea Museum in Hirtshals. Here, they got a professional and academic look at marine food chains, as well as a peek into the anatomy of fish.

This weekend is Klimax / Performance weekend, for the 70 students who will be anchor persons and get extra involved in the performance. The following weekend is also dedicated to Klimax. In conjunction with the performance on 13 Feb. Saturday will be the performance day.

The Klimax performance involves all students in some form, whether in dance, music acting/performance, stagecraft, art exhibition, climate panel, etc. As a new feature, we are also creating a Klimax cafe, where students interested in food will prepare a gastronomic journey around the world in collaboration with chef Lars Jeppesen. Read more on the registration page.

Registration is required for seating reasons and you can also reserve a table at the Klimax dinner when booking your tickets. Even if you don't want to attend the dinner after the performance, you don't have to drive home hungry as the kitchen will again serve the soon-to-be famous "Nepalese soup" in the canteen.

In the past week, we have again followed the developments in the earthquake disaster in Haiti in the morning meetings, and we have focused in particular on the relief collection and its conditions. Many small brooks make a big stream - and that's why Klimax performance ticket sales go in full to the relief effort!

The profile subjects and profile subject trips for the last and 3rd term are falling into place. Throughout the week there have been ongoing dialogues between teachers and students in the different teams and slowly the framework for the profile subjects and destinations is falling into place.

Sailing, Performance, Food Culture, and Design - head to Gran Canaria, where the cultural life and waters are perfect at this time of year.
Showdance and Music goes to NewYork and is accompanied by a new and super competent guest teacher from N.Y. He can lead the 55 students and teachers inside the doors of the professional dance and music communities.
Media plan an expedition to London
The diving team has long since set off for the Red Sea and 3 teachers have prepared the journey with a visit to the desert camp where the students will live just metres from the coral reefs.
Motocross is resuming this spring because 8 students are passionate 110% about this course and are willing to fight for the project. It takes an incredible amount to make cross a subject, but with good parental support both on the profile trip and during weekend rides, it can be done. The destination has not been decided.
Martial arts is heading to Amsterdam to visit a very special training centre and experience a new capital for RE.

Klimax performance, profile subjects and new travel projects. There is much to look forward to in the cold winter weather. Lloyd, student, took some great atmospheric photos the other morning. On the website, Rasmus has updated our picture bank, and more picture folders from the year will be added in the near future.

Best regards and have a great weekend.

Olav Storm

Newsletter 22 January 2010.

Dear Reader!
January is a turning point in after-school life. The second half of the school year and the start of the end. We don't waste time at Ranum Efterskole and before the holidays were really over, the students were off to both Nepal and Norway. We have thus started the year with 2 great trips, which in many ways are totally different and yet have some quite common values around togetherness, culture and activity.

The Norway trip: there have been many good stories from the Norway trip, not least all the difficulties on the return journey, which have brought the students closer together and given rise to many stories, both big and small, at home. It sounds like it has been a really good winter trip with lots of cold, snow and shared fun inside in the swimming pool and common rooms.

Nepal trip: unfortunately the team did not participate in the big joint trip due to practical travel conditions. Nevertheless, all 27 students and 5 adults had a truly memorable and successful travel experience. The trip is described on the website under News > Nepal Information. The programme included visits to the friendship schools, where solar panels were built, new floors laid, dental hygiene taught, dancing, painting, games and lessons for many different age groups. A key theme of the trip has been climate change and we experienced extreme pollution, drought, melting, as well as erosion. The team also visited the jungles of Chitwan National Park. If you would like to have a youth travel talk for your association or workplace, the Nepali students would be happy to go out and show pictures and talk about the trip.

Both trips were successfully completed without serious illness or significant accidents, and with highly motivated and positive young people. See the photos from the trips on the website!

Socially and educationally, the trips often act as community kits, yet on return we got the sense that the students had split unnecessarily into small groups and even formed particular stories about the others in the other house. Similarly, we found that there was a group of young people running their own race outside the rules and framework of the community. This week we have therefore worked hard to get the student group back together and we have had a major clarification session with the group that ran next to the rules. The contact groups worked on Monday with the theme of well-being in the community hour and on Tuesday afternoon we conducted individual interviews with all students.

There are issues with the community between houses and between individual pupils, for example around contraband smoking, which we need to work on. The student council is involved and on Thursday evening we had a house night with a Thai food theme where all the students ate at the same time and could taste frog legs, giant prawns, octopus, Thai soup etc. It was really nice and afterwards the students visited each other across the houses. The Christmas holidays and travel period may have taken the students too far from each other and everyday life at school, but with quick action, the community is back on track.
It is the experience of the contact teachers and myself that the students are generally doing well, and if you experience anything different we would really like to know immediately so that we can help each other to put things right.

We are looking forward to the big Performance Project, which will run alongside the book classes in week 6 and will be a joint performance on Friday and Saturday 12-13 February.

We very much hope that you will enjoy the Klimax performance and look forward to seeing you - remember to register on the website - opens Monday 25 January.

Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm

Newsletter 15 January 2010.

Happy New Year to all readers!
Everyone is back at Ranum Efterskole after terrific active and successful trips to Nepal and Norway at the beginning of the new year. The return trip for the Norwegian team was somewhat delayed due to bus problems. This news reached both ekstrabladet and Nordjyskes pages, Well... The return trip from Nepal went fairly painlessly, except that a teacher had to be left behind in Abu Dabi due to overbooking of the plane. She did, however, come home on a different route later on Wednesday.

While we were travelling, Denmark was drowning in snow and there are still big drifts around the school. It looks good and luckily the students seem to enjoy the indoor life.
The many travel experiences and the close fellowship on the trips leave their mark. The Norwegian team seems very happy and almost overjoyed after the trip and it is obvious that the hardship on the return trip just made the trip extra spicy and worth remembering and telling about. Thanks to the many parents who had to rearrange pick-up schedules etc. We are working on getting photos and films onto the website. The students have been posting a lot on facebook, and we are lagging behind there...

The Nepal team has been somewhat tired and exhausted due to the time difference and at the evaluation it was also clear that it is indeed difficult to come home to "normal" life in Ranum. These are big emotions and questions that are activated when travelling in a 3rd world country and one of the poorest societies in the world. There was a strong consensus that it was a journey and learning experience of a lifetime, and that it will take some weeks to digest them so that they can be shared. We will now get to work on this in the next profile lessons.

In the coming period, there will be a performance for parents, the school community and other interested parties on Friday and Saturday in week 6. Performance weekends are on 29-31 January and 5-7 February. These are not becoming weekends, but we encourage all interested students to stay and participate. This is this year's chance for a creative and fun weekend.

Best regards and have a nice weekend.

Olav Storm

News from the Nepal team 12 January.

Hi, we are back in Kathmandu after a very long day and drive from Sitwan National Park yesterday. We started with an early bird safari and a visit to a local Tarru village where life was lived like in the stone age. It was very educational.
Afterwards we drove towards Kathmandu and on the way we stopped at TrisuliRiver for a dinner break, where there was also time to try out the foskajak. The trip from the river and to Kathmandu should take about 2-3 hours but we were caught by the traffic jams in Kathmandu and they overcame themselves this evening. In the dark we would not be able to find our way back to the hotel on foot so we stayed on the bus. The day ended with a dinner together with our 7 guides and hosts on the trip, so spirits were high even though everyone was very tired.
Today Tuesday everyone has been up early and after packing the rooms everyone is sightseeing in Kathmandu in the morning before having time for their own project in the afternoon. We drive to the airport at 6pm and at 9pm we take off again for the colder north ( it's pretty cold here at night too).
The students have sorted their travel clothes and it became a whole 80 kg. clothes for Nepalese poor street families, which they can either care for themselves or sell. The clothes are distributed by our partner in Nepal
We look forward to seeing you again and to showing you pictures. Hope all is well and spirits are high although I can see you came home a bit later from the Norway trip than planned.

Everyone is still healthy and it has meant a lot to us on the journey that we have virtually avoided stomach attacks.

Greetings to all, from us in Nepal.

Sunday 10 January.

All students will return to school on Sunday evening, Monday is normal school day.

All students who have been to Norway have experienced the Norwegian weather. Most of the week it was about 24 degrees frost. A few days we experienced down to 34 degrees frost. This has not put a damper on the skiing activities. It just put a damper on the return trip which after starting on Thursday was made more difficult by the weather. The buses could not make the trip in the first place. After a re-housing at Skarslia, the journey resumed on Friday and by Saturday morning everyone was back in Denmark - on their way home to their families. mvh Ib

News from Nepal on 9 JANUARY

We've all been away from text and internet connections for a while but here's the latest from Nepal.

Nete writes: We are all well. We have reached Chitwannational park.


Nepal Team

News from Nepal 5 January.
Everything is going according to plan, today we have prepared the many small projects in our vocational schools. It was a great challenge to find solar cells, PC programs, vinyl flooring for the classrooms, foam sheets for swords, potatoes for T-shirt printing, books, pencils, paint, jewellery stones, toothbrushes etc...
In the afternoon we saw Durban Square, which is the very old centre of Kathmandu and we saw the living goddess for the first time. It was a moving experience!
The students are fresh and in good spirits, they use a lot of energy and it has been quite cold last night, so many need to sleep a long night in warm clothes.
Tomorrow we leave at 7am for the friendship schools and we will not be back in Kathmandu until Monday.

(Olav's phone can't get online, so only Nete's number can be used as an emergency number and not while we are in the village.)

We'll post news in a few days!
The Nepal Team

News from Nepal on Monday 4 January.
We have landed in Kathmandu in sun and cloud free view to the Himalayas.
It was a very long journey of about 40 hours and some incredibly patient and positive kids we travel with!! Luckily all went well, the luggage showed up and we got a great reception. Now everyone is off to bed. Tomorrow the programme is to prepare for the visit to the village school and high school.

Newsletter 18 December 2009.

Dear reader!

The snow has wrapped Ranum Efterskole in a beautiful and atmospheric Christmas mood!
The week leading up to Christmas has been marked by term rehearsals, a theatre trip to another after-school school, a big and cosy Christmas ball, and a beautiful Christmas finale in Ranum Church followed by a chain dance around the school. We are almost half way through the school year and it is with a good feeling that we go on a much needed Christmas break. It has been an exciting and successful first year and a half at the "new Ranum Efterskole". We would like to thank the pupils, parents and staff for their excellent cooperation in 2009.

The final exams have gone well! The students have taken the task seriously and the majority have worked long and hard on the tests. In between the term tests, the 10th grade received additional guidance in the OSO assignment and the 9th grade had time to come to Vester Thorup after-school to experience their great theatre project.

All the rooms have been cleaned up for Christmas. EVERYTHING came out of the rooms and then it was scrubbed and scrubbed. After approval, everything came back in - except for the 6 containers we got filled with trash and junk. It decorated and the students did a great job!

Thursday evening we had a nice Christmas lunch followed by a Christmas Ball in the banquet hall. Dinner was a traditional Christmas menu with herring, travel, salads, roast pork, duck, medister and green cabbage, and of course browned potatoes, crisps and for dessert risalamande with cherry sauce. There were both almond gifts and a parcel game with 200 gifts from the recycling centre. There was a battle to the last package and the last second - and the atmosphere was at its Christmas peak. After dinner, the performance team put on an impromptu theatre show and we crowned the Christmas rooms of the year in the Kærhuset and the Seminariehuset. Not unexpectedly, in Kærhuset it was the girls in room 301 who won. According to internal sources, they were excellent at greasing and bribing the contact teachers with sweets and Christmas carols. In the Seminary House, it was unexpectedly a boy's room that won the day, and it is reported that they went all out on Christmas decorations and pampering.

Today, Friday, we got up later, cleaned all the classrooms and common areas before going on a fanemarch to Ranum Church. Very few students have tried to go in a common fanemarch, but after some twists and turns, we managed to have a nice and common arrival at the church. In the church, the pupils were responsible for much of the content. We were read a particularly unconventional entrance prayer and listened to some stunningly beautiful choir and interplay. John Vesterskov gave a short and concise sermon, focusing on, among other things, being taken seriously, being taken at your word and being counted on. We are committed to each other and to being something to each other. This is not something we can just say we want, we can only show it by doing it! As soon as I receive the recordings from the church, I'll link to them so you can enjoy the music team's performance.

After a light Christmas lunch with apple slices, we danced in a chain around the school while Palle played "Now it's Christmas again" over the loudspeaker. We ended up in the banquet hall and formed a long chain around the Christmas tree and after a few well-meant words, we bid each other farewell to go on Christmas break.

The Christmas holidays are ahead, and then we will all meet again on 3 January for the Norway trip and the Nepal trip. Information about the Norway trip is under Teaching, remember to let Ib know by email if you change your plan for the place of embarkation or similar.

In the coming days, all past and present pupils will receive a Christmas card from RE, partly summarising the year and setting the direction for the coming months.

Ranum Efterskole wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Yours sincerely

Olav Storm

A little thought..
- about our lovely students - at a very quiet Ranum Efterskole:

and he has never lived, as wise as he has become, he had not loved so wrote Grundtvig to his two sons Johan and Sweyn in 1839. These are wise words that are still relevant today, 170 years later, as the 00s turn into the 10s.

Today, some 170 years later, it is also true of our lives that we must have an experience, a feeling, an attachment to what we do before it makes sense to engage with it. In popular parlance, we connect! And in that word lies a lesser obligation than that of holding something dear. And yet I would venture to say that this is what Grundtvig urged his sons to do.

When we connect to many changing realities in a busy and hectic everyday life with countless offers, it is not always easy to get this connection and thus to get the desire to immerse and become wiser. Young people are often accused of being superficial and indifferent. They - and we - often sit and surf at the computer or go from one activity to another without seeming to reflect or immerse themselves. But think of the challenge of being bombarded by countless impressions and offers through the media, the virtual world and in the real world.

We have to constantly relate to something new and switch on and off. This is happening very quickly and I find that young people in particular are ready for this challenge. They have become wise to the challenge of switching on and off, perhaps even addicted to being able to do so.
Grundtvig's two sons did not have the same challenges and yet it was necessary to remind them to seek meaning and to deal with a challenge. That has not changed a bit.

We also need to connect our young people daily to the universe of school skills needed to move on in life with education and jobs. Today it is not enough to write a poem, we must create a framework for each student to connect with their interests and find meaning in school and education. We adults have become guides in this process, it is exciting to see how young people connect to knowledge and each other.

At Ranum Efterskole we give the young people the opportunity to connect with each other and we challenge them to help shape the school's profile during their stay. We have not set a definitive and fixed course and therefore students and teachers are together to the challenge of shaping a course that many want to connect to keep - and learn from. This is not just in the academic and profile subjects. It happens particularly in the community we build with each other. Here, a positive connection gives great satisfaction and it is clear that when it is the desire that drives the work, the students and we become wiser about each other.

Christmas is the time of year when most people have the opportunity for peace and quiet, as well as time for contemplation and it is my wish for everyone that there will be an opportunity to reflect on who you have connected with over the past year and what you have been busy with. What did you cherish and what did you learn?

Yours sincerely
Olav Storm
<Back Street Boys on RE in the "Stage is Yours" competition.

Newsletter 12 December 2009.

Dear reader!

Week 50 has been a very ordinary afterschool week.
It has been really nice to have the students together again and even though we can feel that it is a bit like starting all over again, after the many different weeks due to the bridge building and project weeks, the students I have spoken to express that it has been educational and positive to be partly in the project work and out to experience what the future holds of new educational opportunities. It also seems to have been more peaceful in the rooms - after bedtime, which is really important for the coming week, when we need some quiet time to recharge between term exams. Both staff and students are naturally looking forward to the Christmas holidays and the coming week will also be a Christmas week.

This week's mornings have been dedicated to the Climate Summit, and although it seems a bit far away from everyday life at school, we have also set three goals:

1. Leave the radiator on 3.
2. Close windows and doors after 3 minutes. morning ventilation.
3. Turn off the light after you.

These are actually 3 tips that will make it nicer to be at school, because the ventilation system is set to an average temperature and turning up the heat will shut down parts of the ventilation and parts of the heating system to the inconvenience of others.

The week started with a visit from about 700 parents and future students on Saturday.It was a nice day, with many weekend students showing around and helping to hand out the backpacks to the future students. The Nepalese people raised 2000 kroner for salaries for the teachers at our friendship school in Nepal.

Monday in the assembly we held elections for new profile subjects in the 3rd term. The result is not final yet, but it looks exciting. A few students have indicated that they would choose by destination, but that is not the idea. You have to be passionate about the content of the profile subject, and in most profile subjects it is only when the team is together that you find out what the goal is and make a plan to achieve it, both academically and theoretically, as well as financially. Diving certainly differs from this model this year, due to the significant practical challenges of meeting the desire of approximately 70 students to learn to dive.

On Tuesday, the project assignments of the 9th grade were presented. Unfortunately, two examiners gave marks, while the others waited to give a final and overall mark for work, project and product, and final presentation. This caused some frustration. The final marks will be available soon.
On Wednesday evening, the horse girls held a cosy evening with a "Rasmus Klump" mountain of pancakes and plenty of time to chat about horses in the equestrian room at Rønbjerg Stables.On Thursday, there were contact group meetings, where several pupils baked pancakes for the big gold medal in the dining room.In between, teachers and pupils prepared for the upcoming final exams next week.
Yesterday Friday we had talks with 10th grade parents and students all afternoon. Once again, we managed to hold the many talks without much waiting time and there was a good atmosphere in the Multicultural House. Those parents who were unable to attend are welcome to email the pupil's subject teachers for a dialogue.The email addresses can be found under the main tab: Introduction - side menu Staff.

Kristoffer also won in The Stage is Yours. Despite a great show, not everyone won a prize.

Socially, there is a lovely Christmas atmosphere in most rooms. Christmas decorations are in place in several places, including Christmas trees, fairy lights and beautiful decorations brought from home. Imaginative gift calendars hang from cupboards and ceilings, and we can tell by the mass of rubbish that there has been a real effort to spoil people at home. It certainly helps the mood and, at the same time, it reminds us that it's almost half a year since the start of school.

This coming week there are term tests Monday to Thursday. See timetable under teaching. On Tuesday afternoon the 9th grade is invited to Vester Thorup afterschool to see their annual play and musical. Meanwhile, the 10th grade has final exams. In between the final exams, there is both a sports offer with ski preparation exercises, and a vocational guidance offer and preparation of the OSO assignment for the 10th grade.

Christmas cleaning:Thursday afternoon at 13.00 the Christmas room of the year is crowned in both houses. 13.30 we start with the big Christmas cleaning, where everything has to be put in place and cleaned, so it "almost" looks like the start of school. Everything you can do without in the room. Then we start fresh in "clean" rooms after the trip to Norway and Nepal.

Christmas Ball: On Thursday - after the main Christmas cleaning, we will have a joint Christmas lunch and Christmas ball with a Christmas gift pack game, the performance team will perform and the evening will end with a visit from the funk band "Turn it loose" from Aarhus. Remember a Christmas dress and nice shirt.

On Friday, we sleep a little longer and then take a break to clean up the classrooms before gathering in Ranum Church for a short Christmas service, where the music team entertains and local pastor John Vestergård reads the Christmas Gospel. After church, we have lunch, and after the last assembly in the banquet hall, the students have free time at 2.30 pm. The school is closed for the Christmas holidays until 3 January at 15.00

NOTE: The vegetable of the week was Carrot !

Best regards and have a great 3 Advent weekend!

Olav Storm

Supplement to the Newsletter:

In the following I would like to spend some of your time on some social and educational considerations for life at the afterschool:

Around the house, progress is made and in several contact groups, students have evaluated the first time. In general it seems that the pupils are happy and we have a good sense of community. And yet there is always room for improvement, where the few don't spoil it for the many by, for example, arriving late or throwing fruit and rubbish out of the window. This behaviour shows a lack of respect for others, and it is a challenge that, in our experience, we can only solve together with the pupils. The same applies to smuggling, where we have a feeling that there is a small group who go their own way. Here, a talk at home can lead to a constructive solution and help to open up constructive cooperation on not playing double standards, but knowing the difference between what you can and cannot do at school and at home.

Double-value games, in which some have to cover up others' secrets and become hostages socially in the group, are detrimental to the enjoyment of after-school. It is an experience of a lifetime to say no to negative pressure so that you can be free and help to strengthen the camaraderie positively.We have a special focus on this both in everyday life and especially on the trips where we are all very close together.

"Say it to the head". Some pupils have found that they have passed on their wishes for improvement to a teacher or other member of school staff and not seen any immediate improvement. This is unfortunate, which is why we now have a motto called "Tell the Head", which means: direct the request to the right head and if it doesn't work, tell the head teacher, who is responsible for making the system work. Most of the time it's about oversights and minor issues that can be quickly resolved if the right person is told. For example, a shower hose that is leaking, a window that cannot be closed properly, etc. It is an important lesson in life that adults also have a division of labour and by addressing a problem to the right place, something happens!
At the same time, it is an experience of "talking to the head" if you want improvements and not to everyone else, as they too will become frustrated and the problem will tend to grow in generalisations. This is also true in possible conflicts within the student group, "tell it to the head".

Hang in there and reap the rewards: in the last 3 weeks we've seen two boys drop out and at the same time we've had a new girl from another afterschool. (This is not unusual for this time in an afterschool).

Unfortunately, it does happen that pupils do not thrive away from home and/or find it difficult to function with many other young people. Most situations can be resolved with a chat with the contact teacher, but sometimes it ends in a costly and unpleasant expulsion. I hope you parents will "speak up", the contact teacher, if you find your child is unsure about his or her placement, because the best part of the afterschool year is just ahead. It is in the spring that the investment in "getting the courage and learning to move away from home and become yourself in a community" is to be reaped and both you and the student experience being able to stand on your own two feet and be allowed to do so.

This can also be called competences of action, and in my definition of the word competence is also implicit - to be allowed, to have the opportunity, etc. That's where we adults come in. It is us at school and you parents at home who have to make sure that young people get this opportunity and demand that they use it to finish what they started. One year at school is the equivalent of seven years of life, says the slogan of the After School Association, but it is essential that it is implemented.

Newsletter 4 December 2009.

Dear reader!

Week 49 has been a completely different afterschool week, with all students out of the daily rhythm. The 10th grade has had their last bridging week in years and in Aalborg, and have come home totally tired. Year 9 have been working intently and diligently on their big project assignment under the theme "the playful human being". In the afternoons and evenings everyone has gathered back in the houses and it has been like 5 Sunday evenings where everyone has hung on to each other and refuelled the social needs again.

The week also featured a great concert on Tuesday night with rapper Negas Ali. He totally kicked it in front of a lot of dancing students for a good hour and a half. The ballroom was steaming with funky rap songs that captivated and captivated the students.

On Thursday night, some of the tough diving roots braved the cold and wind of December to take part in the worldwide Divers Night event. Divers all over the world took to the water at 8.09pm, leading to a world record for the most divers in the water at the same time. The tough dogs from the after school dived in the eastern valley in Aalborg. For some of the students it was the first time they experienced a night dive - what a debut! It was a very cold pleasure to dress up outside and go into the cold water on a December evening when the thermometer only crept up to a few degrees above zero and there was a strong wind. Fortunately, all students were warmed up again when the event ended with coffee and apple slices at Easy Dive in Aalborg. The students were very tired, but also very tough, and after the evening's exertions they drove back to the school.
More pictures from the event will be posted on the school's website under pictures and can also be seen on the Facebook page Ranum Efterskole 09/10.

Project week for Year 9 has been very quiet. Students have all had close supervision from the morning and have had the opportunity to receive guidance and help with their assignment throughout the day until 4.15pm. Students worked in smaller groups and only a few groups split up during the process, mainly due to different expectations and workload. The feedback from the parent talks on 20 November has been visibly taken on board and the students have used the week for academic immersion and some of the themes were very creative e.g., "The playful human and sexologists" or "The playful human and Ranum Efterskole as a computer game". In the coming week, the students will present their project to a panel of other subject teachers. The presentation, the report and the product will all count towards the grade.

The last week of bridge building has also been quiet. The students have been up very early and have found a rhythm with breakfast, packed lunches and the bus. Several have expressed that they were given a lot of homework too and although this is not an expression of necessarily learning anything, it has been a good experience to feel the demands of high school and the other schools. We are subsequently doing an internal evaluation of the Bridge Building weeks to get an overview of what students think they got out of the 2 weeks that the Ministry of Education made compulsory for all 10th graders last year.

Socially, the week has been a bit mixed, the students have had fun, but several have also challenged the common rules and framework. We have heard that some girls' rooms have been visited by boys at night, so we have taken action. On Tuesday, this meant that one pupil had to be sent home for clarification.
We must all cherish the freedom students have at school, it is important when learning to become an adult and responsible. But as it is a learning process, we need to tighten up the framework considerably so that the freedom of the few is not destroyed for the many, so that boys and girls can still be seen in each other's rooms during free time. At night, there must be peace and quiet for sleeping and privacy in the room. We have also had to tighten up attendance at morning assembly, as some pupils found it rather difficult to leave their rooms on time. Following an idea from the students, in the coming weeks we will ring the bell at 5 min. before assembly starts so that everyone arrives. It's typical for rules and boundaries to slip a bit or be challenged by more students in November and December, and nice that we haven't had to tighten before now.

The Christmas spirit is certainly not threatened. During the first days of the week, we have seen several creative decorations in the rooms, and on the otherwise somewhat boring facade of Kærhuset, there is even a leprechaun on his way up a ladder to a boys' room. I wonder if it's a leprechaun girl out for a night's sleep?

The grades for 10th graders have been sent home by mail and again we ask that you understand that more students are scoring lower than they did in elementary school. Here they are being assessed across a whole new group and with a new academic focus, which will often leave room for improvement. It would be really nice if you parents would have a chat with your pupil if you feel they are slipping up in Year 10 and impress upon them that it is really important to focus on the books. In the letter, Ib Christensen has also written that ALL students in the 10th grade should bring a copy of their 9th grade leaving certificate and hand it in to Ib at his office. We will use it to register the student in the common admission system.

This coming weekend, we will be visited by about 200 new students for interviews on Saturday and together with their parents and siblings, we expect about 700 guests in the Multicultural House.
The students of the weekend team help with tours and the Nepal team runs a raffle to raise money for the friendship school in Nepal. In between the interviews we give presentations about the new international line and on the link below, curious can read more about the project.

We look forward to seeing the many future students and wish everyone a great weekend.

Yours sincerely
Olav Storm

Newsletter 27 November 2009.

Dear reader!

Week 48 has been a normal after-school week, and it was great to have all the students together again in the house for academic classes and profile subjects, as well as club. The week has also included a talk on the Graulund family's voyage across the Atlantic, "The Stage is Yours", and a guest visit from Nepal. Socially, it has been a pleasant week, with very few people ill and a good atmosphere among students and staff. It is almost Christmas time and so November eases the depression and we move up into the Christmas spirit.

The "stage is yours" event was super good. We can see that there is a lot of talent outside the TV studios. A good 35 brave students entered the competition and they offered entertainment in all genres. We had to crown as many as 4 winners to do it some justice. All contestants took to the stage and were cheered on by the other 160 or so students. Pictures from the evening can be found under PICTURES.

Today, Friday, we had a visit from Rabindra from Nepal, he is studying in Copenhagen, so it was relatively easy to get him to Ranum. Rabindra cooked Nepalese food together with the kitchen team and students from the Nepal team. There was great applause from the other students and the food tasted very different and exciting.

Rabindra will stay for the weekend and follow the Nepal team in their preparations, as well as participate in the Nepal Parents' Meeting on Sunday from 15.-17.00

Next week there will be another Bridge Building for the 10th grade and at the same time the 9th grade will write their big project assignment. This means that there will be intense work throughout the building and in the early afternoon, the community will come alive when the students from the Bridge Building return from their school visits in Years and Aalborg.

On Tuesday evening, we will be visited by a rap star who will entertain from 19-20 in the banquet hall.

On Saturday 5 December, more than 220 families will attend the New Student Interview. Almost all staff will be at work and students who choose to stay for the weekend will also have the opportunity to be part of the programme.

Remember, on Tuesday 1 December we start the big Christmas decorating competition in earnest - and from there it's all about impressing the "secret" judges.

Christmas trees and Advent wreaths have been put up on the lawns and at the top of the Seminary building. This is an old tradition for the whole region, which we have decided to revive. From Løgstør to Trend, you can see that it is also Christmas in Ranum.

Parents of students in Year 10 must remember to fill in the form for Student Interviews; see under Teaching. The deadline is 3 December.

Parents of students participating in the Norway trip must remember to read the information about the trip and fill in the ski and transport form. It must be handed in on Sunday at the latest.

Parents of the upcoming Red Sea diving team should pay attention to the Diver Info Letter, see under profile trips in the sidebar of this page. Please remember to pay the last instalment as soon as possible.

We typically have between 30 and 130 students in the building at weekends, but there is a group of students who rarely stay at the school. It's a bit of a shame for them, and some parents have asked why their pupil doesn't want to stay at the school for more weekends.
There may be several reasons for this - perhaps leisure work or interests, and I would encourage you to talk about this at home. We want to do extra activities at the weekend, but also see it as a good opportunity to relax, do homework and just enjoy each other. It's important to recharge for the week ahead, because there's a lot going on when there are 10-12 clubs running in the evenings during the week in addition to classes.

Thus, you are all wished a good weekend. A weekend, where at Ranum Efterskole there is a Christmas project, Nepalese lessons on Saturday morning. In the afternoon, there is a 21 km road trip for the Nepal participants, and the other weekend students can also participate.

Happy 1st Advent on Sunday.

Yours sincerely

Olav Storm

Newsletter 20 November 2009.

Dear reader!

Week 47 has been a very different and not very after-school week. At 7.15am all the pupils of the 10th grade left the school in buses and only late in the afternoon they returned after having been in Bridge Building in Years and Aalborg. The Year 9 pupils had their vocational week and tried to gauge their future educational choices, as well as possible career choices. They have worked through a multi-stage process with both concrete company visits and personal tests, as well as presentations.

Socially, we have had 4 x "Sunday nights" where students seek each other and have fun, more than they seek out activities. This happens every Sunday evening when the room is reassembled and the world situation is to be turned around in the camaraderie. Students have seemed incredibly tired, yet expressed that it was Ok to be in bridge building.

On Thursday the 9th grade was invited to Ranum School's school theatre performance "The Sultan's Son". It was a beautiful and impressive production, which could well capture the afterschool students for 1½ hours.There were over 70 participants in from 4-9th grade.

Flu: This week we have had between 5 and 20 students at home or in the hospital with various flu, stomach and throat problems. It is still very important that NO students show up sick after the weekend. We are still limiting the risk of infection by sending sick students home if there are signs of a rising fever.

The vegetable of the week has been parsley and the smell of garlic week has worn off. So on Tuesday we could have had roast "choice pork" and parsley sauce, but since no students are familiar with that dish, we had Italian meatballs with parsley and raw roasted and steamed root vegetables instead.

The school-home talks for 9th graders have ended and there was a good atmosphere in the cultural hall. Parents and students circulated between the teachers' tables and we are fortunate to have only one teacher on sick leave. A few parents had unfortunately not read that there are 4 teachers on training and travel this week, so it was obviously a disappointment not to be able to meet a primary teacher. They are welcome to write or call the teacher concerned for an explanation of the standpoint grades.

Students in the 10th grade have received an invitation to School-Home Talks on Dec. 11.
We encourage you to register for the interviews as soon as possible. See under Teaching.

The coming week is a normal school week, but on Thursday evening a very exciting event will take place: Mr. Lothar and Mr. Palle will be the hosts of the Ranum Efterskole's premiere of "RE Scenen er din". The evening will offer a lot of mixed entertainment with singing, gangster rap, magic, music, juggling, clowning. Registration Wednesday to the hosts. If, there are parents who would like to attend the performance, you are welcome in the Ballroom at 7-9pm.

Wednesday evening at 19.00 there is a lecture for adventurers and sailors in the banquet hall:
Rønbjerg Sailing Club invites you to a lecture by Hans Graulund, who, together with his family, has just returned from a sailing trip to the Caribbean.

Barolo on Tobago

The family boat Barolo, is based in Løgstør, and you have probably followed the family's trip in Nordjyske. But now is your chance to hear more about the trip, and get answers to both technical sailing questions and questions about how to plan and execute a year-long sailing trip. The lecture lasts 2 x 1 hour. The first part of the talk will cover the planning, the trip from Denmark to the Canary Islands and the second part will cover the trip across the Atlantic, the Caribbean and the return trip.
The lecture is illustrated with a selection of the many photos taken along the way.
The lecture is free and open to all, including non-members - and no registration is necessary. During the break, the school will serve coffee and French bread at the cheap price of 15 DKK per person.

On Friday we will be visited by Rabindra, a cousin of our Nepalese contact. Together with the Nepalese team he will prepare a Nepalese meal for lunch on Friday and during the weekend he will teach the Nepalese culture and language. On Sunday, all parents of the team are invited to an orientation afternoon.

In the coming time, prepare for the big Christmas room decoration!
It's never too early to be Christmas-ready!
(Packing calendars can be a good idea!)

Yours sincerely

Olav Storm

Newsletter 13 November 2009.

Dear reader!

Week 46 was a quiet and normal afterschool school week, where students enjoyed themselves and worked well on their schoolwork, even though there was some illness among both students and teachers. We have a lovely group of students who, despite the autumn darkness and winter cold, have been very good about turning up for morning exercise. Now the outdoor morning exercise is over until it gets light again. Instead, indoor exercise targeted ski training will be arranged in the mornings of the weeks following bridge building.

On Tuesday, the teachers held a staff meeting in the afternoon and the students saw that all staff members came to their rooms for cleaning checks. It was perhaps a little overwhelming, but definitely educational for all parties.
On Wednesday evening, the kitchen served duck. We had prepared equal numbers of old-fashioned duck roasts and modern spiced duck roasts. The old fashioned was sold out first. This was followed by an environmental theme with the film An Inconvenient Truth, directed by Al Gore. Thursday afternoon was contact group day, where students visited their contact teachers at home or had fun at school with cake, pancake making, games and chat.
On Friday, we had Nature Day and at the same time, we had Environment Day, where the students worked on environmental campaigns. This has given rise to many creative contributions and posters that convey the serious message in a fun way.
Tonight there is a student party with about 125 students and 15 parents volunteering to help with the practical and care. Good luck.

Flu: This week we have constantly had between 10 and 20 students at home or in the infirmary with various flu, stomach and throat problems. In the last few days it has eased off a bit, but it is important that NO students show up sick after the weekend and have to be sick on Monday. We are limiting the risk of infection by sending sick students home if there are signs of a rising fever, and would like to thank the parents we have had to inconvenience during the week for their cooperation.

The vegetable of the week has been garlic and it has probably limited the number of sick people, as well as given many funny comments "You stink of health..."

Next week there is Bridge Building for 10th graders and Career Week for 9th graders. Students have been briefed on the practical arrangements at assembly today.

All 10th graders will leave on Monday for bridge building. Please note that the course must be completed in order to count as part of the 10th grade.
Students are taken by bus to the different locations and are also picked up.
In case of illness, call both Ranum Efterskole and the place where you will bridge.
More detailed information can be found under instructions.

All 9th grade students will be working the next week professionally corrected. The aim here is for them to see different opportunities and professions.
On Monday and Tuesday they will work with a company. Among other things, they will visit, interview and do a small exhibition about a company. In the last part of the week, they will work on their own future and education. This includes the educational plan.

Grades and Home-School Talks: 9th grade students have received an invitation to the Home-School Talks on November 20. This applies to Year 9 only. We would encourage people to register for the interviews as soon as possible. Students will receive grades in all subjects this coming week and they have also had the opportunity to provide their input and expectations for their own grade level.

We would have liked to send out the grades to all 9th grade parents, but as we have been hit by a crash in our IT administration system, we have not been able to complete the enrollment for the weekend, due to illness and training of the secretarial team. This means that we cannot send out the grades by post, but instead distribute them to the students so that they have them for the interview.

In the coming time, prepare for the big Christmas room decoration! It's an annual tradition for students to compete with each other to make the most of Christmas in their room and for each other. The judging committee is secret and all staff should be 'bribed' with Christmas treats and carols. Apart from cheap Christmas tree chains and flammable candle decorations, anything goes. The judging will take place on 18 December and all traces must be removed before the Christmas holidays. It's never too early to be Christmas-ready!
(Packing calendars can be a good idea!)

That's all for this week, have a good weekend and remember - only healthy students return!

Yours sincerely

Olav Storm

Newsletter 6 November 2009.

Dear reader!
Week 45 was marked by the first winter cold, flu, the new chef and a spooky Halloween party. The raw winter air means students are huddling closer together and roughing it indoors. So have the staff, who on Tuesday held a cosy staff night with good help from the pupils.

Influenza: Rough and tumble and close quarters make for a good sharing of germs, and there have been up to 20 sick people in one day this week. But we are by no means as badly affected as many other afterschools, and this is certainly due to good cooperation between home and school, as well as careful daily cleaning. It is important that NO pupils turn up sick after the weekend and have to be sick on Monday. We also limit the risk of infection by sending sick pupils home if there are signs of a rising fever.

The new Head Chef Lars Jeppesen introduced himself to the students on Monday, and was immediately joined by 12 students to prepare a gastronomic 4-course dinner for Tuesday's staff assembly. The students knuckled down and the result was super nice and tasty.

Together with the kitchen team, Lars Jeppesen has made his mark in the student group with new ideas, such as "Vegetable of the Week", "Health Table", "Surprise of the Day" and before lunch, all students gather for a short story about the menu, the ingredients and "good manners". Thursday's Halloween Horror Dinner was a ghoulish affair with pumpkin soup, Chicken without the Body etc on the menu. On the tables there were also big bones, spider webs, chopped off fingers etc. At the following Halloween party in the old spooky gymnasium there were lots of nicely dressed monsters, scares and goofs.

The vegetable of the week has been ginger and on the healthy table, students have been drinking over 20 litres of ginger tea sweetened with honey, lemon and orange every day. It tastes strong and very healthy!

The coming week is a normal school week, except for Thursday afternoon, when there is a contact group day. It is tradition that students visit their contact teacher at home if possible, so a larger group will travel by bus to Aalborg to visit their teachers there. The afternoon is a good time for socializing and talking about life at the school, and perhaps a little talk about expectations for Christmas presents etc.

On Friday, the students will hold another student party - if there are enough volunteer parent-helpers. I think they need up to 10 parents, so on behalf of the committee I am sending out a call for people to sign up at, which helps.

Grades and Home-School Talks: 9th grade students have received an invitation to the Home-School Talks on November 20. The letter can also be read on the EDUCATION page. It only applies to the 9th grade. We would encourage people to register for the talks as soon as possible. Students will receive grades in all subjects this coming week and they have also had the opportunity to provide their input and expectations for their own grade level.

That's all for this week, have a good weekend and remember - only healthy students return!

Yours sincerely

Olav Storm

Newsletter 30 October 2009.

Dear reader!
Week 44 has been one of transition and development. We started up new profile subjects, chose new club subjects, changed student teams in the course-based teaching programmes, went further in the teaching level division in several subjects and changed the kitchen manager. The weather also changed from mild autumn to clear, cold winter air and rime frost on the morning exercise ride.
Despite these many transitions, the students are in. Everyone has been given new timetables and they seem to be taking the changes in their stride, asking questions if they are not clear.

The Friends Weekend went well and there were about 30 friends at the afterschool party all Friday to Sunday. Those who could not make it are welcome to invite for another weekend, just inform the caretaker teacher at the latest on the Monday before the weekend.

On Monday in the common meeting there was a choice of new club subjects, see the table below. Afterwards we warmed up for Sing Danish day. Monday evening was a mandatory lecture on the Constitution and voting for 9th graders - citizenship. It was a bit hard to be on again in the evening, after a long school day with new profile subjects.

Tuesday night was a rock concert with Turboweekend. They were amazing and it was a great experience.

On Wednesday, the Nepal team went on a road trip. The trip was about 18 km in pouring cold rain. The 4 teams managed all the challenges in great style, including crossing Rønbjerg Harbour in the dark. Along the way they had to find their way using GPS navigation.

On Thursday morning we were part of a 100,000-strong nationwide choir on Syng dansk dag. Together we sang Danish classics and new compositions via Danish Radio in the banquet hall.

On Thursday evening, the house fairies held a "girls' night" with girl talk, popcorn and duvets, as well as a chick flick. Reportedly, they have gathered a lot of exciting input and intend to repeat the success.

On Friday we had a special day in maths and Danish. The first standpoint grade is due soon, so there was a lot of work all over the school.

Parents' Council and Student Events Committee: met again to discuss their cooperation and the upcoming student party. News can be found on the Parents' Council page.

Educational. There has been a lot of compulsory course activity in the evenings this week, so there hasn't been much free time in the evenings and several students have noticed this. This is a positive sign of wanting more social time together and is noted.

Influenza A. This week we have had quite a few sick people with flu symptoms, and 1 has tested positive for Influenza A, but has come back healthy.
Nevertheless, we take precautions and ask that students who are not well be kept at home.

Next week there is a Halloween party on Thursday night and new club classes.

New kitchen manager and head chef:At the farewell gathering today, we said goodbye to kitchen manager Channie Jensen, who warned us in the spring that she was looking for new challenges after having helped start and shape Ranum Efterskole for the past 5 years. Channie found a new and exciting job and we had a nice farewell gathering today. In her place, we have hired Tina Madsen from the kitchen in the seminary building, where she has also previously been employed as kitchen manager. She is assisted by chef and entrepreneur Lars Jeppesen, whom we have hired in a newly created position as Kitchen Manager. You will be hearing more about this as there are many exciting ideas for further developing the school's dietary policy.

Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm Johannsen

Newsletter 23 October 2009.

Dear reader!
It was great to see all students and staff together again after the autumn holidays and travel week. There was great reunion and shared memories from the trips. The week was marked by several exciting activities, including a climate lecture, a football match between teachers and students, and presentations from the profile subject trips and elections for new club subjects next term.

Monday we started with a community gathering with a number of good stories from the profile trips, preparations for Sing Danish Day on Thursday 29 October. The home or slippers campaign has been largely successful and hopefully this will keep the newly tanned floors looking good for a long time.

Wednesday evening was a lecture and discussion on climate change with Generation K. Generation K is a collection of young enthusiasts participating in the COP15 meeting in December. They presented valuable knowledge about Denmark's climate action, as well as about the international political processes.
The climate lecture captivated all the students. A very serious, intelligent and creative debate was going on, and ten fingers were constantly raised. Our lecturer said it was the most engaged group of students he'd met in a long time - and he'd been on the road for three months!

In the profile subjects, the teams have been working on preparing and processing the experiences from the exciting travel weeks for presentation on the Friday subject day.

Teacher-pupil summit match: One of the highlights of the week in PE was certainly the match between teachers and pupils in football. The result was, first and foremost, a fairly played and atmospheric match, which showed that the students have something to train for after a 3-5 defeat. Come again!

Club subject selection. During the week, we gathered the club proposals into a ballot and on Friday the vote was taken so that the new clubs can start in the coming period. These include extra-curricular activities such as dance, hardball, hockey, music school, choir, shuffleboard, table tennis, Lego mindstorm, duel certificate etc.

Parent Council and Student Events Committee: on Sunday evening, the volunteer Parent Council held its first meeting. And just a few days later, the council has drawn up a concept for organising student parties outside school. A sub-page of this news page has also been created with news from the Parents' Council.
The next student party is being planned for 13 November and I strongly encourage parents to sign up as helpers on the above email.

Pedagogically, we are now facing the dark period, and the time when it may be difficult for more people to "stand" being away from home, to maintain focus, etc. This has meant that two students have stopped during the week. And as the same happens to other young people in other schools, we have taken on two new pupils. Fortunately, we are well equipped to guide and support young people who are struggling, and as it is girls who are particularly affected, we are working on a girls' night, with a focus on supporting each other.

Influenza A. This week, several students have become ill with flu symptoms, but it is important to stress that this has not been confirmed. Nevertheless, we are taking precautions and asking that students who are not healthy be kept home.

This weekend is Friends Weekend and over 120 students are in school. The 30 or so guests will experience weekend life at the school and have fun with their friends.

Next week there is a rock concert with Turboweekend, Tuesday evening.
On Monday, the last profile teams present their travel reports and in the afternoon the new profile classes start.
On Thursday at 11-12 we will hold Sing Danish Day together with the whole of Denmark via Danish Radio in the banquet hall. Everyone is welcome!
The Nepal team should make sure to read the Nepal information page on this site, as a tight preparation schedule awaits. On Wednesday, the team will go on a long hike to get a taste of the physical challenges that await them on their journey.

Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm Johannsen

Newsletter 10 October 2009

Dear reader!

From all sides and travellers, it has been a fantastic week of travel, tough, challenging and very exciting. It is a great pleasure that everyone is back safely and that there have been no serious accidents.
On the link below, you can find travel reports from the individual days. In week 43, the students of the profile subjects will prepare presentations with pictures and films from the trips, so that it will be possible to get a better impression of the many exciting experiences along the way.

In week 42 we have autumn holidays, and yet we are working hard on waxing and varnishing the floors in classrooms and banquet halls etc. So it's really important that all students - and staff - remember slippers after the holidays.

In week 43, all students arrive fresh and well rested on Sunday e. at 5 pm and before 9 pm.
The week includes normal classes, preparation for the presentation of the profile trips, and preparations for the new profile courses, which start in week 44. Finally, there will be elections for new clubs next term. Remember to get the Hardball permission form filled in and signed, see under Download.

Parents' Council meeting on Sunday 18 October at 19.00 in Kærhuset. Those parents who have given positive feedback about joining the volunteer Parent Council are asked to give feedback on whether they can come to the meeting. Items on the agenda will include the constitution of the Parents' Council and the announced student party on 6 November.

Have a great holiday and weekend!

Yours sincerely
Olav Storm

Dear reader!
Thanks a lot for last - to all 500 visiting parents and siblings on Saturday!
There has been a lot of positive feedback and it sounds like it was a great experience to visit your own son/daughter and be active with the other students and families. You could see for yourselves and through your young people that a lot has happened at the school and with them since the start in August.

Time has flown by with many positive and exciting challenges that have both matured and strengthened us all at Ranum Efterskole. We had many thoughts about becoming two houses in one big school, but even though there have been a few teething problems, I want to say it straight out: It's going really well!
The students have found their rhythm, and with the help of each other and the new info screens, they are navigating the school's daily life and many offers. They are good at helping each other and we have had very few pedagogically tense situations.

On Sunday we had an Open House and we had between 800 and 1000 visitors, all students were active from morning till evening. They received a lot of praise from the visitors for their commitment and great exhibitions. About 350 information folders were handed out and probably as many tours were made. I'm sure part of the reason for the large number of visitors is that you spoke positively about the school and we would like to say thank you very much for that!

In recent weeks, students have been making a number of preparations for the upcoming profile trips. The trips are to Norway for Adventuresport and to Croatia for the Riding, Diving and Sailing teams. While Music, Design and Media go to Berlin. Some very exciting and hectic days await the participants and luckily there is an autumn break afterwards so everyone can be fresh again for the next term.
It will be possible to follow some of the journeys, to the extent that the journeys allow students and teachers to write home to the website along the way. See here on the News page. Here we will also show any delays or changes as far as possible. On the News page, a page menu has been created just for travel information, where the travel letters given to students are also shown. The page is called Profilfagsreisen.

New professional, bridging and vocational weeks:
In the run-up to Christmas, there is also a lot going on: we are starting new profile courses in week 45, and after a long selection process, profile courses are now being created in Equestrian, Martial Arts, Dance, Media, Music, Life & Diet (premiere course), Gymnastics, Performance and Nepal. The overall goal for the profile subjects in 2nd period is to become proficient in certain skills, help make the Norway trip a great experience with many activities, and participate in the big Imagination and Performance project in week 6.
In weeks 47 and 49 there is compulsory bridging for all pupils in the 10th year. The students are placed in bridge-building teams and Ib Christensen would like to hear from you if there are any questions or comments. Pupils live at the school during the bridging weeks, regardless of logistical issues. Pupils in Year 9 have a vocational week in week 47 and on Wednesday 18 November there will be an opportunity for parents who need it to come to a vocational and educational orientation at the school.

The after-school clubs have been well attended in the recent period. In the next period from week 43 until Christmas, new clubs will be joining and the Hardball club in particular is drawing many interested people. Therefore, we encourage you to decide whether your boy/girl can participate in this activity and confirm this by handing in a signed acceptance. It can be downloaded from the website under the Download tab.

Slippers: during the winter period from the autumn holidays to Easter, all students and teachers must wear slippers in the Seminary building.

Bicycles: all pupils must have bicycle lights if they are to use a bicycle in their profile subjects. Horse girls will be provided with a driving scheme when winter time arrives at the end of October.

Parents' Council: 4 parents have applied for the Parents Council and it would be great if 2-3 more could attend about 3-4 meetings over the year. The purpose is to, amongst other things, support the pupils in their initiatives for pupil celebrations and to give feedback to the headteacher and the school about the pupils' and parents' experiences throughout the school year.

Guestbook on the website: from the weekend, a guestbook will be available on our website, which can be used to write comments that can be shared with others. We have also talked about a parent log-in for the website, but as we prefer full transparency about the school, school life and information in general, the need may not be so great.

That's all for this time! Remember to enjoy your lovely afterschool boy/girl this weekend, and during the autumn holidays. We look forward to seeing them for travel departure, be sure to arrive early!

Best regards and have a great weekend!
Olav Storm

NB: Remember to mark your calendar for the 9th grade parent-teacher conferences on Friday 20 November. And parent-teacher conferences for 10. Friday 11 December.

Newsletter of 25 September 2009

It's been a great week, with lots of activity and preparations for the upcoming weekend, which includes Parents' and Siblings' Day on Saturday, as well as the Open House on Sunday.
Today, Friday, we had Science Day and there has been a lot of activity inside and outside. Among other things, the students have made some exhibits for Parents' Day, Saturday.
Tonight half the school goes to the cinema in Løgstør to see "Hangover in Las Vegas", it's a pure fun and community trip, and on Saturday the other half goes.
We are very excited to have visitors this weekend and the students are keen to show off the school.

The Parents and Siblings Day, Saturday, will be a big event, We have registrations from about 450 guester. So we're all gathering in the main hall of the Multicultural Centre for a joint launch and some entertainment. This is followed by contact group meetings for the Seminary House and then lunch before students take their parents and siblings to explore the profile subjects. The contact groups in the Seminary House will meet after lunch. Activities run from 1pm to 3pm. And before returning home, there will be a presentation on the Nepal project at 3pm for those interested in the project in the Festival Hall.

Sunday is Afterschool Day from 1-5 p.m. We expect many interested families to attend and welcome everyone to the gathering at 1 p.m. in the Ballroom. There will then be guided tours and every hour there will again be presentations about the school's profile and values in the Festival Hall, as well as films and pictures. Students and staff have prepared small exhibitions and presentations around the school, and the riding girls are ready to show around and tell at Rønbjerg Stables. Barbecues are set up in the courtyard and the South Garden, and refreshments are available in both the canteen and the dining hall.

The profile trips await, and Thursday is off-peak due to the weekend activities and the students have to prepare the last before the departure on Sunday. On the Profile Trips tab, parents and students will find relevant information about travel plans and packing lists etc. It is possible to follow the news here on the News page, where teams write home from Croatia, Berlin and Norway as far as possible. We know that this first trip makes a big difference in the stay of most students and hope that you will have the opportunity to share the adventure a little with each other in the following autumn holidays.

Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm

Newsletter of 18 September 2009

Dear reader!
High skies and clear September air over Vesthimmerland. We enjoy the last bright autumn days. Adventure has been to the Adventurerace, swimming the race and cycling. The divers have been in the fjord and the horse girls had more riding lessons and jumping teacher Daniel Cassøe as a teacher. Most of the students have been in the class for almost 14 days, and tonight this student team will hold their first "Student Party" in collaboration with over 15 volunteer parents and adult siblings. There is a good energy in the student group socially and it is positive to experience that there is also a strong focus on getting something out of the lessons. Expectations for the profile trips to Croatia, Norway and Berlin are high among both pupils and teachers.

In the coming week we have normal classes and besides the profile subjects we are preparing for the big visit weekend. On Saturday we expect many parents and siblings to take the day to meet their youngsters in activity and have a chat with the contact teachers, as well as meeting other parents.
On Sunday we will have an open house on the Afterschool Day from 13-17 and we expect a lot of interested people for the coming years. The students are the hosts and have already proven that they are super good at showing around and telling about their stay. The following week, there will be no classes on Friday so that everyone can do the final preparations before the profile trips start in week 41. See links to parent and participant information on the News page.

Lecture with Doctor Peter Duedahl. On Tuesday, our local doctor gave a very interesting and informative talk about young people, health and illness. He caught the interest of the young people and aroused their curiosity about their own lifestyle and health. The programme was organised by the House Fairies and part of the overall theme of the period, Existentialism.

Student party - outside the school: the student party committee has been working hard on the planning and reports that they are ready. As before, I stress that the party will be held outside the school and that it is impressive that over 170 young people have signed up with the short notice. This indicates a really good and strong community. I hope that parents and students will manage to find each other tomorrow morning, and look forward to welcoming all students rested on Sunday e.17.00.

We need 6 boat engines! The bad news of the week was that for the second year in a row we had all 6 Suzuki 4HK boat engines stolen from our fleet of sailboats in the harbour. Despite the best locks, the thieves managed to break the engines free. It took a lot out of the students, but we have found a solution until the practical tests of the certificate of proficiency.

Watch the new Nepal film "On top of the world - in sandals" Shot on the trip in February 2009 by Deluca Film. The film is available for download. Parents and siblings day on Saturday is a prelude to the next profile 15.10 in the banquet hall.

Socially, as written, things are going well! However, we have seen 2 students drop out due to a long term injury and a change of school. Therefore, we currently have two student places available and if you know someone who would like to challenge themselves this school year already, we are ready to take them on!

If you know someone who would like to come to Ranum Efterskole in the coming school years, it is important to reserve a place, especially for 2010-11. We will be printing a revised version of our profile newspaper in the coming week and will be happy to send it out to those who may be interested.
We would be delighted if you could tell your friends and colleagues about the school and let them know that there will be an Open Day on Sunday.

Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm

Newsletter 11 September 2009.

Thank you to those of you who came to the school's 5th birthday celebrations on Saturday. We had a really nice day!

The week has gone well with good activity in all areas. The highlights have been the concert on Tuesday evening and the lecture by Anders Pedersen from TravelApe, who spoke into the students' minds and contributed with a better self-awareness and tools to become a world champion in his own life. On Thursday we played a match against IK-Vest, the result was honourable.

Many students have shown interest in more kayak courses, so we have hired a guest instructor and created an additional course.

New digital information boards in the hallways and houses now display the day's schedule, messages and upcoming events.

Socially, we unfortunately had to send one student home after the school lost confidence in future cooperation.

This weekend there is a diving course in Fjerritslev swimming pool and many students at the school.
It's great and creates a good bond, because at the weekend there's more time to have fun.

Next week there will be a lecture by Doctor Peter Duedahl and elections for the 2nd profile term.

We have given students a letter of invitation to Parents and Siblings Day on September 26 and hope it reaches everyone at home. Otherwise it can be found at the link below.

Yours sincerely

Olav Storm

Newsletter 5 September 2009

The week has been quiet and peaceful, with good spirits and many preparations for the birthday celebrations on Friday and Saturday. Ranum Efterskole's 5th birthday and anniversary were celebrated with 3 big and beautiful events.

On Friday, we invited all students from Ranum School to the RE Space Journey, where our students took all 200 young people on a super community trip into space. In just 2 hours, the youngest classes put on a really great and imaginative performance with music, stomp, gymnastics and role play. The spectators were the older pupils, who had previously been on an activity-packed cooperation tour around Ranum Efterskole. In the evening we had an American inspired harvest party, where all students danced line dance in the Multicultural House after a good dinner with spareribs, corn on the cob and baked potatoes. Afterwards, there were cowboy games in the school yard with horseshoes, rubber boots, apple contests and music. The evening ended with a festive disco by TOKS USdisco, which played dance music while the students bravely battled with the set-up rodeo bull.

On Saturday morning we held a small open house for the school community, local citizens and 1st year students. All the pupils took part in the activity, showing around and performing in the banquet hall. On the occasion of the 5th anniversary, we inaugurated the large gable painting by the artist Christian Gundtoft at the entrance to the ballroom. Read more about the painting on the links below.
The gathering in the banquet hall featured a joint march-in by the boys and girls on either side of the hall, while the house song The Tree of Life was sung at full volume. This was followed by an enriching speech by priest, artist and local politician Ninni Gjessing Lohdal, who was the school's first woman governor. After seeing the music team play 2 numbers, the dance team took to the floor and gave a great performance. The assembly ended with a few speeches and a song before the students were let loose for an extended weekend.

Socially, it has been great to experience the togetherness and energy around the birthday events. There is a big difference in how mature and brave the students are, but they are really good at taking each other on and completing a challenge. Unfortunately, we have a small group of students who are running on the edge of school rules and boundaries and this led to an appeal on Friday for all students to hold on tightly to each other or this group will slip out of the community and out of school. Friday was morning exercise for all, as 2 pupils did not turn up for morning exercise on one of the first 4 days of the week.

This week we also had a new Student Council and Events Team. We have not held elections, therefore the student council is quite large, but there are also many tasks, for example, school clothing, student kiosk, input for the school days, etc. To tune the student council work, we had a visit on Thursday from two representatives of DSE Danske Skole Elever, who gave an informative presentation on student politics to the council. I look forward to working with the student council, which has Kirsten and Kathrine as sparring partners.

The profile trips are fast approaching and below you will find links to travel information for the Imagination teams in Dance, Media and Music who are going to Berlin. In addition, there is a link to an important information letter for the diving team about a staycation weekend this coming weekend.
Travel information to Croatia: diving, sailing and horseback riding, will be published with the next Newsletter, Friday.

In the next two weeks we will have chosen new profile subjects for the 2nd profile period from November to February. In the coming week, students will be involved in the creative process of shaping proposals and providing input for the next profile subjects. Many are given in advance based on the expressions of interest, but there may well be exciting news.

Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm

Newsletter 28.09.09

Dear reader!
Happy and somewhat refreshed, all students returned to Ranum Efterskole on Sunday evening. The first regular academic week has gone well. Most have now learned to navigate around the school from class to class, and daily routines have been established around assemblies, meals, homework and clubs. Patterns are also forming socially and more are finding their way between houses and meeting in clubs.

The past week: Monday to Thursday noon has been a regular schedule with book and profile subjects. On Thursday afternoon everyone had a contact group day, where they had the opportunity to have fun together and talk about the first course.

The clubs started on Monday after they were announced at the community meeting. Activities now include Spanish, kayaking, design, jewellery, racing, motocross, football, wellbeing, Lego Mindstorm, music school and shuffle. Many of the clubs were quickly oversubscribed. This is only a positive challenge and we are working to create more teams and distribute the activities. Approximately 85 % of all students are in a club. A large proportion of those not in clubs are the horse girls. In racing there are enough participants for two boats and we can lend students to other boats in Rønbjerg Sailing Club. In kayak, extra teams are created with a guest teacher. The same will happen in Lego Mindstorm, which will compete in a regional competition in Aalborg on Friday 4 September.

Socially, students generally get along well and there have only been a few room changes since the start of school. Two pupils have returned home and 2 pupils have started. A couple of pupils have been sent home for clarification due to behaviour that showed a lack of respect and recognition by others. Obviously this is food for thought, but after clarification it is our expectation that the pupil discovers the value of the community we have at school and learns to become part of it. The kitchen only served fruit for morning refreshments. This was unfortunate because many students look forward to that. Based on student reaction, I estimate that many students will remind each other to clean up the cafeteria in the future.

Next week there is a normal schedule until Friday, when the subject group day is replaced by a big birthday event for some 230 pupils from Ranum School. The theme is RE Space Travel and pupils are building an approximately 4 metre high space rocket, as well as practising dances and songs etc.
On Friday evening we will have a birthday party for all students with a band and a performance.
On Saturday morning we will celebrate our 5th birthday and hold a local open house, all students will join us to show around, entertain and sing a birthday song.
The day will also see the opening of the new large gable painting above the entrance to the Festival Hall. The artist Christian Gundtoft has been working on the painting since July and despite the changeable weather, the painting was finished in time for the birthday.
Students have stay-cation on Saturday until noon and can leave for the weekend from 1pm.
Monday is a day off, so students should not be back at school until 5pm.

Best regards and have a nice weekend
Olav Storm

Newsletter Friday 21 August 2009

The first weeks have gone beyond all expectations, and after the teacher group evaluated the student group and the start-up process yesterday, I can only say that we have a lot of positive things to look forward to in the coming school year!

All students have received a letter home to their parents, and a little unconventionally I have chosen to put it here below. It expresses in its entirety the excitement that has filled the entire intro period.

The past week has been marked by school, profile subjects and not least many preparations for the big Intro Gala party with themed Colours.

On Sunday, all students took turns installing networks on their laptops and for some hours it was quite quiet, exchanging news and impressions with friends and family through cyperspace.

The divers were given a training pool on their home turf. A group of 18 students helped clean and paint the old swimming pool in Ranum on Saturday. On Sunday we set up a large pool for diving training. This has now solved an acute problem after the year's swimming pool was closed with immediate effect. It is a temporary solution, but it seems to work.

On Monday we also had the first big assembly with singing and storytelling, as well as some practical information from the students' party committee. During the evening all the boys got a ball card with pictures on it and then the big cavalry hunt started.

Tuesday we had room cleaning and teacher assembly for the first time. Although some only start when the teacher comes to approve, the result was respectable.
In the evening we had a fantastic concert experience with AJ Shanti from the USA. She played in the banquet hall for 200 clapping youngsters and even after the obligatory part of the programme was over - the banquet hall was still filled with enthusiastic listeners.

On Wednesday, everyone was keen to get ready for the evening's Intro Galla party and after school and profile classes, all the boys gathered for Gentleman's classes while the girls got ready and decorated the ballroom.
Before dinner there was a viewing of the beautiful colour-themed pictures that the students painted on Sunday. The paintings hang in the Seminary House in the west wing. The dinner was held together and with a nice 3 course menu. Everyone was beaming in many festive and colourful dresses and outfits.
After dinner, there was entertainment, singing, student bands and a photo session before the band TREO took to the stage to rock the house down until bedtime. The dance floor was packed for most of the evening and the atmosphere was great. Thanks for a great party to the party committee - who were also voted pupils of the week at the Thursday assembly.

On Thursday there was no morning exercise, and after school and profile classes there was a contact group meeting and farewell gathering. Only about 20 students had to go home by bus, so there was almost a traffic jam around the school when all students had to be picked up. It was really nice to see that many parents had arranged carpooling for the students. Before the weekend started, the pupils got their mobiles back and numbers were exchanged all over the place!

We look forward to seeing everyone again on Sunday!

Best regards and have a great weekend.

Olav Storm

Dear parents and students!

It has been a real pleasure to start the new school year with you! From the first afternoon and all the way through the Introugen, we have felt that you really want this afterschool year. Surprisingly few have shown any signs of insecurity or homesickness, even though this is a perfectly natural feeling when you move away from home.

We really appreciate your positive engagement and good mood!

During the intro period, you have had to get to know both the rhythm of after-school life and a whole lot of new friends. It's always different how you prioritise, but from the headmaster's point of view, you've focused just right and quickly found your rhythm in the house, in teaching and in the profile subjects. Everything has been largely new and that can be a challenge for many. When it has been difficult, we have encouraged you to fight on and many have won a victory over themselves. Moved a boundary and learned a little more about how much is gained by not letting desire and impulse rule everything. You probably thought that sometimes it was hard and it might have been a tough Intro expedition, but we are proud of you and you have passed the first tough test this year!

I think you parents can afford to be proud too! We have never had so few concerned parents as this year, despite the fact that there are more of us in the school. Instead, you have broken the record in Vesthimmerland. Several days you have filled an entire mail truck. It's a great way to show that you support and care about your teenagers at school. The message is clear: keep sending letters and parcels!

You will hopefully get many stories from the first days when the youngsters wake up sometime on Friday and if not - it is possible to follow the life at the school on the Newsletter on the school website. It will not be sent out electronically yet, but can be read on Friday or Saturday depending on my schedule.
Remember to mark your calendars for Parents and Siblings Day on 26 September.

We hope that you will have a nice weekend together and we look forward to seeing you again on Sunday between 17th and 21st. It is very important that you fill in the weekend list already on arrival, Sunday. And finally, I would ask that you bring your passport and hand it in to the house teacher on Sunday evening.

Thanks for a great week, intro-expedition and Gallafest. And have a great weekend, see you Sunday!

Best regards and on behalf of all staff!

Olav Storm

Newsletter Sunday 16 August 2009

Dear reader!

We're off to a great start! Since Sunday, all the students have been busy taking in the school and being introduced to life as an after-school student.
The Intro Week has been a great social success and the atmosphere has been very positive. We notice that the students are happy with the new apartments and that they are bonding across the houses. The first few days we were excited to see how dining situations and assemblies would go with more students in the house. But lunch has gone beyond expectations, especially after we expanded from two to three lunches. The banquet hall is a great gathering space and in a short time everyone can be together and ready for community gatherings, etc. There has been a lot of activity all week and after the mini-expedition on Friday to Saturday, everyone is relaxing and having a well-deserved day off, taking it in turns to get their laptops ready for the intra and internet.

The week that passed: Monday and Tuesday contained a lot of information, and some big questions. Among other things, students had the opportunity to address some case studies of issues in after-school life. These were familiar situations such as breaking the common rules on smoking, bullying, alcohol, sex etc. The big dilemma in the cases was, what can the teachers, what can I do - and what can we in the peer group do - to have a good community and help a student back who is on the way to slipping out of school through breaking rules and frameworks. Students discussed, among other things, how to have an internal talk and whether to do it without adults or involve adults. Students were given a small strip of paper and if they handed the whole strip back they would use adults in conflict resolution, but if they handed half a strip they would prefer to deal with conflict between friends. 193 students handed in a whole strip and 13 students chose to keep a half strip. Over the course of the year, we will see whether the 13 students will need adult help in conflicts and whether we can build the trust and mutual respect that can build the necessary bridge in the afterschool experience. Of course, the young person's reaction and need for adult dialogue will differ from situation to situation, but the experiment is nevertheless a healthy exercise and we look forward to the challenge.

On Monday there was a school run and a city tour for all contact groups. The grocery store provided an ice cream and spirits were high. Tuesday afternoon was a bike ride in the local area, swimming and ice cream in Rønbjerg, and a visit to Vitskøl Monastery.

On Wednesday and Thursday, profile subjects, physical education and book subjects all started. Students were divided into teams and over the next few weeks the subject teams will be formed for the first term. The evening entertainment and activity on Tuesday was a terrific teacher and student rock interaction in the banquet hall, and on Wednesday boys and girls crossed paths and visited each other in the rooms. It will now be a daily, and for some, tough exercise in drawing the line at how much visiting there should be in a room. If that doesn't quite work and a student feels there is too much unrest in a room without being able to say no, the house teachers are ready to set the limits.

Friday morning there was no morning exercise, as all students had been away for the first 3 days. (Monday was cancelled due to thunderstorms: lightning struck several places in Ranum town). During the morning everyone got ready to go on an expedition around Vilsted Lake. It was a very nice bike ride, but some students had to drop out due to bad bikes, flat tires, old injuries, etc. One student was stung by a bee and was allergic. He had to be picked up by an ambulance, but returned to school after a few hours. A girl fainted and was also picked up by an ambulance, this had happened before to her with no explanation previously so she was admitted for observation and diagnosis. Otherwise it was a challenging trip with students camping by the forest, lake and sea. The atmosphere at the campfire was great, but at 2 o'clock the rain came and the rest of the trip was somewhat wet.

Saturday was summer fun and activities with Imagination paintings, hockey, airtrack jumping, ball games and movie night. 15 students helped yours truly clean up the old swimming pool and did a great job. Now the hall is painted and swept ready for the divers to take their first test in a pool in their Padi course.

We are experiencing a really nice student team, where of course there are also a few who have had difficulties leaving home and a few who have already challenged the rules and framework. One girl decided on Sunday evening to go back to some of her friends - without telling us or her parents. This caused some concern, so now she will be a stay at home mom for the rest of the year.

This coming week, Monday and Tuesday are book subjects and profile subjects. The horse team's guest teachers will start on Monday and on Tuesday evening we will be visited by a band a.j shanti:
On Wednesday, in addition to classes, there will also be a prelude to the big Intro Galla party with the theme Colours. The students have already formed a party committee and after dinner there will be live music and a disco.

I would like to end the first newsletter of this school year by wishing you a very happy Sunday and all parents can start looking forward to hearing about the first intro weeks on Thursday.

Yours sincerely

Olav Storm