Newsletter 9 September 2011

Dear reader!
This week, we have mainly focused on the academic teaching, the profile subjects and the preparations for the big election meeting, which was held in the banquet hall this morning. The weather has been rather windy and kept the sailors in the theory room, but in the evenings there have been a variety of activities.
Monday evening we held a small Master Fatman evening, where the focus was on good karma in the rooms and the opportunity to discuss how the room works best with cleaning, tidying, guests etc. For many it was a really enjoyable evening and for some rooms a bigger and longer challenge.

In the assembly on Tuesday, the focus was on recognition and trust, two concepts that are central to building a good school and a good community in the rooms. The French team presented their current theme about Democracy, and afterwards there were presentations for profile subjects and expeditions in the 2nd period. The case of the missing keys is still unsolved, a set of keys has been received, and maybe there are 2 more in circulation. We are taking the necessary precautions so that any misuse will be quickly detected. Tuesday evening our new guest teacher from China Shihi started teaching one of two classes in Chinese language and culture. It promises to be a great success as we have already signed up for another class on Thursday!

Wednesday evening was the Gala Video Festival with a great atmosphere and many great home-made films. The gastronomy team started the evening with great drinks for everyone and lovely food. It was guest teacher Carl's last evening this time around, he will be back later in the autumn and will be missed until then!

Thursday evening was the traditional harvest festival with a harvest dinner, rodeo bull riding, horseshoe toss and boot dancing. It was festive and fun! And it's important to remember the changing of the seasons and follow the tradition of marking the harvest.

Friday's election meeting in the ballroom with the top local candidates. It's always challenging to make politics exciting, but when it's up close and personal and right in front of you on stage, you can succeed.

Siblings' Weekend beats all records!
There are over 80 siblings registered and it is a fantastic record. The age range is approx. 20 months to 20 years! An exciting programme has been planned, where the students are responsible for a guided tour, social evening, night run and film fun, as well as joint activities on Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon there is a circus workshop, which culminates in a performance for everyone - and especially for the parents who pick up siblings at approx. 15.15.

Choice for the 2nd profile subject period: The theme of this period is Globalisation and World Citizen and students can propose and choose from a range of profile subject expeditions. Alongside these, there are also 2 days of skills and movement subjects. The choice must be made by 1 October and preferably before. There will be presentations and the opportunity to get more detailed information at the parents and siblings day on 24 September.

The new profile newspaper is ready and ready for distribution by happy current and former students. The newspaper contains several news including a new profile subject in Circus Imagination, Africa expedition and an opportunity to specialise in Chinese in the International class from 2012. The newspaper is available in pdf. format on the website and you are welcome to request printed copies.

We are warming up for the Open House on Efterskolernes dag on 25 September, and hope that you will send the invitation and possibly take a stack of newspapers to your networks at workplaces, schools, etc. Many current and former students have promised to distribute newspapers in their local area, and we will reward them with a cinema ticket and a big thank you!

In the coming week we will once again focus on academic teaching and in the profile subjects the students will receive information about the upcoming profile subject trips in week 41. The excitement is high and the pieces have fallen into place for the trips to Berlin, France, the Czech Republic and Copenhagen. The information will also be posted on the website under TRAVEL.

Pupils in the 10th grade must choose subjects for the Bridge Programme by the end of the week.

Yours truly is in China to find new ways for Ranum Efterskole, and follow on the web!

Parents' day and interviews on 24 September.

Programme 09-12. Parental interviews with contact teacher.
10. Information on profile trips in the Banqueting Hall
Orientation and education and professions in local 156
11. Information on profile subject trips in the main hall in room 156
Orientation and education and professions in local 156

11-13 Lunch in the canteen

13.-15.30 Specialised subjects and activities for all.
15.30 Orientation on diving in the 3rd period in Festsal'

The contact teacher will arrange the time for the parents' interview.

Register for activities online under Contact.
(We can recommend more accommodation in the local area if you want to come a day earlier or stay until Sunday)

Best regards and have a great weekend.

Ib and Olav