Newsletter 2 September

Dear reader!

Despite the fact that the remnants of Hurricane Irene blew over Ranum and Rønbjerg at the beginning of the week, it has been a lovely week with Wook dinner in the canteen, barbecue in Sydhaven, clubs in the evening, Contact Group afternoon and a great lecture by Anders Kofoed Pedersen from Anders put into words the challenges of being an afterschool student and teenager, and really knew how to reach each student with his great energy and clear points. This is the 6th time Anders has visited Ranum Efterskole and each time he brings the whole school together around a common awareness, where everyone feels responsible for taking care of each other and strengthening the community.

The profile subjects have been busy during the week. The dancers have recorded a nice video of their training sessions ( See facebook) and in Design the students are finishing their Art-chair project. In Media they are working on a design concept for the RE shop and many other exciting creative tasks. During the week we have also been working on renewing the RE Profile magazine so that it is ready for distribution next week. The newspaper focuses on Ranum Efterskole, the academic education, the profile subjects, the social life and the students' experiences during the year. There is more news and especially the new profile subject Cirkus Imagination will create a lot of attention. It brings together the creative subjects in a common project and students will have the opportunity to try their hand at acrobatics, juggling, line dancing, performance and clowning. We have established a collaboration with the circus factory around visiting teachers and circus schools in Europe. Read more about the new profile subject in the newspaper when it comes out next week.

we have also had a small circus and the need to find an openness and to stand together. On Wednesday, 4 cell phones were removed from an office and it seems that more teacher key sets are proliferating among students. The keys are presumably handed down from previous years, but could gain access to offices, for example. This is exciting, but also absolutely serious. The mobile phones and one set have turned up and we now expect the last 2 sets to be handed in by Tuesday morning. The alternative is that we have to spend a lot of money to change the locks and key system in the school. We are banking on being able to trust that the pupils are united in getting the keys back!

In the coming week the focus is mainly on the academic subjects and the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Friday 9 September Ranum Efterskole invites you to a open electoral meeting 

10-12 in the Festival Hall.

The electoral meeting is of course for our own students, but all other interested are very welcome to participate, ask the candidates questions and listen in.
We have managed to get all parties to participate and almost all parties have chosen to prioritise our voter meeting so much that they are sending their Himmerlands candidate. Among these candidates are several current members of parliament (marked with "MF"). At the time of writing, we have yet to name the Liberal Alliance candidate, but the others are:

Social Democrats: Flemming Møller Mortensen (MF)
RV: Leon Sebbelin (Parliamentary candidate in Mariagerfjord)
Conservatives: Dorte Jepsen
SF: Pernille Vigsø Bagge (MF)
DF: Rikke Karlsson
KD: Jens Ove Kjeldsen
Left: Per Bisgaard (MF)
Enhedslisten: Stine Søby Kristensen

This Friday, a visiting teacher from China arrives to live and work at the school for the next few months. We will make a presentation in a later newsletter.
Sunday evening there is meeting of the voluntary parents' council, where representatives from last year's Parents' Council and Student Party Committee will share their experiences. The meeting will be held at 19:00 in the canteen of the Seminary Building.
On Thursday, I will travel to China to make contacts for the profile subject China and establish a cooperation with AFS in Beijing, so that Chinese young people can come to Ranum and we can travel to China. The pedagogical management is done by Ib Christensen, Niels Kjær and the pedagogical team.

Friday afternoon and Saturday there is Siblings Weekend. About 60 siblings have registered and together with the students we are planning a nice weekend. Saturday afternoon there is Circus Imagination, with guest teachers from the Circus Factory. We end the Sisters' Weekend with a Circus performance at 15.15. Everyone is welcome! See more info in the Friday newsletter.
It's going to be a great week!

Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm