Newsletter 26.August

The first "regular" after-school started on Sunday evening, as students waited to return from a well-deserved extended weekend. The joy of reunion was palpable and the noise level correspondingly high on Sunday evening and it was clear that the students had missed each other over the weekend.

During the week, we worked mainly with the academic subjects and the profile subjects. On Sunday evenings, pupils chose evening clubs for the first term until the autumn holidays, and each evening there are 2-3 different club subjects ranging from football, golf, gamers club, film club, dance and music to baking club, build-your-own-skateboard and girls-talk. New clubs will be added during the fall and they will change with the season. The most important thing is that there is a connection to the clubs and therefore people are expected to show up.

Pupils can feel that the academic subjects are in progress and there is some pressure on school work. It can be difficult to find a rhythm with lots of activities and homework, but most are finding their way to using homework time and time after clubs to prepare for the following day. Homework time is also fun time and room time, so it also helps to bring the school together.

Thursday night was a double bill with Warhound and Roxy Batz, who released her new album the same night. It was her first concert in Europe, and although the crowd was a bit exhausted after a day, it was a really nice evening, with all sales of soft drinks and sweets in the bar going to Africa Now collection on TV2 and DR1 on Saturday.

Thursday saw the premiere of the new floorball equipment, and as the picture shows, the goalkeepers are well protected behind the new suits. In martial arts, over 50 students worked up a sweat for an hour and a half with guest teacher and coach Rene Nielsen.

Friday morning most of us were a bit bombed, but still there was morning exercise and after breakfast 4 hours of Citizenship on Democracy. In the middle of the morning lessons, the Prime Minister called an election - I guess you could call that updating the lessons. Now we'll be busy organising political debates between representatives of the parties and debating with the pupils over the next 3 weeks.

Pedagogically, we have continued the fantastic positive start. We sorted out some night endings the previous weekend and the educational team has decided to build confidence through kitchen service every evening for the next 4 weeks. In the community meeting I have focused on the conflict staircase and given examples of dialogue solutions. The common goal is pedagogically to insist that we can talk about the problems and solve them through building trust and mutual respect.

This weekend there are more than 120 students at the school and there is a town party in Ranum Multikulturhus. The students will participate in the football tournament and otherwise it's all fun and relaxation before the afterschool week starts again.

Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm

NB: The Voluntary Parents' Council held its first meeting on Sunday. We had a nice dialogue about the tasks and challenges of the Council.
On behalf of the Council, I encourage other parents to sign up to help the Parents' Council. The next meeting will be on Sunday 4 September at 7pm in the Village Hall. Please email me if you would like to join us.

Remember that there is registration for the Siblings Weekend on the website - on the Contact page.