Newsletter on 19 August

Today it's quiet at Ranum Efterskole, only 4 students are left, and all the others are home for a break after almost 14 days of full programme. It has been a great start and the students have shown that they want Ranum Efterskole 100%. The first week was mainly spent introducing the students to the daily life and structure of the school. In the last week we have tested if the framework, the schedule and the students worked together, and it has turned out that both the team division, the 250 individual schedules and the daily rhythm actually work really well.
Thank you to all parents and friends who have sent parcels and letters large and small. You certainly helped a lot to make the start soft, sweet and pleasant! Please keep sending a little goodness in between!

Last week
slipped into the new week with a smashing Introfest on Friday night, where students decorated the canteen to the highest standard ever. Prior to the party, students had pulled a date in the other house, and although not everyone got together, the joint photo shoot was a festive start to the Introfest. Dinner was themed "Lady and the Tramp" and after a good romp with the meatballs, everyone gathered for dancing and a variety of contact group presentations in the ballroom. Saturday was profile day, with plenty of time to bond over activities, and in the evening students gathered in the World Room and the banquet hall for cinema and fun. On Sunday the students had IT lessons and were connected to the internet, Moodle ( learning platform ), printer and student server.

Monday to Thursday have offered regular academic classes in the morning and in the afternoon there has been full speed ahead in the many profile subjects. The sailors finished the first days by participating in the race in Rønbjerg and got a nice 3rd place. Tuesday evening was Seminar House Night, where the students of Kærhuset visited their new friendship rooms.

Pedagogical we have again seen that students across the whole community and between the houses, contact groups and in the teaching teams have managed to find smaller communities with room for the individual. This provides a good sense of calm and strengthens the community. There have been only minor problems with home vee and this has been dealt with in close collaboration between the contact teacher, the home and the house fairies. On Tuesday morning we held a community gathering at the Imagination Loft. A pupil first entertained solo on guitar, to roaring applause. In line with this start, yours truly followed up with a presentation about the school's values, focusing on the importance of developing oneself in a committed community. We talked about having freedom and confidence and managing it positively, as well as how important it is to dare to set goals and enter into a community to develop together in, for example, everyday life, in teaching, as well as in the profile subjects and on the profile subject trips throughout the school year.
The backdrop for the presentation was the large gable picture on the Imagination Loft and as the students left the room they walked past the transformation mirror behind the secret door. Now they have looked themselves in the eye and many will reflect on this experience and perhaps see a difference when we finish the school year by looking themselves in the eye in the Tree of Life mirror again.

Mobile phones is for most a strong symbol of freedom and independence. For the first two weeks, we did not have mobile phones at school and during those two weeks, we and the students noticed that this had a positive effect on social interaction. The idea was that pupils would hand in their mobiles again on Sunday for a further 2 weeks, but we have decided to show pupils the confidence and recognition that they can keep their mobiles in future. The only condition is that they accept the mobile culture agreed at school. As well as that they show responsibility towards the duties that are also part of afterschool life regarding cleaning and tidying. Therefore, the students now have their mobile phones and this also increases safety in the profile subjects, on the return journey and especially with regard to night duty calls.

In the coming week the students will be back at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday evening. As this is the first time this school year, please remember to write that students are expected to have eaten dinner from home. During the week there will be academic classes and profile classes. On Monday evenings, the many new club offers for pupils start in the evenings and there is a homework café in the Kærhuset.

Thursday sees a big double live rock concert with American singer Roxy Batz and Warhound.

On Sunday evening, the first meeting of the Voluntary Parents' Council will take place at 7pm in the Kærhuset. I have invited the parents who have handed in an interest form, but if there are more interested, you are very welcome to come or send an email.

We look forward to seeing everyone again for a great week!

Yours sincerely
Olav Storm

NB. Remember to decide where next weekend will be held before Sunday evening, and remember to sign up for Siblings weekend on 9-10 September.

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