10. GYM

Turn up the professionalism

At 10. GYM you will have the highest academic level in Danish, English, Mathematics, Social Studies and History. You do projects in Science and General Language Comprehension and have electives in Media or Music.

Select 10. GYM course if you want to be taught at the highest professional level by teachers with competences in secondary education. This course is for those who have considered going straight from 9th grade to upper secondary education and who like to be challenged academically and take an active part in learning.

I 10. GYM you will be taught in teams with other students who also want as many challenges as possible during the afterschool year.

At the end of the 10th GYM course, you can choose to register as an independent student at a secondary school and thus apply for credit for the first year of upper secondary education, provided that your course is recognised by the principal. The school helps with this process.

Teaching in 10. GYM follows the general regulations for upper secondary education, and thus the academic level is mainly above the level of the 10th grade. The pupil has the same amount of academic teaching, profile and cultural subjects, and travel time as all other pupils in the 10th grade. Teachers and students aim to include electives, profile and cultural subjects, and travel in the academic activities and curriculum.

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Can you go in 10. GYM and still have a "real" year of afterschool?

There are a total of 43 afterschool weeks in the year. Of these, there are approximately 35 "normal" school weeks. The rest are Intro/Outro, IBO, Performance Week and Travel Weeks. These weeks are also included in the academic programmes as part of the practical reflection and practice in each subject. So you won't miss out on after-school life, and if you need extra time or quiet to prepare for classes, there are several afternoons available for study time.

10. GYM teachers

Annemette Bach



Mette Støttrup

Media Studies


Peter Friis Andersen

Natural Sciences Basic Course & Biology


Mette Rødbro



Teacher Liv Inken Gunnarsen

Liv Inken Gunnarsen

Social science


Jess Frost Sørensen