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This subject will focus on the introduction to the cultural, environmental and societal diversity of Thailand. The geography of Thailand means that the range of how the country has developed and what it can offer is very wide compared to many other countries. You will find mountains, cliffs, jungle, rice fields, waterfalls, islands, beaches - sometimes within a relatively short distance as well. The cultural difference from the North to the South - or even from the East to the West can be seen in language, traditions, art, architecture, religion and food. This subject will look at Thai culture, history, heritage as well as modern society - latter with a focus on environment, nature, marine life, sustainability and lifestyle(s).  

One of our methods will be to visit schools and if possible - stay locally during our travel, as well as working closely together with local non-for-profit organisations - among other to volunteer in different projects.  



In class, we will work with different themes and issues in order to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of Thailand as well as its culture(s). In doing so, we may invite guest teachers to teach us to do a bit of Muey Thai, cook a few Thai dishes or learn a few Thai phrases. We will also work with more serious issues such an inequality, LGTBQ+ rights/culture, religion etc. Depending on how the subject develops in the given year. Another important theme is environment and nature - so we will work with the UN Development Goals and different environmental experts or organisations to learn and understand more about the relationship between humans and nature. 



REC has a strong bond to Thailand - both in terms of the many students that come from Thailand every year, our partners and previous culture travels. 

The former travels have had different focus areas and hence culture travel destinations have varied between the different travels. Following is a short description of the Culture travel that took place in 2023. 


Thailand - Culture, Nature & Sailing 2023 

The programme was divided into 2 parts - a part on land and a part on water. Common denominator was focussing on nature, environmental sustainability, animal/marine life and preservation as well as culture/lifestyle - but seen from the different persepctives of being on land and being on water. 

On land students engaged in a school visit to UWC Thailand, volunteered in different projects such as animal rescue, womens shelter and hiked through the jungle with rangers to learn more about Gibbons and the preservation of these. 

On water students explored the waters around Phuket - focussing on marine life, environmental sustainability and Thai lifestyle on the islands and coasts. With sailing, it is important to work closely together with the Skipper and participate in all aspects of the running of a boat - from cooking and cleaning to navigation and sailing. It is a commitment! 



The trip


The lessons



David Enghuus


Terms and economy

Self-payment on the journey will be approximately 14,500.

Pocket money: App. 1.000 DKK recommended



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