Thailand, the Land of Smiles - and Contrasts

This subject will focus on the introduction to the cultural, environmental and societal diversity of Thailand. The geography of Thailand means that the range of how the country has developed and what it can offer is very wide compared to many other countries. You will find mountains, cliffs, jungle, rice fields, waterfalls, islands, beaches - sometimes within a relatively short distance as well. The cultural difference from the North to the South - or even from the East to the West can be seen in language, traditions, art, architecture, religion and food. This subject will look at Thai culture, history and heritage - with a focus on the Isaan Culture of the North East, which geographically covers quite a large area of Thailand. The subject will take a slight comparative angle as we will also be looking at other areas of Thailand in order to understand the cultural diversity of this country. One of our methods will be to visit schools and if possible - stay locally during our travel. From our classes students may expect increased knowledge of Thailand - and the complexity of cultural diversity as well as a deeper understanding of intercultural competencies and communication - and how these skills can improve the equal cultural meeting.


The trip

The travel to Thailand may include multiple stops - a bit like a roadtrip or backpacking in order to really introduce students to the socio-cultural diversity of Thailand. We will explore some of the 'must see' experiences such as the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok, check out traditional art lavishly decorated on the many temples around the country, taste the local cuisine of each region we travel through and meet young locals in their schools or villages. The history and heritage of Thailand is long, which is also evident in the Khmer ruins scattered around in Thailand, with some of these ruins pre-dating Angkor Wat in Cambodia. We will during our travel experience some of these historical places, such as the historic city of Ayutthaya, which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

As the subject and travel is NEW to REC, we are also open for suggestions. The main focus of this subject is culture, but the culture and traditions of Thailand also make it a culture subject that can be combined with an interest in, for instance, marine biology and a visit to one of the Islands, or martial arts and a course in Muey Thai (Thai kick-boxing) - just to give a few examples.

So join us for this adventure that will guarantee you an amazing experience!



Payment: Approx. 7.500 - 8.000 kr.

Vaccinations: Hepatitis A and Diphtheria


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