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Join us on a cultural and musical journey through time and place to Jamaica, and experience a music culture that can be traced back to the whole world.


Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean and was formerly a British colony. Most of its inhabitants come from Africa, but there are also descendants of Chinese, Indians, Arabs and Europeans, so the music culture and history can be traced back to several different continents. However, Jamaica has found its own sound in the form of ska, rocksteady, dub music and dancehall, but is probably best known for the reggae style of music.


We will work with the style and history of music, both by playing, listening and reading. We will delve into the culture, history and religion as part of understanding the origins of Jamaican music.


On the expedition we will experience the music and explore what it means to the Jamaican people. We will find opportunities to play for and with Jamaican musicians, visit a Jamaican school and explore the extent to which music is part of their schooling.


After the trip, we will disseminate our new knowledge and skills by playing a concert and giving presentations about the Jamaican music culture and history.


Jamaica is for those interested in music, history and culture. It is not necessary to be able to play an instrument to go to Jamaica, but the interest in cultural music and especially reggae is very important.



WELCOME: Visa is included. It is the parents' responsibility that the student's passport is valid for the trip. All students must have the following vaccinations: Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Diphtheria - it is the parent's responsibility that the student has the vaccine

CO-PAYMENT 9.500,- KR.