Exploring - Costa Rica

Cultural profile 2022

Discover and explore the history and culture of Costa Rica

The trip

Our trip to Costa Rica starts in the capital San Jose. We will explore the capital and see what San Jose has to offer. Afterwards we move further into the country. We'll be staying in the jungle, hiking in Tapanti National Park with waterfalls and beautiful scenery. We will go to a cocoa plantation where we will learn about cocoa plants. Then we will go out in the middle of the Junlgen and stay in small huts. Where we will try how it is to be out among nature and wild animals. While we are in the Jungle we will go ziplining, river rafting and horseback riding through the jungle. Then we will drive further into the country, to one of the several volcanoes in Costa Rica. We are going to see the volcano called La Fortuna. At La Fortuna there are hot springs that we will go to and see if we can't get a dip or two if you want. Then the trip continues to the coast where we will go to one of the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. There we will go on a boat tour where you can snorkel and explore Costa Rica underwater. Before heading home, we'll head back to San Jose, where we'll go up to see another volcano. There, after a good walk, we can have a look into the big crater. It will be an unforgettable trip with a lot of experiences.


The Lessons

We prepare for the journey and delve into the country's culture and history.


Corona: Restrictions, rules etc.

Before departure:

  • Corona passport must be shown for anyone over 18 years of age. If you are under 18 you do not need to show a Corona passport.
  • You do NOT have to be quarantined or show a negative corona test when you arrive in the country.
  • However, you must fill in a digital form within 72 hours before your trip arrives.

During the stay:

  • Everyone over 18 must show their Corona passport when entering any place.
  • There are no restrictions in Costa Rica apart from the Corona Pass, which you only need if you are over 18.



Katrine Olsen


Terms and economy

Self-payment: 8.500 DKK.

Pocket money: recommended 1.000 DKK.

Vaccinations: See Corona section. Tetanus, diphtheria