9th grade

9th grade at Ranum


At Ranum the 9th grade provides you with renewed energy, maturity and insight into the world. The lessons are levelled to your academic and personal skills so you will have the best possible opportunity for developing.

9X prepares the students for the upper secondary school.


9FLEX It is possible to combine the two programmes. Thus, a student in the danish 9th grade programme can choose to have e.g. English and German on an international level and likewise, students in the international programme can choose e.g. science or maths in Danish.


9IG is for students who wish to try the english international Cambridge IGCSE lesson plan and possibly wish to visit an IB school.

Subjects in the 9th grade

In this graphic you can see which subjects we offer in the different 10th grades here at Ranum 

9th grade choice of subjects

Specifics about the 9th grade


The lessons are levelled and targeted to different educations. All obligatory subjects in the 9X are taught in danish and follow the academic goals for the danish folkeskole. These subjects will end with the 9th grade exam of the danish folkeskole. In the 9IG FLEX and 9IG, the lessons are taught in English and follow the curriculum of the danish folkeskole as well as the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum. The IG programme will end with the danish 9th grade exam as well as international IGCSE exams. We offer IG English on an international level (IGCSE) for all 9X students.

All students have 30 lessons of academic subjects and 6 lessons of optional subjects and profile subjects per week. All 9th grade students must do a school project.