3D Tour

Explore Ranum Efterskole College from home

Seminary House

The seminary building - the Semi - houses the main building, the classrooms and the three halls 10s, 20s and 30s.

In the main building you will find the administration, the dining room and the Guldhornssalen. From here you can head to the classrooms and see our science room - with the accompanying animals

Finish your tour with the corridors and stop by a cosy student room or two. In Semi there are mainly 6 person rooms


The Ranumhus building is one of the cosier corners of the school, and houses students all around. Ranumhus also has a pool table, a New York common area and a gym, so there's plenty to keep you busy.

The house is shaped like a horseshoe, and the rooms are mainly 4-6 person rooms. Ranumhus also has its own kitchen and common area, and Jan is also a housekeeper.


In Kærhuset you will find a cozy common area in the foyer and "Loftet" where we dance.
Kær houses a large proportion of our students, mainly in 6-man rooms. Sus is also the housemother in Kær, and she is always ready with a hug and a good cup of tea.

Next to Kær is Natursports Lageret, where we have our equipment for diving, kayaking, canoeing and outdoor activities.

At Kær you will find the Guest House, where we host guests from time to time.
So if a guest teacher drops by, or maybe a weekend teacher, they'll be there.

The Rectory

The parsonage is, as indicated, a disused parsonage in which we now house students. The farm is located next to Semi.

At Præstegaarden there are mainly rooms for 2 people, and a cosy common area with a living room and kitchen.


Explore the Lien, which is located next to the Semi. Lien primarily houses students in 2 man rooms.

The house has a cosy kitchen and a lovely living room, which creates the framework for the lovely community in Lien.

The Multihal

In the Multihallen we have a wide range of our sports and you can experience indoor football, basketball, cheerleading and much more!

In addition, the students use the hall a lot in the evenings and in the other free time they have besides school. The multi-purpose hall offers lots of possibilities - so just explore!

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