Les Lanciers, cosy evenings and special visit from Hong Kong

Dear reader,

In Ranum, there is no doubt that the summer heat is back. Cosy evenings and fun and unforgettable moments are spreading between the students of efterskolen. You can hear joyful laughter and festive music from afar as they play roundball in the sun and dance Les Lanciers on the grass. We've also had a special visit from our sister and friendship school from Hong Kong and fish prints are being made in Craft & Design. Read through all the magical moments in this week's newsletter!

Psssst... Remember you can read about efterskolelivet from the students' point of view at the end of the newsletter here.

Enjoy the reading. We wish you a great weekend from all of us at Ranum Efterskole College!

We dance Les Lanciers

Gala is now just around the corner. And it's being felt in Ranum as students are expanding their imaginations when it comes to inviting the right partner to join them! They'll also be practising the traditional ballroom dance, Les Lanciers, which they'll soon be able to perform in their sleep!

On the water in the evening sun

The temperatures have topped 20 degrees and we can now start enjoying our evenings outdoors. One of the ways we do this is by finding sup boards where we can reflect the feeling of togetherness in the water's surface together.

Architecture class

The architecture class is working on their final little project: making a cardboard model of a small house!

Fishing pressure

On Tuesday, a team of students made fish prints in Craft & Design with Randy - cod and plaice were artistically printed.

Friday brunch

At Ranum Efterskole College we are always spoilt with a delicious breakfast from the kitchen. And on the weekends, we spice it up even more with brunch for hungry taste buds.

Special visit from Hong Kong

A very warm welcome goes to our sister and friendship school from Hong Kong; 15 students, 2 teachers and 2 principals arrived in Ranum and will follow efterskolelivet for the next few weeks. Welcome to the school!

Efterskolelife in Ranum

Students' Point of View

"This week has been absolutely fantastic. Life has come back to Ranum. We've had a little taste of summer. Everyone is outside, which creates a completely different atmosphere! We can't wait for everyday life to be like this"

- Ragnheiður Inga Matthíasdóttir, student & part of SoMe-Crewet 23/24

"The best thing about this week is the good weather. Getting to go out and play football, volleyball, sunbathing in the garden with your friends after school and the bright summer evenings"

- Laura Black Frederiksen, student & part of the SoMe Crew 23/24

Student photos from Ranum Efterskole College's social media crew

Headmaster's column

a portrait of the headmaster, Olav Storm

Dear reader,
In the novel, The neglected spring, the author describes Hans Scherfig “The black school" i 1910s, with all its good and bad: teachers are portrayed as fearsome rulers and students as humble subjects. The novel is often our reference point for the time when students are taking exams in the spring. In other words, we say that the tests are a "pity" or a punishment for the students. And that's probably how it can also feel for students who are not comfortable with being tested. But another starting point could also be "Exams are the feast of the well-prepared student", freely quoted from one of our beloved science teachers. Regardless of the perspective, spring is characterised by the many exams and tests, especially for our 9th grade and international Cambridge exams. Whereas for the Year 10 cohort, it's somewhat easier. Throughout the year, we have taught in tiered classes, where the students, unlike in primary school, have been taught at their level for 80 minutes. This means that they should be better prepared for the tests than in primary school.

For most, this is also the case, but for an increasing proportion, they now feel the pressure of having "lived" and prioritised efterskolelife in the company of their peers more than the academic content. They are now challenged not only by the upcoming exams, but also by the expectations of their parents, peers and, not least, themselves. It's too late to turn a primarily social year into an academic year, but it's not too late to do your best. And we do everything we can to make it a beautiful and fantastic community spring. We're doing extra elective periods, practising launches leading up to the Gala and we still have exciting visits from all over the world. This week it was from Hong Kong, soon there will be a group from the US, etc. We look forward to rehearsals, because it's also a time when teachers and students move closer together and there is sometimes more freedom and time to socialise. We don't want to neglect spring, but it's not a shame for students to face the demands and conditions of reality.

Olav Storm Johannsen


It happens

26.05.24 New Student Day

31.05.24 Last day of school

01.06.24 Outdoor weekend

04.06.24 Oral exams

14.06.24 Ranum Derby

15.06.24 Water Sports Weekend

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