Easter hunt, excursions and charity

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Spring is in full swing and we strive to enjoy the good weather to the fullest. So in this week's newsletter, you can read about our excursions to both Silkeborg and Aggersborg Viking Ring Castle, which involved lots of fresh air. With the arrival of spring, Easter is also approaching, and to get in the mood for the Easter holidays next week, we have already started with Easter hunting, pancakes and charity.

Have fun and a great weekend from all of us at Ranum Efterskole College.

Full host on tour in Silkeborg

Last weekend, the students were sent home for a long weekend, but our full host students travelled to Silkeborg, where they spent the weekend. They spent their time climbing Himmelbjerget and exploring the beautiful nature around them, where they even encountered the troll Stærke Storm.

The Ranum Full Host package is our package offer for international students who have no ties or relationships in Denmark. The package includes virtually everything the student needs during a year away from their home country, and it's comforting for parents to know that their child will be well taken care of during their absence.

Pancakes and charity

Rasmus Klump would be proud of our students here at Ranum! A group of our students chose to spend their Wednesday evening making pancakes for a good cause. The proceeds from the pancake sales were then donated to the Children's Cancer Foundation.

Easter hunt

The Easter holidays are coming up next week, but to get you in the Easter spirit, we've organised a little Easter hunt. The rules are simple: find the Easter bunny, hide it in a new location and take and share a photo of the Easter bunny's new location. Whoever brings the Easter bunny in the final round is the winner.

Aggersborg Viking Ring Castle

On Thursday evening, virtually the entire 9th grade and AFS were the guest students at the inauguration and testing of the new virtual guide system at Aggersborg Viking Ring Castle. It was bitterly cold, but the students were gripped by the experience, which is now available in 4 languages. Read more at  UNESCO World Heritage | Viking Castle Aggersborg.

Many thanks to @VisitHimmerland for the photos and videos.

Hindu Holi festival

Our AFS guests from India invite all interested students and staff to celebrate the Hindu Holi festival with them. The event will take place on Monday 25 March from 16-17 in the courtyard/small car park at the Seminary House. You will have the opportunity to participate in the 'colouring', taste different snacks from India, listen to music and maybe even watch a film.

Ps. it's a good idea to wear clothes that don't mind getting dirty!

Spend your summer in Ranum

Did you know that we have a Summer School? If you're dreaming of a year at efterskole, you can get a head start by attending Summer School in Ranum.

Check out our Summer School or one of the many other Summer Camps and see if it's something for you! We promise a great atmosphere, different/fun subjects and friends for life!

Headmaster's column

a portrait of the headmaster, Olav Storm

On Saturday last weekend, a bus full of Ranum efterskole students accompanied their mate on the final journey to the funeral of Rasmus Søndergaard Rask. Three efterskole classmates helped carry the coffin out of the beautiful Free Church, along with three of Rasmus' childhood friends, and up to 450 people attended the funeral and the subsequent gathering in the school's hall. Rasmus had wanted everyone to gather for a nice dinner, and we have to say that this wish was fulfilled. At the memorial gathering, we presented the familien with one of the 200 friendship emblems, which symbolises that we are connected in loss and remembrance. We will also plant a tree and place a memorial plaque at the Seminary House.

The rest of the week has been a stark contrast to Saturday, as students and staff alike can feel spring is just around the corner. Snowdrops and erantis are popping up everywhere, even though the wind is still icy cold, the sun is warming us and the sailors have been out on the water. Another sure sign of spring is the return of evening ball games and cosy evenings with music. Soundbox has been dragged outside and we are trying to balance good neighbourliness. For now, the Soundboxes will stay at home.

Have a great weekend and soon Easter holidays

Olav Storm, Principal 

It happens

25.03.24. Holi festival - On Monday at 16:15, our AFS guest students will be celebrating Holly, the festival of colours, with lots of colours and water in the schoolyard. This requires clothing that can withstand being over-dyed.

27.03.24. Easter hunt - Wednesday is the big hunt for Easter eggs and Easter bunnies, where students can collect Easter eggs all over the school and hunt the rare Easter bunnies we have at Ranum.

27.03. – 01.04.24 Easter holiday - On Wednesday afternoon, everyone goes on a well-deserved Easter holiday.

06. – 14.04.24 Professional trip

20.04. – 21.04.24 Creative weekend

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Ranum Efterskole College