Efterskolernes Dag, ice hockey match & bingo night

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Welcome to this week's newsletter with insights into life as a student at Ranum Efterskole College. Over the past week, we have organised activities to suit all tastes. We've been busy with visits to Aalborg for an ice hockey match and quiet evenings with bingo in Ranumhus and calls from Andreas Mogensen, who is currently in space. And let's not forget Efterskolernes Dag, where the efficient students showcased the school and their skills with dancing in the town square, a cheerleading show in the multi-purpose hall and great musical entertainment.

You can dig even deeper in this newsletter about our week in Ranum.

Happy reading and have a great weekend from all of us at Ranum Efterskole College.

Ranum Efterskole Open day

Sunday was one of Ranum's biggest days - Efterskolernes Dag. More than 400 folders were handed out. Even more coffee and treats. We had already created a waiting list for 2024-25 before Efterskolernes Dag, as well as available places in 2025-26. Families from near and far attended the day with both future students for next year, as well as others to explore the school's facilities and many exciting programmes we offer. We hope everyone who attended learnt more about who we are and what we offer. Our wide range of Profile subjects showed off their trained skills, thorough student tours were given and delicious food was served in the square.

If you want to re-watch or watch the presentation by Olav Storm, our Head of School, you can watch it on YouTube right here.

Thank you so much for a fantastic Efterskolernes Dag. And a big thank you to everyone who helped make the day so special. We hope to see you again!

You can sign up as a student and read about even more practical information here.

See all the photos from Efterskolernes Dag below:


Ice hockey match

On Tuesday evening, 150 students travelled to Aalborg. Here Aalborg Pirates played against Odense Bulldogs, where the final score was 4-2 in favour of Aalborg Pirates.

Many thanks to Jazz Priyo Sophus Jørgensen, from Ranum Efterskole College's SoMe Crew, for the photos taken at the ice hockey game.

Skills Sailing

Skills Sailing, team 3, is well underway. Yesterday we sailed 59 nautical miles across the Little Belt from Middlefart to an anchorage at Bøjden. At 01.00 we could finally get to berth after a magical moonlit voyage. We cross the South Funen archipelago again on our way to Svendborg.

Homemade raspberry shortcakes

Baking got creative with a Danish classic today - the raspberry slice!

Banquet night

Great Bingo night in Ranumhus - Great concentration to win one of the prizes.

Calls from Andreas Mogensen

The 9th grade science class had the opportunity to get an inlight call from Andreas Mogensen! Andreas Mogensen will spend six months in space.

Preparing for Science Day

Preparing for the students who will be attending Science Day at Aalborg University next week.

Surfing on wild waves

Even in difficult conditions, we surf and get out of the water with a smile! Our surfing students don't mind the wind and rain as they catch waves and practise for Spain next week.

Wakeboarding and big smiles

A pleasure to be with these wonderful wakeboard students in Rønbjerg and Thy Cable Park.

Headmaster's column

Thank you to all of you who visited Ranum Efterskole College for Efterskolernes Dag. We were pleased to see many siblings of former students and we are proud of the trust it shows. We also had many visitors for the next 4-5 years, which is a new situation for us. Also a big thank you to all the current students who showed us around and proudly told us about their experiences and 1TP5Years. The stories reinforce the shared joy and anticipation for the year among both students and staff!

Unfortunately, we were hit by a stomach bug on Tuesday. Although it passed quickly, we are working with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration to find the causes of the unpleasant experience. Students and parents have almost all confirmed their Cultural Studies choices for next term and we will of course follow up on the few undecided students next week.

Preparations for the first Profilfags journey are in the final stages, so keep an eye on the teams' travel letters, check that your passport and blue health insurance card are ready.

Have a great weekend!

Olav Storm.

It happens

Images from Professional Travelling.

Week 39

26/09 REC fills 150 seats at an Aalborg Pirates ice hockey game

29/09 Students presented with A2 Activity Subjects

30/09 Trip to Aggersborg to celebrate it becoming a UNESCO world heritage site

Week 40

03/10 Deadline for choosing A2 Activity Subjects starting 24th October

04/10 Kick off PVA competition for P1 travels

04/10 Visit from Struer Gymnasium to talk about upcoming Model UN

06/10 Surfing, Diving (Egypt), Cheerleading and Football depart

07/10 Dance, Diving (Malta), Basketball and Yoga depart

08/10 Board Performance, Gastronomy, Fit for Life, VD & Ceramics, Adventure, Media, Music and Wakeboard depart

09/10 Fashion & Sustainability department

Week 41

Profile Subject Trips

Week 42

A well-earned break for all after all the trips

Become a host family

Kaan and Benhur have been students at REC since their arrival in August. They are super happy to be here and have already had many great experiences. However, they still need to find a host family for the long weekends and upcoming Christmas and Easter holidays. Maybe it's you or someone you know? Please share so we can find some great families for these boys.

For questions and further information, please contact Nicoline from AFS at nicoline.nielsen@afs.org.

Watch the Kaan and Benhur presentation video below or via this link

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