Culture and Family Day, weekend at sea and new Profile subjects

Dear Reader,

Last weekend the school was full of life. On Friday evening, a lot of happy students were on the water and had some wonderful sailing trips in our Aira 22 boats. Saturday was spent with outdoor activities, with roundball and football on the programme. On Sunday, the students' families visited the school for a Culture and Family Day. The day included presentations on cultural subjects, evaluations of the school year and a presentation by Søren Hebsgaard for the parents.

Read much more about this weekend and what our week has been up to in this week's newsletter.

Weekend mood in spring weather

The sun has been shining over Ranum, and it has invited to lots of activities. Sailing, roundball, walks by Vilsted Lake, ice-cream trips to the grocery store and much more. On Friday evening, 60 pupils took a trip on the water and made the most of the good weather. We look forward to more evenings like these!

Culture and Family Day

Sunday was Culture and Family Day at the school and pupils' families were invited to visit. The pupils had prepared presentations about their Cultural Subject Journeys, which included videos, posters and articles. In addition, we marked Ranum Efterskole College's 19th birthday with a birthday gathering in Festsalen. See pictures below from a wonderful day.

Trained lifeguards

Below you can see a number of cool students who passed the lifeguard test this week. Super cool job everyone!

New specialised subjects

This week the students had their first 3 lessons on their new profile subject. It is a short profile course, which leads to a smaller profile course trip from 14 to 16 June. Therefore, it was nice for all Profile subjects to have a good sunny start to the lessons. Icelandic riding is a new Profile subject, which 32 students have chosen. These therefore go all the way to Fårup Ride Centre, to be able to ride. On Monday they had their first lesson. It was the first time on horseback for most of them; now follows several lessons, where they will learn much more about the Icelandic horse and riding it.

In addition, the new Profile subject Canoeing also had their first lesson. They have had a few fantastic trips on the water.

The profile subject Wakeboard is once again back at Ranum, and the students are already doing fantastically well! If you are a member of the Ranum Efterskole College 22/23 group, you can watch videos from the students' first attempts on the water.

This weekend

This weekend is all about music and the programme includes: 70s Roller Disco, Lip Sync Battle, Classical Music Brunch and Music Movie Marathon. It's going to be great! We dare to promise that the students will come singing through the weekend.

Saturday is also the second parachute trip of the year. For the third time in a row, the school is going to DropZone Denmark in Herning (Denmark's only professional parachute centre), where 25 brave students will experience the adrenaline rush of their lives. Note: if you/your student is on the skydive trip, we refer the student to the School Plan, where relevant information for the trip is sent out to the registered students.

Follow our Instagram throughout the weekend for regular updates on both the parachute and music weekend.

Ranum Summer School and Camps

We are now live on the Efterskoleforening website with our summer camp. It can be found by clicking here

We are so proud of our summer camp project, which last year set an enrolment record. We hope to do the same this year, when we open the house to summer school students from all over the world during the summer holidays. Should you/your child be one of them? Then you can read more about the project at the link above. Happy reading.

That's it for this week's newsletter. Once again, we thank all of you out there who follow our news here from Ranum Efterskole College.

Kind regards from all of us,

Ranum Efterskole College