We've travelled the world on our cultural studies trips!

Our pupils have arrived safely and are experiencing a lot out in the big wide world on their respective cultural studies trips. They hike at 2600 metres above sea level, collect rubbish on Balinese beaches, go on safari in South Africa, visit our twin school in Nepal and much more! They are out in the big wide world, and below you will get an insight into how cool it is!


Brasilien team 1 has landed in Rio and explored the city, visited the Museum of Tomorrow, visited a local market, bought Brazilian football shirts, went out to eat together, visited sugerloaf mountain and travelled from Rio to Decempeniõ. A few days filled with a lot of impressions and experiences and much more to come! The temperature is over 30 degrees, which is something we can only dream of in Denmark at the end of March.

Below is a video of Rio from above


The Taiwan team arrived in Taipei after a long day of travelling, and very exhausted students when they arrived. Their Host Families were waiting for them at the school and everyone went home with them. It was a long day, but all went well.

The next day, the students went to the school and discussed the day ahead. They learnt Kung Fu, made their own bubble tea and went to Yehliu geo park before returning to their host families.

Bonaire - Coral Restoration

One of the dive sites of the day on the coral restoration trip to Bonaire - Alice in Wonderland (where do they come up with these names?). They parked between the reef and the salt flats of southern Bonaire. The trip is going well, they are well underway with the various diving courses. And just as well on the course in reef remediation and exploration of the mangrove forest.

Below is a video and some pictures of the students working in the coral trees on sunny Bonaire, and everyone is loving it and the experiences that come with it!

Costa Rica

The Costa Rica team woke up to this beautiful view on the first day. Wow!

Costa Rica has had some super wonderful days hiking in the jungle, planting trees, helping with felling and collecting piles of coriander, milking cows, walking to beautiful waterfalls, playing football matches with the locals, practising martial arts and seeing a lot of beautiful nature.


The Cuba team have arrived in Havana and have been checked into their hostel. The trip has already included power cuts and downpours in the best Cuban style. Already they have experienced Havana Vieja on foot, travelled in American cars, visited El Moro (a fort), visited a school, visited the Revolutionary Museum, visited a tobacco plantation and a boat trip inside a cave. Much more to come!

European Road Trip

After a 14 hour train journey from Denmark to the Czech Republic, European Road Trip spent two fantastic days in Prague. A beautiful city with beautiful old buildings and great food. On the first day, they explored Prague's city centre and historic district on foot, taking in the pleasant weather, breathtaking views and typical Czech food, ending the day with a traditional dinner together. On the second day, they had some free time and spent it exploring the city further before hopping on the train to Vienna in the early afternoon.


Once in Kuala Lumpur, the students immediately became part of a welcoming committee for returning Malaysian K-Pop stars.

"After class today, it was time to do some sightseeing in the area. We started at Royal Selangor, which is Malaysia's answer to Royal Copenhagen - only in pewter (tin and copper alloy). Then we visited Batu Caves and had a dip in the Hot Springs. 40 degrees hot water may not sound like much, but ask the students! The dips were quite short and Silke Lilja broke the record with 10 dips! When we were in Hot Springs we were surprised by a heavy downpour, but there is nothing like hot summer rain. We had dinner at the Night Market. The students are now back with their host families and we start the day tomorrow with another teaching day at Hilla."

Nepal - Culture

Nepal has arrived safely, with happy but also tired students.

Nepal arrived in Kathmandu to a warm welcome and met their host families. They have visited Shree Shiva Sakthi Sakthi Primary School, with which they have formed a good bond. In Nepal, conditions are very different from those in Denmark, and this is evident when our pupil Emilie describes it as follows: "We stopped at a small shop on the road, there were lots of them on the side of the road. Here the "toilets" consisted of a hole in the ground with porcelain around it, with no toilet paper available when you were done. In the small shop we bought a few things: local chai latte, coconut biscuits, love fruit juice and crisps for 20-30 rupees each, which might be equivalent to 1-3 kr. "Danyabad" (thank you) we said and continued the drive."

Nepal - Trekking Himalaya

"We arrive in Tadapani at 2680 metres after a trek up through magical forests filled with flowering rhododendrons, wild monkeys, wild climbs, fog and sun."

New Zealand

A few days have passed and Team New Zealand has experienced a lot! The days have included: hotwater beach, canoeing, learning about Moari culture, and rafting in Rotoura.


In Texas, things are going well too! There's volunteer football training, horse riding, Cabela's (huge hunting and outdoor store), school visits to Love Joy High School and much much more!


Thailand group 2 have announced their arrival and have had their first full day. The day started out with a common breakfast at the hotel, where we then took the bus out to Ban Mai Khao beach, where we were taught by sustainable Maikhao Foundation. On the beach we got a bag and a pair of gloves in hand, and then it was just go ahead and get started. We got a better understanding of how different plastics can be recycled, and many had a revelation about how much plastic actually ends up on the beaches.

Group 2 was divided in two today. The following is Vilda and Alma's account of the day:

"Today we went to see a big aquarium that had all the different fish that are in the sea around Phuket. There we learnt a lot about both the different fish but there was also a focus on plastic and rubbish in the sea. It was a Mega cool experience. After that we ate at a small restaurant where we got delicious Thai food. Then the bus took us to a man who had a pearl farm where we heard about how they artificially produced pearls and turned them into beautiful jewellery. Then we finally got our long-awaited swim in the sea, it was super delicious"

US Road Trip

US Road Trip has visited San Francisco, South Lake Tahoe and Bishop & Las Vegas so far with great success! A lot of impressions and many experiences!


Team Canada has now reached Vancouver, on the way they had a pit stop in Seattle, where they visited the famous Gum Wall, the Space Needle and visited the small streets of Seattle. On Tuesday "just passed the border to Canada", where the next few days will be spent seeing beautiful Vancouver.

Namibia Wildlife Conservation 

The Wildlife Conservation team has arrived at N/a'an ku sê Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia, tired but super excited. We are getting used to our new and amazing surroundings. Today we have had a herd of springbok in our "backyard" Tomorrow we move further south to experience Neura's Wine and Wildlife estate. In addition, they have met 7 cheetahs in Neuras and fed them.

South Africa

Last Sunday, Team South Africa landed in Cape Town, where the sun was shining and all was well. So far, the travellers have visited the Iziko South African Museum, sandboarded in the Witsands Aquifer Nature Reserve, hiked up Table Mountain and had a guided tour of Langa Township. Fantastic experiences.

PVA, Photo, Video and Article competition for a cultural trip

Every school year, we organise a PVA (photo, video and article) competition on students' cultural journeys.
The best overall set of 3 photos, best photo, video and/or article will win €500. The absolute "best of the best" will win a set of Apple AirPods - 3rd generation.

Hurry up and nudge your child if he/she wants the chance to win some great prizes!

DEADLINE for submission is Monday 10/04/2023 at 24.00

See a short summary of the competition and what you can win right here:

The rules of the competition are as follows:

Friends Weekend

During the friends weekend on 14-16 April from 15:00 on Friday to 14:00 on Sunday, each student can
bring one friend who will have the opportunity to experience life at Ranum Efterskole College.

It costs 100 kroner for the friend for the whole weekend (payable on arrival), and
you must bring your own sleeping equipment: sheets, sleeping bag/duvet,
underlay/mattress, toiletries. You should also bring sportswear and practical clothes for
outdoor/indoor activity.

We hope you would like to invite a friend (under 18 years old) to join us at the school this
weekend. You are responsible for your friend during the visit. It is ok to invite girlfriend
or a friend of the opposite sex, but the accommodation is in a common room and not in the
the rooms.

12/4 AT 13.00.

That's all for this week's sunny newsletter here from Ranum Efterskole College.

Happy weekend to everyone out there!

Best regards from all of us back in cold Denmark, on

Ranum Efterskole College