Highlight of the Month, Spring Party, Trade Fair + Boat Show & Casino Weekend

Dear reader,

Another week has passed and we are ready with this week's newsletter. We've got the dates sorted and the skydive will return in April. We've also opened up registration for this year's Spring Party, which the students are really looking forward to! In addition, we still have some forgotten items from the ski trip that are looking for their rightful owner. We have been on our first fair visit in Silkeborg, with great success and many happy children and parents came by, and wanted to hear more about what Ranum Efterskole College is all about. This weekend there is Casino Weekend! A poker tournament and a trip to Rebild Bakker are planned.

All this, and more, in this week's newsletter.

Skydive returns!

On the weekend of 29 and 30 April, students can once again try skydiving! This time they can try tandem skydiving (with one person on the back, altitude: 4000 meters) as before and as something new, they have got the possibility of solo jumping out of a plane from 4000 meters altitude!!! 🤯 

Prices for both jumps will come soon, and registration will follow as we approach April. We have unlimited places this time, for everyone who wants to try skydiving.

Spring party

On Friday 3 March, the students from REC will have another party in the Haverslev hall. You as parents can register your child here. On the link you will find practical information and also a payment link.

If there are any of you parents who would like to help with bus transport, kitchen duties, bar work, cloakroom duties or as a guard, please sign up here.

Below is a video showing what it looked like the last time the students gathered for a party.

Forgotten cases from Stöten

Below are photos of the forgotten items from the ski trip. The things are outside eSport and media.

Meet us at trade fairs

This weekend we visited the first fair of the year, when we had a stand at the Afterschool Fair in Silkeborg. Both our summer school director Tine, and summer school secretary Henriette, were at this fair.

The remaining fairs:

Traditionally, we spend the weekends in January and February at various fairs in the Danish country. Here is a small overview of the fairs we are at:

For each of the fairs, there is an event on our Facebook page that you can sign up for. Here you will find useful information and get updates on our fair visits.




In addition to the efterskole fairs, we will also be at the Boat Show Denmark fairs on 24 - 26 February, and 2 - 5 March in Fredericia.


Casino weekend and trip to Rebild Bakker

This weekend's programme includes the opportunity to learn how to play poker, to watch Casino Royal, to participate in this year's REC Poker Tournament, which will be held on Saturday, and to go on a trip to Rebild Bakker.

Below is a small selection of pictures of what it looked like last year when there was a poker tournament.

Highlight of the month, January

This month we highlight Rolf. Rolf has been employed at this school for many years and has become a huge part of Ranum's DNA. Not only has he built up our entire coral restoration department, he is also the head of the diving department, thus Rolf has a really big influence on our students, as he supervises a large part of many students' classes. Rolf is a clear example of how one interest or hobby can turn into so much more at Ranum Efterskole.

Thanks for you Rolf!

Thanks a lot for reading, see you next Friday!

Have a great weekend,

Ranum Efterskole College