Easter, Wedding Day & a trip to Hamburg

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64 days. This is what we have left of the efterskoleear. For most students, that may seem like a very short time, and it is, but it helps when you think about how much there is still to experience. First, we're going on a brief flyover of the week's news, so fasten your seatbelts and join us for the ride. Here's this week's news.

Easter Mayhem: "It went wild"

Last week we surprised the students with a game of Easter Mayhem - and mayhem it almost was. The students had to go out and find Easter eggs, and there were 1,000 of them hidden around the school. But that wasn't all they had to find. There were Easter bunnies hiding too. If you found one, there were prizes for even the most chocolate-hungry pupil.

So when the pupils were sent off and the Easter madness started and the whole school was searched, the aim was to find the most Easter eggs. "This is crazy," shouted one pupil as he walked out of the ballroom's revolving doors.

The winner was the one who found the most and the main prize was a sumptuous efterskolemenu: chips, noodles and soft drinks. As they like it best.

In the quieter department of Easter fun, we've also been blowing eggs and making bunting.

We got married and celebrated diversity

What is the best thing about efterskolelife?


That must be the answer. The love between the students on all sides. And it's really the one we celebrate when we have a wedding anniversary, because of course it's for fun, but it's also an important marker that we care about each other. And of course it's nice to dress up, set a nice table and eat nice food.

The flower arrangers approached the task with full concentration and ambition to create bridal bouquets and decorative roses that helped create just the right wedding atmosphere.

Of course, you can't have a proper wedding without cake, waltz and music, so the students could choose to prepare that on the wedding day too.

By the time the ceremony was ready, everyone was in place and ready to join in the wedding and celebration of the couples.

In the evening, of course, there was a wedding dinner, a party, singing and dancing, and all in all we had a wonderful day in the name of love.

Full Host students explore Hamburg

We'll hand over to Tine, who has been in Hamburg with the Full Host students.

"Afternoon spent exploring Hamburg on foot, Sushi and ice cream for dinner, and sleep-a good first day in Germany 🇩🇪

"Today we have walked along the habour, escaped the escape rooms at Hidden in Hamburg, and enjoyed an Italian dinner😊

"We are back at the hostel for our last night in Hamburg.Heidepark was a lot of fun 🤩 Tomorrow we will get on the train back to Ranum🌸

That's all for now. The sun is shining and the Friday mood has just arrived. We're going to get out in the sun and enjoy it.

All the best,

Ranum Efterskole College